raise your standards, not your tolerance

I haven’t followed the news or the media much in recent years, but I decided to comment on a few articles I’ve read in the last few days. One article reported that the President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen has tasked former Finnish President Sauli Niinistö with preparing the EU for war. Is this yet another indication that the Covid spikes have caused some kind of psychosis in people, or what? The idea struck me as completely absurd, especially coming from the President of the European Commission. It turns out that it is not about ‘preparing for war’ at all, but that Niinistö’s task is to draw up a report on the EU’s crisis preparedness.

Finland is known for its good crisis management, and the purpose of President Niinistö’s report is to show how European societies can be made more crisis-resistant. Niinistö and von der Leyen describe the report as a society-wide overview of how to make Europe more crisis-resilient. The report covers both conventional, i.e. armed defence, and new threats, such as responding to cyber and hybrid threats. Niinistö will also write about the impact of people’s mindset on how societies can withstand crises.

Another article that caught my attention was a column in MV magazine entitled “Western democracy has operated on the ‘friend or foe’ principle for thousands of years” (in Finnish). In the article, the pseudonym JiiPee writes that even in ancient Greece, where democracy as a form of government emerged among philosophers, democracy was not fulfilled. The democrats were a small elite, representing only a small part of society, as no more than 20% of the inhabitants of ancient Athens had the right to vote. Those in power could expel or kill anyone who raised their head too high.

The Flaw of Democracy: Nazism

This is Nazism, a flaw of democracy, rooted in the very origins of democracy. It is this flaw on democracy that is at the root of the double standards and the Cancel-culture movement that is taking place globally, wiping out entire nations without blinking an eye.

Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Vladimir Putin, does not understand Russia’s drive for ‘denazification’. In his view, there is no Nazi movement in 2024. This only goes to show that Tucker Carlson, like many others, has no broader understanding of what Nazism means. We like to associate Nazism with Nazi German book bonfire and the persecution of Jews. Nowadays it is used as a curse word to demonize the other side, just as Adolf Hitler and ‘Nazi’ Germany have been demonized.

You would think that Tucker Carlson would have come to his conclusions by the time he was fired from FOX News for his overly vigorous comments. In essence, the firing was nothing more than Nazism, rooted in the flaw on democracy. In the video clip of Adolf Hitler’s speeches that I have linked below, Hitler makes the point that (in his time) the essence of democracy was whether people submit themselves to being deceived and exploited, or whether they could set clear boundaries on their actions in terms of equality and retain their integrity and independence. Nothing has changed in this respect.

This has been the pitfall of democratic countries since the beginning of time. However, over the last decade, people have increasingly begun to emphasize the importance of setting clear boundaries in order to reject external manipulation and maintain a connection with their internal navigator. Only spiritually strong people with a moral backbone can overcome the challenges of democracy and maintain their independence.

Obedience vs Nazism

An article reports that Canada is introducing a social credit rating for citizens, i.e. bank accounts will be linked to obedience scores. The question arises as to whom we are expected to obey: the talking heads of puppet governments or our own internal navigator connected to the consciousness of the universe.
It is funny that Nazism is associated with National Socialist Germany, when Adolf Hitler is one of the clearest examples of a man driven from within. Despite a worldwide boycott, he managed to lift Germany from abject poverty in the 1930s and 1940s to become the leading country in Europe.

Vladimir Putin has continued along a similar line in Russia. No wonder the Russians elected him for another term in 2024. Below are some measures of Russia’s economic growth under Vladimir Putin:

Development of Russia under Putin

In layman’s terms:

  • Russia’s GDP has grown 11.3 times under Putin
  • Individual citizen’s share of GDP in Russia has increased 10.8 times
  • Inflation in Russia has fallen by 10.4 times
  • Gold reserves in Russia have increased 47.7 times
  • Russia’s debt burden has decreased by 4 times
  • Pensions in Russia have increased 15.6 times
  • Average income in Russia has risen 15.4 times.

Calling Things by Their Real Names

Many are delighted that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the war in Ukraine a war and no longer a “special military operation”. All that remains is for the EU to acknowledge that it is at war and to rename its ‘peace fund’ for Ukraine.

The president of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen thinks she knows that Putin’s wishes do not end in Ukraine. “Putin is talking about his historic mission, and this is all too familiar to Finns from history,” von der Leyen said. Perhaps von der Leyen is referring to the Winter War, when Finland fought the communist Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was not Russia, but a communist country ruled by Zionists.

Throughout his reign, Putin has continued along the lines of the Russian tsars. Let us not forget that Russia liberated Finland from the Swedish king in 1809 by incorporating the country into an autonomous part of Russia (the Grand Duchy of Finland 1809-1917). This marked the beginning of the development of the Finnish language and the Finnish state. Under the Swedish king, Finland fought at the forefront in the king’s countless wars. Only religious literature was allowed to be published in Finnish language.

Ursula von der Leyen and other European warmongering politicians do not seem to stand very firmly behind their rhetoric. Their offspring are not even in the army. Perhaps most of them have done civil service instead of military service. This shows that leading politicians in Europe are inclined to resolve conflicts through peace-building measures rather than violent military operations.

Although Nazism has been a flaw of democracies, we do not have to continue the legacy of our fathers, but create our own reality. All it requires is the acknowledgement of the truth and the willingness to live under the guidance of the intuitive heart.

The truth changes our lives.


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