New World

When 11 years ago (3.7.2012) I started writing a blog about my thoughts, I had no idea what the consequences of my decision would be. In a way, blogging has helped me to focus my energy. The reason I started writing publicly about my thoughts was originally because at the age of 40 I realised that I didn’t dare to express my honest opinion on many issues.  When I posted my thoughts on discussion boards, they were censored.

So I created my own channel to express my own self. Being in the public eye has forced me to be honest with myself, because I know that lies have no wings and anything pretended will be exposed sooner or later. I am the main character of my own life, which does not mean that I consider myself more important than others. I have no need to teach others, although I hope that as many people as possible will benefit from my ideas.

Everyone has their own path to follow and the subjective experiences of others are as important as mine. But no one else can bring my inner world out as authentically and honestly as I can, and only I can balance the external energies that affect my life. My focus is on getting as deep into my core as possible and bringing forth my reality. It is a joy for me to spin my thoughts, eliminate the influence of ego, focus on the intuition of my heart and gain new insights. The more I internalize my thoughts, the more powerfully they begin to work in my life, because thoughts are energy.

Expressing my thought publicly has encouraged me to take hold of my ideas. In my January 2020 text, Abraham’s Teachings, I wrote that I feel like I am constantly fishing at the fountain of life, which is our intuitive heart. Sometimes the line is so thin and fragile that the idea (vision) would disappear immediately if I don’t get some grip on it and put the idea down on paper.

I trust my intuition, which is not limited to the understanding of the ego or the concept of time. When I read my texts, I sometimes cannot understand why I have written the way I have written. I take this as a sign that the vibrational frequency of my energy has become lower. When I re-interpret the text my mood rises, which raises my energy. I wrote once before that I am the most impressive source of inspiration for myself.

We are taught that we should look at things objectively – with the mentality of a scientist – by observing things. However, our subjective experiences are first-hand knowledge and the only things we can be absolutely sure of. It is important to be aware of this fact in order to focus our energy, because it determines where we focus our attention.

Not all thoughts are the brainchild of the ego. If thoughts just appear out of nowhere without reasoning and reflection, they are most likely mediated by the intuitive mind of the heart. Our most important achievement is to be able to distinguish between ego-mind and intuition, which is a bit like being able to listen to your body and distinguish when your muscles are relaxed and when they are tense.

In the previous article I wrote about the traveller, who experienced hardships. She wanted to get her story in the public eye so that people could be prepared for similar surprises. What is remarkable here is that even though the person herself acted in a losing way, her experience helps others to focus their energy more constructively. When people focus their energies on constructive action and cooperation we can expect a greater social change in the next ten years than has happened in the last 50 years.

Balancing energies

I wrote in my previous text that our task in the material world is not so much to try to understand each other, but to live out our subjective, inner world and share it with others. Understanding is a good thing and should always be sought, because it balances energies. However, it is not an end in itself and understanding should not be imposed. No one can force another to love themselves. But we can love even if we do not understand each other.

The main obstacle to consensus is the inability of people to jump over their shadow, their ego. The ego mind will trap us in a bubble of five senses if we let it happen. The crucial thing is that we can define the limits of our senses ourselves. We can expand the bubble created by the ego-mind to coincide with our intuitive mind.

A simple example of the limits of the ego mind is, for example, that a person who has never seen black (or white) people thinks they all look alike. Then the colour of their skin is such a powerful influence that the person is simply unable to see other features. To a person who has no eye to analyse Chinese language characters, they all look the same. This is the same as bank clerks developing the ability to process long strings of numbers. In the same way, our senses become sensitised to any task and our attention sharpens, which expands our awareness, unless we ourselves are in the way of our development.

However, the sensitisation of the senses and the sharpening of attention does not always happen by focusing on details. When I translate my texts into different languages, I no longer waste time thinking about the ‘correct’ linguistic expressions and grammatical rules. What matters is that the text I translate conveys the same energy as the original text. In this respect, artificial intelligence serves me well.

For me, the most concrete change in my senses is that 20 years ago, different delicacies stimulated my taste buds and appetite in a completely different way than they do now. Delicacies that I could not resist before no longer whet my appetite any more than a plate of oatmeal. I now eat ten times less than before, mainly vegetables, berries and fruit.

I don’t think it’s because my appetite and my taste buds have become dulled. Several years ago, I bought myself a water bottle that was purplish pink. After a while, I got another one that was turquoise blue. When I drank water from the blue bottle, it tasted stale in my mouth, like tap water twenty years ago. This despite the fact that I had poured water into both bottles from the same container. I gave the bottle to a person who liked the taste of the water from the blue bottle, because my experience does not mean that there was anything wrong with the bottle or that blue is somehow a bad colour. Colours are energy vibrating at different frequencies and for some reason the water in the pink bottle tasted better in my mouth.

These things can only be internalised by a gut feeling. There is no patent rule that works for everyone. Of course, one can see as patent rule the fact that everyone has to make an intuitive connection with their heart, but then everything is subjective. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

A change of mindset

Miron violet glas_violet flame

Miron Violet Glass

My own curiosity about the energies in the world was awakened after I finished my studies and returned to Finland from Germany. It started with a very everyday need: I had bought myself a spice rack with 16 small transparent jars for herbs and spices. After months of sitting on the kitchen table, the herbs and spices lost their natural colour and flavour. Even the red paprika powder turned a sandy colour.

To avoid wastage, I had to find a storage solution that would extend the life of food. After some time browsing the web, I found Miron’s violet glass jars (picture above). The purple circle in the thumbnail in the top left corner of the photo was taken by reflecting the bottom of the violet glass jar directly into the sunlight. The jars look black on the outside, but the glass filters the sun’s rays so that only the energising and cleansing ultraviolet rays enter the jar. The picture below the purple circle shows how the chives change over three months when stored in a clear, brown or violet-ray glass jar.

Violet glass (ray) is an ancient means of storage and purification that people are only just rediscovering. Years ago, I had a powerful air purifier with an ultraviolet lamp inside in addition to filters. For example, the City of Helsinki’s water purification plant uses ultraviolet light to purify water.

Several years ago, I bought dozens of litres of ionised water from a company. When I measured the ORP and pH of that water I found that the ORP and pH of the kitchen tap water was better (after going through a Vitev-filter). When I energized the water in a violet glass bottle it tasted as good as the well water I drank as a child. Even when the water was warmed by the sun it felt refreshing. The brighter the sun the better, as it made the water taste like the sun’s rays.

In May 2022, in my text Purification, I wrote about an incident in the Tennessee Valley of the United States, where lightning had energised an old peach tree to produce a giant fruit in its last days. A person once gave a lecture on his ability to see the aura of people. His ability was the result of a lightning strike.

Creating the new world

Our spiritual teachers (St Germain) say that the Violet Flame is the highest frequency of spiritual energy. Focusing this energy affects our being holistically from the spiritual development of each individual to the allocation of available resources such as time, attention, emotional energy, financial resources, etc. When individuals thoughtfully focus their energy it has a holistic effect on society and how everything works.

In the past, when people have talked about creating a new, authentic and pollution-free world, it has been thought to require a return to nature and primitive ways of living. However, modern society and urban life is not in itself anti-natural if people live in a way that respects nature and obeys the laws of nature. Major technological innovations have come about because scientists have been able to use the laws of nature in their technical applications.

In this section, I paint a picture of what the new world looks like from my perspective, or how I hope things will develop in the light of my current knowledge. I will describe things in general terms, and not go into details yet. The changes in society are going to be huge and over the coming months I will be collecting my thoughts in various articles on different aspects of life, such as housing and construction, product design, preservation, health and rehabilitation, mobility and transport, internet and web design, telecommunications, education waste sorting, recycling, sanitation and energy and food production.
(This is not a promise, but only a feeling I have at the moment. In any case I write what comes from my heart at any given moment.)

The biggest change in people’s attitudes is that nothing is done any more for the sake of building a superficial ego image. People are tuning their antennae to see what their eyes cannot see and their ears cannot hear. They focus their energy on functionality and how the different energies and elements work together. The interconnectedness of things is emphasized. This emphasis on functionality affects all product design, including service design. Intuitive approaches and collaboration will increase. As intuitiveness increases, so do the telepathic connections between people.

Luxury products are no longer status symbols, their value lies in their functionality and the fact that they work best in the situation at hand. A good example of this is the mobile phone. When I bought my first mobile phone in the mid-1990s, I was still studying in Germany. The mobile phone was everyone’s tool in Finland. One text message cost a penny (FIM 0.01), so it was practically free. The attitude was different in Germany, where my Finnish connection worked better than the German one. Apart from the price difference.

Back to the source

As people learn to interpret the energies and use nature’s own cleansing and healing remedies, the need for chemicals will diminish and cease altogether. This will not only affect health care, but also sanitation and cleaning. It will be seen that water, pressure, heat or cold treatment alone is enough to eliminate parasites and bacteria, as well as stuck deposits.

I hope that the use of the violet ray in food production will have the effect of eliminating the need to add unnecessary additives to industrially produced food, drinks and snacks. I also hope that this will reduce the amount of packaging waste and that in the future we will be able to buy food and drinks in recyclable violet glass bottles and containers.

The need to develop health, welfare and rehabilitation services, as well as changes in working life, are forcing people to incorporate people’s real needs into housing services, which has a major impact on the design of housing and residential buildings. In the future, the housing business will no longer be a playground for investors to make profits for their owners, but will be designed on people’s terms to meet their needs.

Many people think that modern architecture is ugly when compared to the fairytale castles of the past and their magnificent decoration. But modern architecture, with its minimalism, serves people immeasurably better and we live better today than the kings and queens of the past.

People’s desire to grow their own food has a major impact on housing and urban planning. The production of local food will have the effect that in the future, people living in cities will also be able to be farmers. The messages from our Galactic Family tell us that the climate on Earth will change so that all over the world there will be a gentle climate where it is good to live and the soil is fertile and able to produce everything that people need.

The production of energy (electricity) is one of the most important factors that changes the way people see the world. Why do people share planned scarcity when electricity can be produced from an infinite, clean source of energy, i.e. zero point energy? A cube of air, for example, can produce enough electricity to power the entire human race for millions of years.

Climate change and the need to reduce emissions and costs is forcing humanity to look at the bigger picture. Our decision-makers understand that emissions are not only produced by car tailpipes, factory chimneys and cow farts, but also by provocative negative agendas that were created in the past on a different timeline to meet the objectives of that time. But we will not find solutions to problems by staying in the same energies in which the problems were created.

This is illustrated by the film Soylent Green from 1973, 50 years ago. The film is based on the novel ‘Make Room, Make Room’ published in 1960s by the science-fiction writer Harry Harryson. Harryson had been inspired to write the book after meeting in the late 1940s an Indian man who believed that the greatest challenge facing humanity was overpopulation. Of course, there are many opinions on this, but one thing is certain: the world has not evolved in the direction ‘predicted’ by the film.

Many people really believe that these films, which paint a bleak picture of the future, are ‘predictions’. But they are no more real than what I think and imagine in my mind. Rather, what my intuition tells me is much more real. Ominous films of the past world help us to see what is worth cherishing and valuable. For me, the film Soylent Green highlighted the beauty of the world and nature.

You have the ball

The government negotiations in Finland are over. One of the government’s objectives is to increase citizens’ physical activity and opportunities, which is why the ‘Finland on the Move ‘ -programme was launched. As part of the Finland on the Move programme, decision-makers added a ball to the maternity package. So every newborn child in Finland will receive a ball paid for by the state. In addition to encouraging physical activity, this also has a symbolic meaning. The ball is now in your hands: the life you create depends on your own choices.


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