[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”221″ align=”right” effect=”grayscale” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] The building site I am referring to in the title is my body, because I am seeing my body as a big building site now and I have fallen in love with its workers: the micro-organisms, who take care of my health. I am responsible that they have all the necessary building material.

If I would like to drink a cup of coffee these days I don’t do it simply because I want to. I ask myself do I really want to expose my workers to this kind of acid rain. Usually I don’t.

I have eagerly begun to carry out my new goal: to strengthen the energy body. A treatment, which I believe to boost this goal is the biophoton therapy I introduced before. But there is also detox-programs that clean the body from metabolic waste and in that way substantially improve the working conditions of the inner body. I decided to focus on these body cleansing programs first. I believe that when I add to the treatments a body cleansing, nutritious diet, which has a lot of alkaline water and natural salt I will see results.

The effects can be seen and felt directly in the body, but a very simple way to get indication what is going on in the body is a living blood image. For the test a drop of blood is taken from a fingertip, it is put under a microscope, and one can see a 5000 * magnification of the blood on a computer screen.

An organism, which maintains its pH in balance and functions properly produces healthy blood in which the red blood cells are floating separately from each other in a clear plasma. The blood cells are uniform in size, shape and colour. Because of their negative charge they repel each other.

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If your body is too acidic its micro-organisms have not enough or have wrong kind of building material and the organs of the body cannot fulfill they tasks. The blood image is different.

The blood plasma that should be clear may contain yeast, crystals (acid concentrations the body cannot dispose of), bacteria, parasites and other floating substances. The red blood cells may be clumped together, stacked sideways, forming long, sticky chains or their outer edge may look like gearwheel or they may be otherwise unformed.

In the end of June I begun the rehabilitation of my energy body by making a living blood analysis, which allows me to have a quick glance at my building site. It is written: [framed_box bgColor=”rgba(246,241,204,1)” rounded=”true” align=”center”]For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Leviticus 17:11[/framed_box]
It can also be interpreted that my atonement is in my own blood and life force.

My first impression is that my blood do not look at all like a sick person’s blood. The plasma has yeast and crystals and the changes of the red blood cells reveal that the body is too acidic. But the red blood cells are for the most part separate from each other and have life. In the last image however the cells vanish into the background and can be seen only as a shadow, what means that the cells are not strong enough.

Biophoton Treatment

In the beginning of July I saw a biontologist and had the first biophoton treatment. According to the therapist he could fix some disruptions in my body. His equipment gave him feedback about that. Two days after the therapy I made another image of my blood. The day was hot and I was slightly dehydrated, which caused the red blood cells to clump together.

All in all the second blood images show that the plasma is more clear. There is no yeast or big crystal (acid) concentrations, but the deformations of red blood cells show that the body is too acidic.
Of course one can guess how much the image is affected by the fact what I had eaten and not eaten.
The biophoton therapy treats the energy body on another level.
My whole life long I have bitten my fingernails. Two months ago I decided to let my fingernails grow.

Several years ago I bought myself Chinese health balls in order to train the nerves of my hand after being so badly injured that I couldn’t even write my name. At first I couldn’t even hold the balls in my hand, not to mention to steer them with my fingers. After I had trained a couple of months my hand recovered.

I thought that for the nail biting problem I can use the same balls.
So I placed them beside the TV and decided to rotate them always when I was watching TV, fingers in mouth. For this reason I have been observing my fingernails very carefully in the last months.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”336″ align=”right” effect=”none” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] It has been a big surprise for me that one week after the first biophoton treatment the lunula on my right thumbnail seemed to come into view. This has never happened in my life before. In one Youtube-video a Chinese Qigong-master presents his powers and he says that the lunulas on fingernails are a sign that the energy flow in the body is good.

One week after the lunula on my right thumb came into view the lunula on the left thumb also showed up. It is exciting to see if other fingernails will have lunulas too.

I don’t know, if it is the effect of biophoton therapy, the Chinese health balls or other detox-program that made the lunula come into view. I believe that they all have an effect.


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