[framed_box width=”” bgColor=”rgba(246,251,203,1)” textColor=”#042402″ rounded=”true” align=”center”]”Our fight is not with people. It is against the leaders and the powers and the spirits of darkness in this world. It is against the demon world that works in the heavens.” (Ephesians 6:12)[/framed_box]

Worldly Environment

David Icke tells in the video called ‘Archons’ about old Gnostic texts that were found in Upper Egypt in 1945. They give insight into the ancient perception of people about the visible and invisible world. According to the Gnostic world view, the unseen forces of darkness are an essential part of the energy field people are operating in.

Before Christ the Gnostics had created a society that was guided by human heart. The heart was their only sanctuary against the forces of darkness. The forces of darkness are energies that have no capability to create anything by themselves, because they operate in a very low frequency range. The frequency range is as low as that of human ego. Because people have creative power they manipulate the energy field of human beings, in order to keep people ignorant of their divine origin.

These forces of darkness operating on a low frequency band are parasites in the energy field of humans. Because they have no creative power they manipulate the energy field and try to make people carry out their own intentions. In that way they get their power from the energy of human beings. The parasitic structures of modern societies indicate that people are guided by the parasitic forces of darkness, rather than the creative power of God.

Separation of God and Man

In the modern world people are guided by the brain and logical reasoning. In other words, people’s actions are founded on the thoughts of ego. People living at the level of ego consciousness close themselves into a bubble, which borders extend only as far as the five sense organs can reach.

It is funny that science, logic and reason are the stepping stones in modern world, but the world is going crazy. Sweden already has a nickname: Absurdistan. The economic systems look more and more like parasitic structures. Refugee invasion to Western democracies today is a new chaotic trend.

The only spiritual heritage that people accept in every society in the modern world, is “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the United Nations. It is also accepted only conditionally, because people, who live at the level of ego consciousness, live in an illusion that human rights apply only to own rights.

The emphasis of human rights has lead to an illusion that only a certain kind of life is life worth living, worthy of a human being. If own life or the life of a social or ethnic group does not correspond to this illusory picture, people begin to search for offenders: Who is violating human rights? Defending human rights seems to be the only sanctuary of people against the forces of darkness nowadays.

Despite of that NATO bombed Iraq back to stone age, because Saddam Hussein was probably a threat to people. Muammar Gaddafi was eliminated, because he was supposed to oppress citizens and didn’t respect their human rights. Decision makers show their disrespect for human rights when they listen only to lobbers, who have the most resonant voice, and make decisions without considering the big picture.

When decision makers trample on human rights, people search for battle stations. But with their actions the decision makers only confirm that we have no human rights. If human rights would be our inherent property, no one could take them away from us.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” is human invention. They are a gift of ego to the world. God gave us no human rights as a birth gift. The only birth gift we got is life itself. The only right that is accompanied with the birth gift, is the right to come to terms with our real self, with our innate navigation. Only that way we are able to tap into the Universal Consciousness, to become aware of God’s presence.

Every one of us decides himself, what to do with his life. We can create constructive collaboration, in which everyone can contribute with his best creative way. We can also dig into our own foxhole and let other people know, that the world has nothing as valuable as my own existence and that of my reference group. We can create parasitic structures to increase our own resources at the expense of other people.

What does the Bible say about this? “For by the standard you judge you will be judged, and the measure you use will be the measure you receive.” (Matthew 7:2) We get what we order. A man reaps what we sows. We create our own reality.

Sustainable Development in the Divine Matrix

It feels, that NATO and the decision makers in general have no means to fix the chaos they have created. It is no wonder, because no one can figure out by watching a movie and examining the movements of film characters, why are the figures moving on the screen. One can understand it only when one knows, that there is a projector in the background.

When we try to fix problems it is important to understand first, what is the problem. If we don’t understand what is wrong, we hardly understand what is right in that matter. Decision makers cannot find sustainable solutions for today’s problems, because they don’t see the operating environment, the energy field of humans as a whole. The visible world is only a fraction of what is going on in the world.

It is impossible for people living at the level of ego consciousness to see the operating environment of the people as a whole, because the ego encloses them into a bubble, which borders extend only as far as the five sense organs can reach. For that reason it is very important that especially policy makers and human rights activists free themselves from the illusory human-rights bubble, that keeps people at the level of ego consciousness and separates us from God. There is a very simple and powerful way to make it happen:

The forces of the darkness have no creative power. They try to keep people at ego consciousness level, because they operate in the same frequency range. They cannot raise their frequency. People can get rid of these parasitic energies by raising own frequency. This happens when people jump over their shadow, the ego. In practice this happens when people meditate and exclude the influence of the ego.

In this way we give free rein to our inner navigation, which is the divine control system in humans. Its command center is the heart. The electromagnetic field of the heart has unlimited effect on the world beyond our bodies.

Our inner navigation, intuition, our real self is the divine part in humans. It works on the same principles in every human being. Its nature is love and compassion and it spontaneously respects all forms of life. Not only human life, but the life of plants and animals as well.

We have no human rights. We cannot serve two masters. We have the right to live according to our true inner self and obey God’s will. Otherwise we outlaw ourselves.

When our inner navigation is activated we begin to perceive the big picture, and we begin to understand how things are related to each other. With this new understanding we begin to act differently. Because we understand better, what we want and why we want it, we begin to carry out our intents. We attract fruits of the spirit.

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