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In the 1970s, rationalisation was the watchword as companies sought to rationalise their operations, for example by eliminating duplicated activities and focusing on their core business. This meant that companies clarified their job descriptions and cut out the clutter that was unnecessary for their main business. The aim was to make operations more efficient by saving time and money.

Thanks to deliberate measures, companies have over the decades significantly improved the quality of their products and services, which has contributed to people’s well-being. But they have not brought about real change in society because, despite the fine-tuning of activities and the change in style, society operates largely according to the same principles as a century ago.

Don’t leave your brain on a rack, even on holiday

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article in a magazine that describes well what I mean. The holiday season started and the article was a traveller’s account of a holiday gone wrong. She had been planning her family’s trip for many years and had paid thousands of euros for it. She expected everything to happen as the travel agency had said it would and looked forward to spending her long-awaited and well-deserved holiday on the beach, soaking up the sun, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

But when she arrived at her destination, she found a stale hotel room with a bathroom covered in black mould in places. Because the black mould secretions are toxic, she and her children’s bodies immediately reacted to the mould-contaminated air.

The traveller’s first option was to change rooms, but that would have taken a few days. She wanted to get out of the room immediately and called around to make people understand her situation and agree on a compensation. Despite all the phone calls and nerve-wracking efforts, things were going nowhere.

In the end, the person changed hotels on her own, thinking she would be fully compensated for a ruined holiday. She thought the whole mess was someone else’s fault. She had paid a high price for the holiday and thought that was all she had to care about.

We get what we are attracted to by our own inner energies

But we must remember that we are not entitled to anything, even if we have plenty of money and have paid to get something. Nevertheless, the universe works according to the law of attraction, which means that we get what we are attracted to by our own inner energies. The only thing the traveller saw in the situation was ‘mould hell’, or chaos. According to the law of attraction, we strengthen the energies where our minds are focused.

Although the traveller who experienced the mould infestation tried to solve the situation with her actions, there was no final solution in her mind. That was of course to clean up the mould infestation. The situation could have been resolved simply by calling in a cleaning company, if you are not equipped to do the cleaning yourself. In the end, the travel agency was ready to reimburse a sum equivalent to the cost of cleaning the room.

We cannot worship two Lords

This story is just one example of irrational human behaviour. For decades, we have laughed at Mr Bean’s efforts to correct mistakes he has made, but his benevolent efforts often end in disaster. In many respects, people act exactly like Mr Bean. Failure to see the obvious facts and the importance of cooperation. At the societal level, goals are set that are in conflict with each other.

You are encouraged to cultivate bee-attracting plants, but elsewhere people are weeding out bee-attracting plants that are not part of the native flora of the ‘cultural landscape’ in that area. Articles are written about chemical cocktails in the blood and the health hazards they cause, but nothing is done to purify the blood, even though the means exist. Even drug addicts can donate blood thanks to advanced purification methods.

I saw a documentary years ago about a woman who had both kidneys removed. She had a dialysis machine at home and thanks to the blood purification, she didn’t have to pee at all. She went to work and lived a normal life.

Jump over your shadow (ego)

It’s easy for us to laugh at Mr Bean’s tragicomic coincidences, because we can imagine ourselves in similar situations and have a picture in our minds of how things should ‘really’ go. However, many of us cannot tolerate criticism and guidance towards ourselves, even if it is just someone else’s view of how best to work together in that situation. We take things personally, even if we are just ‘links in the chain of existence’.

Everything is personal, because our own subjective experience plays a crucial role in creating our reality. However, it is also important to recognise that our ability to cooperate with others is equally important in creating reality. We must then be able to move away from the subjective world and see the bigger picture and our own role in it. Being able to leap beyond our ego is essential to finding sustainable solutions to problems, because there is an energetic difference between problems and their solutions. It is said that we cannot find solutions to problems by staying in the same energies in which the problems have arisen.

Focus on your intuitive heart

A host on one talk show asked how he could not take things personally when activists promoting the LGBTQPI agenda were forcing their views on him, which were completely beyond comprehension. However, our job here is not primarily to understand each other. The ego’s understanding is very limited after all, as it traps us in a bubble of five senses. It is not even logically reasonable to live within the limits of the understanding of the ego mind, but people should rise beyond ego consciousness (ascension) and orient themselves according to the intuition of the heart.

Our mission in life is to live out the unconditional love that we know is the condition of our life. Everyone has every right to live their subjective experiences and do what feels right in their own heart. Even if we consider the thoughts and feelings of others to be false and pretended, they are as real as our own subjective world.

All consciousness is one, whether or not we understand each other. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin: everything can be used to further good and evil ends. The goal of the globalist elite that enslaves humanity and our heavenly supporters who live in high consciousness is the same: the globalist elite live in ego-consciousness and their highest goal is to promote their own well-being and that of their own reference group. Our celestial supporters see humanity as a collective and want to promote the well-being of all humanity and the planet Earth.

If we allow these opposing goals to dissipate our energy by constantly talking about unpleasant facts and the latest tricks of the globalist elite that violate our peace of mind, we dissipate our energy ourselves. We cannot avoid unpleasant facts and recognising them is important for seeing the big picture. But they can be left to their own devices. Each of us must find a way within ourselves to let go of external distractions and focus every cell of our being on what we want to create. Concentrating energy means bringing different energies together to achieve the best result.

Update your own perceptions

When people hear one should question everything that is said, they think it means that we should question the messages that are being transmitted from the outside world. Since we can also draw wrong conclusions about things ourselves, we need to constantly question our own perceptions.

A simple example of this is when, as a child, I saw my mother hanging laundry outside on string and fastening it with clothespins. I was long under the impression that the purpose of clothespins was to prevent the wind from blowing drying clothes to the ground. Of course, this may be one purpose. When I was twenty, I saw a friend of mine hanging clothes on a rack inside his room and fastening them with clothespins. As I watched him do it, it dawned on me what the purpose of clothespins really is: they allow you to hang your laundry so that it dries as quickly as possible.

It is also based on erroneous conclusions that we classify many everyday aids as luxury products, even though they have a clear functional purpose and improve work efficiency and save electricity, for example. Racial segregation, anti-immigration and many other negative attitudes that perpetuate victim mentality and are an obstacle to cooperation are also based on wrong conclusions.

Companies have largely been able to suppress the negative attitudes that hinder cooperation, as their employees tend to act in the company’s best interests, and employees have to jump over their shadows (egos). Companies may expect their employees to put their egos aside when making decisions, but society has a “let all the flowers bloom” attitude.

The emphasis on individuality is a good thing, but from a holistic point of view it has led to a generous attitude that everyone has their own way of doing things. There is often not even a desire to find common ground, which has limited cooperation between citizens.

The end does not justify the means

I read an article that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ‘confiscated’ (hijacked) a plane he rented from a Russian airline and is planning to hand it over to Ukraine to ‘pressure’ Russia to do things Ukraine’s way. Justin Trudeau apparently considers such action to be legitimate, even though it is in principle no different from, for example, the actions of bank robbers.

Many of the beliefs and practices that people maintain are based on a similar mental blindness. The fact that we think we are the good guys and determine the right course of action does not make our actions legitimate. I would hope that people in decision-making positions in particular would understand this. Justin Trudeau declared that he wants ‘peace on Ukraine’s terms’, even though he is supposed to represent his people. I believe that the majority of Canadians, and of the world’s population in general, want peace on the terms of the human heart.

Collective consciousness

All thoughts, perceptions and emotions of humans and other beings affect our collective consciousness. Whether our attitudes create chaos or whether our thoughts help us and others to cooperate constructively, which is a prerequisite for peace, is not at all unimportant for the whole.

Many people consider humans to be the most harmful animals in creation. But let’s not overlook the fact that many animals look to humans for help when they are in distress, and humans are the only ones who can help them. Some even say that the best thing that can happen to an animal is that it can grow up as a member of a loving family. When an animal has its own name and is treated as a member of an organised society, its consciousness expands just like a human’s.

The European Union has named the fund to support Ukraine’s military operations a ‘Peace’ Foundation. We can deceive ourselves with such verbal tricks and think we are in the cause of peace. The fact is, however, that war is war and has disastrous consequences, whatever the situation. Everyone is personally responsible for their own beliefs and convictions, and we have no one to blame but ourselves if we go along with the destructive narratives of the ruling elite, which will sooner or later backfire.

Everyone can neutralise the harmful energies in the world with their own attitudes by letting their heart’s intuition guide them and internalising the lessons of events without judging anything or letting fear take over. In recent months I have been watching the true crime channels on YouTube and I am delighted to see decades-old crime mysteries being solved. This is part of the cleansing of the planet.

As a sign of the purification of energies in the world, my 26-year-old porcelain flower (Hoya carnosa), which has rarely bloomed in recent years and has always produced only one flower at a time, opened five blossoms last week. The flowers were also delightfully fragrant, as in the days of the plant’s youth. Mankind has an equally prosperous future ahead of it.

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