Winter War: fake treelines

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video about the 1939 Winter War, Finland’s war against the Soviet Union. The video highlighted the fact that the Finns defended their homeland without proper equipment for warfare, with nothing but guts and determination. Nevertheless, Finland’s losses were minimal compared to those of the Soviet Union.

I remembered that years ago I mentioned in one of my blog posts about the tactics used by the Finns in the Winter War to build fake treelines in the sky, which fooled the enemy and made them waste their shots in their visual illusion, a fake forest. I later deleted the paragraph as unnecessary, as it was rather confusing in that context and I wanted to clarify the main message of the text.

I read about this wartime tactic on a discussion forum and tried to find pictures related to the topic, without success. However, the video I saw had a picture of a fake forest of the Winter War. The picture is at the beginning of this text.

As I watched the video, I was disturbed by what has disturbed me in many other contexts, namely that Russia and the Soviet Union are used as synonyms. Apart from the Russia – Soviet Union confusion, the question arises as to why the Winter War is now being brought up. Is this intended to incite the Ukrainians to war: ‘You can defeat Russia just as the Finns did!”

But the fact is that Finland has never been at war with Russia. During the Winter War, Russian territory was ruled by the atheist, communist Soviet Union (1922-1991). After the ‘god’s chosen people’ had killed the Russian Tsar (because he did not give them as much power over the country’s economy as they would have liked) they completely destroyed the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. The Russians were then brainwashed into atheism for 70 years. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990 only 6% of Russians considered themselves atheists.

Nationalist Russians took power and Vladimir Putin has focused on preserving the old Christian tradition. That’s why he’s getting the wrath of the globalists (god’s chosen people). He has been demonised, like Adolf Hitler and all others who refuse to support the inhuman agenda of the globalists (whom Hitler called internationalists).

Globalists are loudly proclaiming that the war in Ukraine is about defending democracy. But the war is as little about democracy as the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was about peasant uprising against the emperor. The war in Ukraine, like all other wars, is above all about defending the interests and liberal values of the globalists and ‘god’s chosen ones’. Their purpose is to break down – or calibrate – the internal (moral) compass of the people.

Russia’s quest for power

Finland became an independent state in December 1917, before which it was an autonomous part of the Russian Empire, the Autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland (1809-1917). Before 1809, Finland was more or less a Swedish colony, a ‘Grand Duchy’, to put it nicely. The King of Sweden certainly considered the title ‘Grand Duke’ a good addition to his titles. However, Finland was never a constitutionally distinct territory with its own legislation or representative bodies. Officially Finns had to speak Swedish.

During the Russo-Swedish War (1741–1743), Empress Elizabeth of Russia first offered the Finns independence and complete separation from Swedish rule. In her proclamation, she asserted that Russia did not want a foot in a foreign land. She did not accuse the Finns of hostilities. Instead, she offered to help the Finns if they wanted to be a free country under no one’s rule, but if the Finns helped the Swedish troops, she threatened to destroy the country by force.

Freedom from Swedish rule came in 1809, when Russia made Finland an autonomous Grand Duchy. During the Swedish rule, it was not even allowed to publish in Finnish language other than religious literature. Under Russia, Finland’s political development and the development of the Finnish language and its use in academic studies took off. However, Swedish legislation remained largely in force. To this day, the finnish-Swedish minority in Finland has acted as ‘god’s chosen people’ in the big world.

Vladimir Putin is continuing the policy of Empress Elizabeth, and emphasises the sovereignty of countries, without forgetting Russian interests. I have been watching Putin’s speeches and interviews for decades. From the outset, he has consistently criticised the power quests of the globalists and NATO, who do not want equal partners, but vassals. In vassal states, the globalists have the rights of colonial masters.

Wake up!

The war in Ukraine – as all wars – is about the inability of people to separate the wheat from the chaff, in other words to separate the forest from the trees. This saying takes on a different perspective when you look at the picture at the beginning of this article: people cannot distinguish a fake forest from the real forest. Energy is wasted on illusions that have no basis in reality.

Russia is not to blame for the war in Ukraine. In 2013, then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and Chinese President Xi Jinping had negotiated over $2.6 billion in investments in Ukraine’s agriculture, aviation, energy, financial markets and development of infrastructure. I do not believe that Russia has ruined the business of its strongest partner in Ukraine. I wrote about this in September 2014 in my text “Quite Another Matter”.

It is high time for people to start questioning the reality we have created. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a video of an Conservative Laestadian Peppina talking about the thought patterns that led her to leave the sect she had grown up in. She never questioned the practices of her community until at the age of 26. She simply asked herself what if what I believe to be true is not true. What if the light that I have in me is darkness? … what if my perceptions are based on ignorance and in fact, I do not know at all what the truth is?

One need not be particularly spiritual to understand that there is nothing spiritual about the dogmas and community rules of religious schools and sects. But does ‘ordinary citizens’ act any more constructively than that? Our highly conscious spiritual teachers tell us that not even 1% of what we hold to be truth is true.

Through sheer grit and determination

Humanity has been conditioned by various methods to think in a certain way. Few people question what they have learned in school. Personally, I was over 40 as I started to re-tune my antenna and question my actions, as I realised that I didn’t dare to express my honest opinion on many things. I hardly had the courage to publish articles in English that I had translated myself, because I had adopted the idea that the language had to be grammatically correct.

This awakening -calibration of my inner compass- has been going on for 20 years now, which has raised my awareness to a new level. As a result, I feel much better in my own skin. It doesn’t mean that I feel like a better person in relation to others, it’s about mental well-being. When you are in touch with your true self and can be honest with yourself and others and express your inner being, it creates an unparalleled sense of freedom. When I see the potential of humanity and a bright future it has a very positive effect on me.

You can start tuning your own antenna by asking yourself for example, why we only learn about the Holocaust in school, as if ‘god’s chosen’ were the only ones to suffer in history. Why is there no mention of the tens of millions of victims of the concentration camps (gulag) and famine (holodomor) in the Soviet Union and Ukraine? Why are we taught that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was a peasant uprising against the emperor, when communism was born among upper-class Jews?

Why are we not told about the giant skeletons found at the beginning of the last century, the extraterrestrial DNA found in archaeological research or the pyramids found around the world? We are taught that the Americas are a new continent, discovered by Columbus during the voyages of discovery of 1492-1504, whose indigenous people were ‘uncivilised’ and ‘cruel’. Nothing is said about the atrocities of the ‘civilized’ explorers. In the light of recent research, the Americas are a much older continent than we have assumed and their population has evolved even further than our ‘high culture’.

In the light of new research, we can also throw out the Darwinian doctrine that humans evolved from apes: when humans first appeared on Earth 200 000-300 000 years ago, we had the same DNA and the same evolutionary potential as today. So the human mind or brain has not essentially evolved through trial and error, even though at an individual level we feel that we learn through life lessons.

By questioning official truths, you don’t have to accuse anyone of the fact that ‘they’ have only promoted their own interests and misled people. Mankind as a collective has wasted its ammunition on ‘fake forests’. You can state the facts and decide that in your own life you will do your part and live according to what you feel in your heart is right. No one has the power to decide for you on anything.