The Thrive – movie tries to find an answer for example to the weird situation, why haven’t free energy technologies got out of test laboratories, although their concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories throughout the world. The biggest reason for that is said to be the economical interests of the traditional energy producers and the industry related to energy transfer and that these industries use every means to prevent new competitors from entering the market.
I think however that the main reason lies on the basis:

The inventors who have developed free energy technologies jealously guard their so called intellectual property rights in order to make money with their inventions in the (distant) future. If they would have made this science into mainstream knowledge the world might look totally different now.

It is only a matter of time when a blessed lightbearer loads this knowledge from our collective consciousness and shares it with people, who need it without awaiting personal profits from it.

My heart was leaping for joy when I was watching a document of a grass roots organization for co-operation in the Least Developed Countries, which educate women to become solar energy technicians in their villages. These Solar Mamas use pure emotional intelligence to transform knowledge into light, which the whole community can enjoy.

Youtube Video:

Why poverty: Solar Mamas

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Barefoot College: A grass roots level organization providing education in less developed countries so that people can help themselves.