I published my last blog article ‘We Have No Human Rights’ on September 11. Almost two months have passed since that day. Meanwhile I have focused on writing my eBook and its translations. Another task is to create a publishing platform for the book, where it is easy to download.

The work is very intriguing, but at the same time I have been anxious, because it might be that Internet search engines punish me for the recent blog silence. This concern evokes some thoughts in my mind:

It would be the best of course that there would be new content to read every day, but I have not such resources (yet), because I publish everything in four languages, for five audiences. It means that when I publish two articles in a month it is in fact 8 different articles. Every translation is a separate article, which needs its own thinking process. This article included I have published 20 articles this year. It means 5*20=100 articles.

It would be great, if WordPress and Internet search engines would take this into account when they develop their functionalities. They could practically help the progress of world peace by encouraging multilingual publishing and by improving the visibility of contents other than English. WordPress could be from the outset a multilingual publishing platform, which supports simultaneous publishing in several languages as standard functionality. For the time being this is not the case. Multilingual publishing needs separate plugins, which are updated in the wake of development of WordPress. They demand a separate update process.

The discussion about different languages focuses in the West mainly in the controversy, which language should one learn in order to get the best benefit of one’s studies. But the fact is that it is a huge benefit for people that they get information in their own mother tongue. It is good that there is a universal language like English, which is spoken all over the world. However, this does not diminish people’s need to get information in their own mother tongue, so that they can digest the deepest meanings of the knowledge. This need has rather increased in a world, where information is used in a very uncivilized manner, and where the most important information forum, the Internet, is filled with fashion and lifestyle blogs and other commercial websites.

The information, which people get in their mother tongue is processed in the heart, and a mentally balanced person can use the knowledge in a constructive way in his/her own creative work. A foreign language is processed in the brain on a theoretical level. It needs very good language skills to digest and understand information on emotional level. I think that an average language user don’t have the ability to analyse deeper meanings of information acquired in a foreign language. Even people, who are analysing information in their native language are often lacking this ability.