Physical Rehabilitation

Last weekend I watched the Secret movie once again. It was surprising that even though I’ve watched the movie so many times, it generated new feelings in me – or perhaps it is more correct to say that I watched the movie as open-minded as I watched it for the first time.

I noticed that in the past years I have only thought up excuses, why I should not develop a “millionaire mind”: a mindset that attracts prosperity and abundance. Despite the fact that I agree with the issues presented in the movie almost 100 percent, but the contradiction it leaves made me feel that the whole philosophy of abundance would be intellectual dishonesty. At least how it is presented in the film.

The Law of Attraction, the basic premise of the film, is that every person creates his own reality. With our thoughts and attitudes we attract ourselves the people, matter and events with which we have to deal in our lives. In its simplicity, it means that we are personally responsible for everything. Also for our fears we are not aware of.

This sense of personal responsibility has grown to my spinal cord after my mother died when I was 10 years old. Despite of that I search reasons in the outside world and come up with excuses to explain things that I have done or left undone. My most common excuse: “I have no money (for effective rehabilitation).”

Own Responsibility

In the beginning of the 2000s I had one-year rehabilitation in China and my situation improved remarkably. When I returned home I had to make a new rehabilitation plan, and because of the thoughtlessness of bureaucrats, my rehabilitation had a long break. After that all the results I had achieved in China were only a memory. Now, the setback that I previously thought was the result of the “thoughtlessness of bureaucrats” seems to be my own lack of thinking.

The fact is that I have had an assistant since 1999, for almost 20 years. In the early 1980s I wished that I would have an assistant, a personal trainer to help me with rehabilitation. No long exercise-break would cause such physical health deterioration, if exercise would be part of my daily routine. But nowadays I am used to think that rehabilitation requires a physiotherapist, whose services cost money. Assistant costs me nothing. So it is all about my own attitude and my priorities.

Feelings May Guide Us to a Wrong Path

Until now I have thought that it is good to think that the assistant is primarily for anything else than rehabilitation. Objectively thinking my feelings (which, according to the Secret movie, are body’s feedback mechanism on whether we are doing right or wrong) have led me to a wrong path. It does not feel good. The idea presented in the film that we ourselves set our goals and create our mission, and nobody ever condemns us for our choices is only partially true.

A man who listens to his conscience condemns himself when he is doing wrong. One can only hope that we can forgive ourselves when we go wrong and as a result, lose our opportunities and in the worst case, ruin our reputation. Everything is, of course, a part of the growth process that each person goes through.

Conflict to Overcome

We are conditioned to think that conscience is the divine side in us: The one who recognizes good and evil, right and wrong. But our real self, the divine side in us, lives in our hearts, which we also call God’s temple. Its most significant feature is that it does not label, value or judge things, but its essence is love and compassion.

So what is our conscience that blames and intimidates us and turns people against each other? I wrote in the end of the article Know Your Adversary that especially at the highest levels of education students and doctoral candidates have an opponent, whose aim is to make students and researchers question their knowledge and dig deeper into their subject.

All people have an opponent, an adversary. This opponent is our own ego and conscience, which is under the guidance of Lucifer. Lucifer, Satan, is not the enemy of our souls, for it helps us get closer to ourselves. Lucifer becomes our enemy only when we turn against it, because it means that we in a sense turn against ourselves. The more we fight it, the more vigorously it fights back.

In the growth process, our ego, our conscience is our strongest opponent. We should be aware of this, because we should actively try to avoid Lucifer’s tricks. The Law of Attraction that the Secret-movie introduces is a versatile tool for our challenges. The Law of Attraction brings people also to a fair competitive situation, because our success is ultimately dependent on our spiritual growth. It is completely independent of external conditions.

In spiritual jihad (strive), the ego is a good servant but a bad master. Only after we have got our ego to adopt the rules of the game, can a real physical rehabilitation begin. By ‘physical rehabilitation’ I mean all the positive changes we make in ourselves and in our environment.

Because happiness and well-being are in the interests of all of us, we should be aware of our own impact and responsibility in the whole. For we are creating our own reality.

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