This is my new website. I am very happy with the result, which was developed completely without programming skills and clear understanding about how everything works. Thanks to Google, Youtube and to the developers of the excellent Striking theme and their support, who made this possible.

Similarly as Windows operating system made it possible for Joe Average to run computers, which led to spreading of PC-computers to private people, WordPress themes, which make web publishing most simple will be most successful.

The Internet is one of the best inventions in the new world. In the Web the mankind has a real opportunity to work as a single organism. During the last decades the developers of IT-applications have spent much time and energy fixing information security holes and protecting intellectual property rights. It is OK. But I hope that instead of trying to control the internet the decision-makers would focus in the future on finding ways how the internet can serve people in the best way possible.

Nowadays people often complain that young people have bad future perspectives, because older generations have eaten their inheritance and have left the debts for future generations to pay. I think that young people have never in history had such a good starting point for self-realization as they have in the new media age. All information is practically at our fingertips. It depends on each individual how we take advantage of own opportunities or if we have the courage to grab them at all.

Some years ago I laughed when I read about news about a research, which showed that young people have the burning desire to become famous. Reality TV -shows, Facebook and so on are seen to be as a part of this froth culture – if one wants to see it that way. The desire to become famous in an indication of an attitude: It tells that young people enjoy being at the center of events and they want actively contribute to what is happening. It is more typical for older generations that people want to stay in the background. I also begun this blog anonymously.

Internet lifts people above time and space and all over the world they can in real time influence the course of events. We see Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others as social media, but in fact the whole Internet is social media. People have unlimited possibilities to share their thoughts and experiences and when they do so, it is always first-hand information.

(Young) people have a boundless tool, the keyboard of a computer, through which one can become a celebrity overnight before you even realize it yourself. A real example of this is i.a. Sara (Smoukahontas) Forsberg, who a year ago uploaded her video ‘What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners’ to Youtube and which was viewed 9 million times in less than two weeks. The fame helped Sara in a flash from her cashier job of that time to Los Angeles, where she carries out her dream in music and entertainment business.

Older generations have considered the virtual world on the Internet as less important and we think that the physical world we are living in is most important. However, the relationships we build on the Internet can be even more sustainable than the connections we build in the outside world. The emotional experiences that the virtual world creates in us have direct impact in our physical body, which concretely shape the physical world around us. It is important in every aspect.

Internet is a real labour market and powerful grapevine, where people can without middleman improve the well-being of others. Power of money would decrease when people would listen to their inner being, be honest with themselves and would manifest their true self. It would put companies and people in real competitive position, where the driving force is co-operation.

The image I have placed above this article is not my (artistic) view of the mirror of our collective mind. It is a model (Mandelbrot fractal) of the chaos in nature, the consciousness of the Universe generated by the language of mathematics. To me it looks more like a symphony.

Maybe the science is able to create a map of the Internet in the future like medicine has by means of Mandelbrot set been able to generate a map of vascular system or like engineers have used it to develop the littlest of antenna we have in our cellular phones. Time will tell.


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