[framed_box width=”75%” bgColor=”rgba(232,243,196,0.60)” textColor=”#031906″ rounded=”true” align=”center”]I always have to clean
I always have to do the dishes
I always have to work
I always have to go to the doctor
I am not allowed to go to the computer
I am not allowed to watch television
I am not even allowed to see my friends
I always have to be at home
I always have to do chores
I always have to eat well
I always have to drink well
I am not allowed to eat candy, drink soda
I am not even allowed to drink alcohol
I always have to rest
I always have to sleep
I always have to wake up
I always have to take a shower[/framed_box]

This is the song ‘I always have to’ performed by the music group Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day (PKN) that will represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in May in Vienna. Also in this year I missed the national selection for the contest, but on the next day I read in a newspaper that a punk rock band formed by mentally disabled persons who have either down syndrome or autism had won the national contest and became Finland’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. We can surely expect something totally different, so I searched for their videos in Youtube.

Last week I was pondering how should I continue my previous article ‘Our Intellectual and Spiritual Heritage’ in which I describe that interaction between people is not a hierarchical relationship. At best co-operation is a holistic interaction where every actor benefits from the co-operation: parents learn from their children as much as children learn from their parents, pupils teach to their teachers as much as teachers teach to their pupils. So, not only the strongest side should be rewarded, but everyone should get a fair reward for own contribution.

After these thoughts the world’s leading elite and politicians begun to lament in my mind over their own hard destiny:

[framed_box width=”90%” bgColor=”rgba(232,243,196,0.60)” textColor=”#031906″ rounded=”true” align=”center”]We always have to protect the environment
We always have to help developing countries
We always have to pay taxes
We always have to think about health
We are not allowed to automate
We are not allowed to rest on our laurels
We are not even allowed to favour friends
We always have to follow the agenda
We always have to serve people
We always have to consume
We always have to increase economic growth
We are not allowed to take bribes, to support tax havens
We are not even allowed to falsify statistics
We always have to think about common wealth
We always have to adapt to the system
We always have to keep eyes open
We always have to wake up again[/framed_box]

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