As I watch a video, which shows the vandalism of immigrants in Europe, I wish that the political leaders in Europe would put an end to vandalism and rallies as decisively as China cracked down on demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989.

1989 the Western World loudly accused the government of China of acts of dictatorship and of oppression of innocent students and the entire nation, who were demanding democracy. I myself quietly wished in my mind that the government of China knows what it is doing.

Later I read an article in which the harsh acts of the Chinese government were justified, because some ‘forces of darkness’ tried to use the peaceful demonstration of students as an opportunity to overthrow the government of China, which was not the purpose of the protesting students.

Just before the demonstration in Tiananmen, I had started my studies in Germany. Chinese students at the university organized an open discussion about the incident in China. Many felt that the harsh acts of the Chinese government were shocking. In their mind, no responsible government would ever oppress rallies demanding democracy.

Some people thought that democracy would not work in China, where a large part of the population was illiterate. A western person (or well educated Chinese) who has learned to read in the first years of his life, cannot even imagine, what it is like to live as an illiterate person in democracy. Illiteracy restricts ones actions, and surely in many cases prevents spontaneous actions of individuals.

People must understand that democracy which acknowledges human rights of its citizens and gives them freedom to determine their life, is not a wide, one-way road. In the same proportion that it gives freedoms and rights to citizens, it demands civic skills and recognition of certain social responsibilities from them.

In the 1980s I met a young woman of German origin, who was brought up in South-Africa. It was a time, when South-Africa was struggling to end the Apartheid policy. This young woman found it amusing that white shopkeepers in South-Africa cheated black people, and sold them low quality electrical junk, as black people are so stupid and gullible and buy anything. She thought that this was OK.

After the demonstration in Tienanmen this encounter came to my mind. To me the heavy measures of Chinese government to suppress demonstrations was an indication, that China observed its population as a whole. I was wishing that these measures were designed to protect the weaker citizens, to prevent wolves from getting into the sheep farm. To prevent exploiters from accessing among ‘stupid’.

Unfortunately, in our part of the world it does not work like this. As I watch in a video about the invasion of immigrants to Europe, it seems, as if our policy makers have let wolves in a sheep farm. Everything in front of them is smashed up, immigrants openly declare their aim of conquest and invoke death and destruction upon ‘infidels’ in their mass prayers. They demand respect of their human rights, although they apparently do not have any intention to respect the rights of others.

Immigrant children boast at school openly that with beating, kicking and mocking they are able to marginalize and terrorize their white schoolmates. All of this happens openly under our eyes, and policy makers think that the reason behind all this is racism of native population. In my eyes it seems that in Europe there is ongoing invasion of Wicked Witches.

This does not meant that I consider immigrants as witches. I see them as humans, who are completely under the leadership of their own or their leaders ego and who do not seem to be able to connect to the voice of reason in their hearts.

Western World accuses itself for not being able to integrate immigrants to the society. It is same, as children would accuse their parents for not being able to learn to read, although they got the best education possible. If children do not even recognize the importance of literacy, there is no reason to expect advancement.

If children do not become aware that it requires certain kind of social understanding and assimilation of civic skills before being able to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society, they are prisoners of their own circumstances.

How to free yourself from circumstances? The president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö said in November 2015 at a book fair that literacy is like a sense.

Reading capability elevates man beyond time and space. The experiences of a literate person are not limited by his experiences or experiences of his close circle, but his world expands significantly as he is connected to complete strangers and can mentally live through their experiences.

Thinking is our sixth sense. At its best this helps people to distinguish the voice of reason more clearly and use common sense.

I think that the best aspect of western education is that it encourages people to listen to the voice of reason and to trust one’s own judgement. Especially in higher levels of academic education researchers and debaters have an opponent, who’s purpose is to help students to question their current knowledge and to immerse to their subject as deep as possible.

Opponent, adversary is not an enemy, like people commonly seem to think. At its best, an opponent helps us to see things in deeper view. I would say that not even Lucifer is an enemy of our soul, as he can be similarly seen as leader, who is guiding us. Lucifer who directs our ego, helps us in his own way to get closer to ourselves.


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