Objective facts and rules of logic affect people’s lives less than good stories that define and guide our lives. However, people apply rules of logic in their personal lives. We become prisoners of our thoughts and habits. We consider our own predictability and good reputation as reliability. Everyone wants to be trustworthy or at least give a reliable picture of themselves. The most important thing in this respect is that we are able to show decades of consistency on our actions. We must stick to stories that we are conditioned to believe. So consistency from the point of view of official truth is important, no matter how false the official stories are.

When I was in my early teens, my oldest brother gave me at one Christmas a book entitled “Escape from Freedom” written by Erich Fromm (1900-1980, a German-American social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist and humanistic philosopher). I was not mature enough to analyze deep-seated social psychological problems, but the title of the book itself spoke to me. I kept the book for decades, waiting for a moment that would inspire me to read the book. I gave it up in 2012 when I took my needless stuff to the recycling center and felt that I had in myself the information that Erich Fromm wrote about.

So I do not know the contents of the book “Escape from Freedom”, but I believe it is related to this: It is paradoxical that when we are loyal to the ego, to its thought patterns and habits, we move away from ourselves and each other. We start repeating the conceptions and beliefs that have passed from generation to generation over the centuries. We lull ourselves to sleep, which gives us a sense of security, but at the same time makes us prisoners of our thoughts and habits.

Yrjö Kallinen (1886-1976, Counsellor of Education in Finland, Advocate for Peace, Defense Minister) speaks about this in an interview “Are We Living In Asleep”, which he gave to the Secretary-General of the Finnish UN Association Hilkka Pietilä in 1971. Kallinen thinks that liberation from traditional thought patterns and beliefs that our society has conditioned us to believe, is the hardest effort of man. The prerequisite for liberation is the awareness of the situation that I am not awake. In other words: Waking up to the fact that I am a prisoner of my thoughts and habits. We need to recognize that we have fallen into wrong sense of security.

The Internet and the media are full of stories about the destructive influence and immorality of liberal-globalist capitalists and those seeking the world government. People complain that democracy does not work, money is created out of thin air and decision-making bodies are completely corrupt. Elections are a great theater that deceive citizens into thinking they may have some influence on things. In reality, everything has been decided in dubious practices much before the election. Of course, awareness of these things is important. However, revelations are often so frustrating that the feeling of powerlessness makes people get stuck in their perceptions and beliefs even more than before. Many feel that a false sense of security is better than complete uncertainty about how to improve one’s own situation and that of others.

Truth in the Real World

The world is in a dead end today in many respects. However, people have through their thoughts and actions influenced themselves, how things have evolved. In other words: People have attracted everything. World War I and II were also the result of human ideals and actions. And not just in a negative sense. For some people, wars were a dream come true. Yrjö Kallinen speaks also about this in the video “Are We Living In Asleep”.

He says that at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the highest ideal of millions of young men was to die as a hero “in the field of honor” (warfield) with the motto: “It is beautiful when a brave man of the front ranks falls and dies…” Also in Finland little boys proudly sang this song in the 1960s with the feeling of self-importance.
Kallinen quotes a letter of a young man belonging to the French aristocrat, who lived in the 1880s to his mother: “If I venture to pray God for such a great grace to my own self that the Lord Almighty would allow actual war explode yet in my lifetime and I be involved in it.”

Defending your own community and your own values is, of course, very important, but there are usually quite other motives behind great wars than defending values. Some parties have for many centuries been instilling insane beliefs in people’s minds. For them, the death of young men in wars and thus prevention of reproduction of gentiles has been simply like thinning of cattle. However, no one can blame anyone for their situation. Not even Illuminati or people fabricating fictional stories with the aim to promote their own goals. How meaningful is it to blame predators for killing other animals to survive?

When we want change, all our attention is focused on the outside world and we try to change the prevailing circumstances. However, we can only change our own thinking and our own attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. The fact that it has been so easy to make people believe in insane stories that make them go like lemmings towards their own destruction, is due to their willingness to listen to their ego and their desire to please others. Few people dare to get a grip on oneself and force themselves to face the truth, no matter how unpleasant it feels. Falling in wrong sense of security is everybody’s own decision.

Truth in Our Hearts

Despite the fact that a large, if not the majority of the world’s population lives in complete deception, and some people do everything to prevent the spreading of truthful information, the truth is constantly present. When we talk about ‘post-truth era’ it can also be interpreted as being life after we have awakened to the truth. More and more people in the world are experiencing spiritual awakening and begin to lead their lives on purpose according to their inner guidance.

My actual awakening started after I watched the documents Zeitgeist and the Secret. The Secret movie tuned my antenna in every direction, but although I agreed 100% with everything the film was talking about, I thought that the message of the movie was completely wrong. I understood that the dissonance was caused by the emphasis of good emotions in the film. I’ve seen during my lifetime many times that emotions can give us completely false signals. We can not ignore the fact that we learn the most from negative feelings and experiences. Since I watched the Secret for the first time I have been pondering the dilemma the film left behind without getting into the core of the problem.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Youtube video where Mel Robbins, an American TV presenter, author and inspirational speaker says that “motivation is garbage” and tells why motivation does not work. In her opinion, the problem is that people are awaiting the awakening of the “right kind” of emotions in order to start to change their lives. However, it is pointless to wait for the awakening of emotions, because few have the ability to motivate themselves and others to do repulsive tasks, which are absolutely essential for their own success.

Mel Robbins says that most people know what their success requires: keeping yourself in tune, which means going early to sleep and getting up early in the morning, maintaining the body’s condition and health, maintaining friendly and appreciative relationships also with people you don’t like, taking care of your finances, daring to express your thoughts and to seize your opportunities, which means the ability to push yourself and to force yourself out of your comfort zone. In other words, forcing yourself to do things that you don’t like. Mel Robbins says that people should (at the latest) begin to parent themselves when they reach the legal age.

Although most people know what their success requires and there are countless blogs and self-help web sites and do-it-yourself websites that give detailed instructions on life management, people sabotage their own success by watering their own good thoughts and plans. We know intuitively what our success requires and our inner being, the voice of reason reminds us of our goals in special moments, but in addition to that we are constantly engaged in internal discussion with our ego. The ego does everything it can to prevent us from doing anything that could hurt ourselves and our pride. It works like an overprotective parent, who does not let children do anything in fear of injuries. How do we get out of our head, the guidance of our ego, so that we become persons, who are not just talking about their plans, but act to accomplish our goals in guidance of our inner being?

The 5 Second Rule

Exactly for this problem Mel Robbins came up with a solution when her own life was falling apart. When she was a little over 40, her husband went bankrupt and they lost all their savings. She was practically an unemployed mother of three children, on the brink of divorce, in overwhelming feeling of shame and despair. She benumbed herself with alcohol and didn’t even get inspired by her children. In the morning as the alarm clock rang, she pressed the snooze button time and again, for who would wake up to the nightmare she was driven to.

One night when everyone was already asleep and she was about to close the television, there was Nasa preparing for the launch of a spacecraft. Before the launch, she heard the familiar 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. In that moment Mel Robbins got a trillion-dollar idea: When the clock was ringing in the morning, she would launch herself out of bed like a rocket before she could think of anything! And so she did. In the first … the second … the third … the fourth etc. morning. The trick always worked.

When she started to investigate, why this simple trick works, she learned that millions of people around the world are using it to mobilize themselves. Mel Robbins is a lawyer by profession, and she immersed herself in her research as deep as when collecting evidence for judges in court. In addition to her personal contacts, she became familiar with brain research on the subject.
According to studies, we live within a five-second time window, which is why Mel Robbins gave her self-mobilization trick the name “The 5 Second Rule”. This means that, as we move daily from one situation to another and make decisions that seem small and insignificant, we operate under our intuition, our internal navigator, or listen to our ego, our overprotective superego, which does not allow us to do anything that could cause injuries and hurt our pride. If we begin to negotiate with our ego we are doomed to fail. Small, originally seemingly insignificant decisions are gradually beginning to determine our lives.

By mobilizing ourselves with the countdown 5-4-3-2-1, we not only suppress the voice of our ego. At the same time, our thoughts move from the area of old thought patterns and habit loops to the prefrontal cortex, which has executive power. It can analyze conflicting thoughts, differentiate between good and bad, better and best, same and different, the future consequences of activities etc. In other words, it focuses our thoughts and energies on action.

Reprogram Your Brain

With the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, we can reprogram our brains five seconds at a time. When we begin to manifest our true self, we can also program our brains by visualization. Visualization is a very powerful way to assimilate new things, because our possibilities are limitless. Studies show that visualization is not just daydreaming in imaginary craziness. The brain is unable to distinguish what has really happened to us and what is imagination. That’s why visualization transforms our brain in the same way as our experience in the real world. Visualization IS a kind of experience in the real world.

When our actions and thoughts activate the Law of Attraction and we begin to attract things we want, we practically begin to see what is possible. We do not have to wait for politicians to arrange us the possibility to influence things in the spirit of direct democracy, but we can implement direct democracy in our own lives right now, five seconds at a time.

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