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The Finnish President Alexander Stubb said in an interview published by Bloomberg on 3 July that Russia is currently so dependent on China that one phone call from President Xi Jinping would solve the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Statements like this do not even make me feel irritated any more. Alexander Stubb is one talking head among other world politicians, and by the current rules no one has the political power to stop what is happening in the 3D-world.

Mr Stubb is surely aware that Finland cannot leave NATO, nor the European Union, even if the current government, Parliament and all the Finnish presidents alive so decide. The world is still ruled by the same forces that contributed to the destruction of past civilisations. The difference is that today these negative forces no longer have any real power. They are trying to play for time and hold on to their apparent power for as long as possible. However, humanity has managed to raise its consciousness and the vibrational frequency of its energy to such an extent that the negative forces are no longer dominant.

The energies of darkness have no creative power. They try to keep man in the grip of fear at the level of ego-consciousness, because they themselves operate on the same vibrational frequency. They do not have the ability to raise their vibrational frequency. By raising his own vibrational frequency, man can let go of these parasitic forces. The way to raise the vibrational frequency is for people to jump over their shadow, their ego. In practice, this is done, for example, by meditation, whereby we give control to the inner navigator, which is the divine guidance system of the human being and its command centre is the heart. The electromagnetic field of the heart has an infinite influence on the matter and energy field outside our body.

We do not need to wait for politicians to fix the chaos in the world. The 3D world cannot be fixed, because it has worked exactly as it was intended to work. It no longer serves humanity, so people must find ways to create a new world that meets our awakened needs. The situation is comparable to what happened to me 45 years ago when I was physically paralysed. At first, the situation looked hopeless. I missed my ability to function and the way I used to do things. After only a year or two, I noticed that new ways of doing things had established a new normal. We each have the power with one phone call to connect to our inner navigator and change the direction of our lives.


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