A year has passed since I published the article ‘Prosperity under the Guidance of Inner Being’, in which I decided not to split my energy in the future by following political twists and turns that are getting crazier day by day, but to focus on spiritual growth and rehabilitation. This decision had powerful consequences. In previous years, my Youtube’s recommendations have been almost exclusively political alternative media presentations and interviews.

After deciding to focus on spiritual growth, my Youtube page only showed videos that dealt with the vagus nerve. I had a similar feeling as when I started writing this blog in 2012 and when I felt like everything appeared like a miracle in front of me when I just thought about it and decided what I wanted. I write about this experience in my text ‘Foretaste of Forthcoming’.

I had never heard of the vagus nerve, and I had never searched information about it anywhere. However, the videos suggested that it has the most holistic role to play in our well-being, from the body’s immune defence (i.e., fighting pathogens) to controlling parasympathetic functions such as the heart and respiration and metabolism.

Energetically, the vagus nerve balances the activity of the sympathetic (fight / flight) and parasympathetic nervous system that is autonomic nervous systems. It strengthens the harmonious connection between the brain and the heart, which supports higher levels of consciousness. The oriental way of putting palms together when greeting or saying goodbye, or the way yogis put their palms together is an expression of harmony of heart and brain. In Eastern spirituality, the vagus nerve is practically the same as the Kundalini spiral in Sanskrit, which go round the chakra centres of the body and refers to the life force connected to the non-physical energy body. It has an influence on the development of compassion and telepathic connection between people. It also develops intuition.

Wim Hof – Spiritual Iceman

The most impressive message in the videos about the vagus nerve is that although it regulates (balances) the function of the autonomic nervous system, it can be trained like a muscle. The clearest example of training this ‘muscle’ is the Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as ‘the Iceman’. He is the clearest example in the sense that Wim Hof has been the subject of various kinds of medical examinations during his performances. So, no one can argue that what happens (in his body) is not possible, because everything is measurable with the help of modern technology.

With the help of ice-cold element, Wim Hof has been able to develop a relationship with his body with which he is able to cope with any stress. He has not had any action programs at his disposal, but his teacher is his physical body. As he learned to control his breathing in ice-cold water, his ability to tolerate cold increased. But this was not all: He was also able to hold his breath for 5-7 minutes.

When pathogens are injected into his veins, he does not get sick. He is able to consciously put his body in a state where it does not respond to cold and hot fluctuations. He meditates outdoors in freezing cold in shorts, a garment he wears all year long despite the weather. Or runs barefoot a half marathon in the Arctic Circle. As well as in the Sahara Desert. Without training. Without having to drink during the run. Wim Hof is not, in his own words, a runner, nor an athlete. It’s not about sports, as Wim Hof’s ‘ice path’ is the result of his spiritual quest. It is simply a paradigm shift.

How to Train Weak Voluntary Breathing

Wim Hof’s ‘ice path’ is quite extreme. However, it reminded me of the alternate cold – hot shower program I followed in the early 1980s. While taking a shower, I sprayed myself alternately with cold and hot (warm) water. It felt good, but I didn’t understand the deeper meaning of my habit, so at some point it dropped out of the program. However, I still followed it when I had miraculous experiences, which I describe in the text ‘Emotional Intelligence in Function’.

During the walking sessions I’ve been asking myself, how can I train deep breathing, which I usually cannot regulate at all at will. Often I have to take a break to breathe deeply. To get a deep breath I have to create a situation where the breath comes as a reflex. It is precisely in this case that the cold showers do the trick, for the cold shock produces the deepest breath possible.

When I look back on the past year, a lot of good has come out of it. As if after making the decision to focus on spiritual growth and rehabilitation, my intellectual body cells screamed with joy: “Finally! We are being heard. There is a problem like this here … here is this kind of a problem … ” All the repressed problems came out. Less than a month after making the decision, I heard that I had kidney cancer. The kidney removal also had an impact on my rehabilitation: the strains and muscle cramps that I thought were related to my paralysis subsided. My recovery time has brought a lot of things into my daily life that make my life easier and promote my rehabilitation. Although I still feel the effects of the surgery on my body, on the beginning of December I walked on the AlterG-mat at 2.2 km per hour, which is 100% faster than a year ago.

Fact or Fiction as Guidance

A week ago, I watched the video ‘The Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction?’. The author of the video approaches the matter from a scientific point of view, with the result that the whole video is nothing more than a miserable attempt to prove that the Law of Attraction is a sham and, because of its cult-like nature, for some people a machine to collect money from gullible people.

I thought of Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli visionary, who sees the brain activity of Homo sapiens as a biological algorithm that can be replaced by computer networks or a microchip. Harari also argues that the most significant thing that separates people from animals is imagination, that is, the ability to deal with abstract things. People who require scientific objectivity tend to think that the ability to think in abstract terms helps humans distinguish fact from fiction. In Harari’s vision, however, the most important value of imagination for humans is the ability to fabricate plausible stories and get everyone to believe them. In this way, the power elite can get the masses to follow the rules and guidelines they have established.

The video I saw classifies the Law of Attraction as a pseudo-science. It is not pseudo-science. It is not science at all. It cannot be approached by traditional scientific methods. Scientists have confined themselves to the bubble of the five senses, whose boundaries do not extend beyond this limited material world. However, the Law of Attraction relates mainly to the non-physical world. In the study of the non-physical world, scientists who rely on traditional scientific methods run out of means right from the start.

However, there are scientists who investigate both the physical and the non-physical world, relying on new research methods and results in science. I am most familiar with Gregg Braden, whose research combines ancient spiritual traditions, new technologies, and the results of scientific research. I have linked below a series of Gregg Braden’s scientific lectures, where he cuts the wings of (official) stories, which we have blindly believed in all our lives, starting with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

It is no wonder that storytellers in particular with Harari’s way of thinking attack the Law of Attraction. The real message of the Law of Attraction is that we have an Inner Being who is our true self. If people internalized this fact and even allied themselves with their Inner Being and began to realize their true selves, no-one would believe in made-up stories any more.

Moment of Reckoning

There are so many fabricated stories going around the world today that we no longer know what to believe. The stories are beginning to limit our lives. The corona virus has brought life to a halt where it has not quite stopped yet, Antifa and BLM activists have sown chaos around them, as have random Islamists. The electoral fraud in the USA shows the whole world how weak democracy is in America, which we considered a haven of democracy and freedom.

The problems are the same all over the world. In Finland, we literally got our own puppet government just over a year ago. In their speeches the decision-makers repeat the clichés of solidarity and sharing the burden together. Finland has been forced to pay Italian debts, even though the wealth available to citizens in Italy is higher than in Finland. Where is the Italian solidarity towards the Finns? It is easy to fool fools.

The retirement age is raised in Finland, while in Italy it is lowered. Taxes go up in Finland when they are lowered in Italy. It is easy to deceive fools with made-up stories about burden sharing and disadvantaged neighbours. The difference is that some do their job conscientiously and others care less. It is easy to fool fools.

EU countries lose more than 800 billion a year due to tax evasion. Italy has the highest level of tax evasion. Finland collects more than 90% of the taxes imposed on citizens. Countries with loose tax regulations can hardly collect 50%. The loss is collected from countries that work conscientiously, because there is no solidarity towards them. And it is easy to fool fools.

When I listen to Hitler’s speeches, I am amazed at how up-to-date his speeches are. During the World Wars, the world was ruled by the same forces as today, namely globalism. Hitler called it internationalism. In the stories Hitler is portrayed as a megalomaniac dictator. A fascist who subjugated everyone close to him and whose goal was to conquer the whole world. This story goes down among the fools like a hot knife in butter. Hitler’s biggest ‘mistake’ was that he refused to dance to the tune of the globalists.

Germany had been brought to its knees after the First World War and when Hitler came to power he had the audacity to create for the Germans their own currency linked to the labour power. With this, he managed to employ 7 million unemployed people in 5 to 10 years. In addition, Germany became the world leader in every field of politics.

This, according to the globalists, was fascism and totalitarianism, which had to be destroyed. The official stories go like this, but the reason for the Second World War was that there was a real danger that the stories of globalists (e.g. Monetary system based on debt slavery) would have lost their fascination if Hitler’s ideas spread to other countries, Germany was destroyed in the Second World War and the problems were swept under the carpet. Now, however, the problems have escalated just as they did during the world wars. With the difference that today the problems are visible to everyone. The solution depends on whether we open our eyes to see the problems or whether we continue to believe the storytellers.

These storytellers have no homeland and they make peoples blame each other for the problems. However, the problems have neither a homeland nor a nationality. It is visible in the fact that democracy has such a low value in people’s minds. Unless you talk about your own democratic rights and human rights. Some people want to completely deny others the same rights.

People create their own reality, both good and bad. Many say that we are living in apocalyptic times and the world is now in such chaos that there is no way to survive it. However, this is the best time in the sense that all the problems in our societies have come to light, just as my problems came to light when I decided to focus on spiritual growth and rehabilitation.

The problems are solvable. There are seeds of order in chaos. The most important thing is to realise that the solution lies within ourselves, in our hearts. It is useless to wait for politicians and people in power to solve our problems. Their biggest problem is to create credible stories and make people believe in them so that they can maintain their own power.

Humans have created images of God outside of themselves and try to fit their creations into this limited framework. We see God as an external being to whom we are inferior. However, the great divine power is a power within us. We are part of the source energy of the universe. Only the sky is our limit. It has been shown by e.g. Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms and legs, who has created a wonderful life for himself and his family. Or the woman who was born without arms, Sabine Becker, the Spirit Dancer, who has all hand skills in her feet. Or Carly Fleischmann, an autistic woman who speaks with the voice of her Inner Being.

Like Carly, we can do our spiritual Brexit at any time without asking anyone’s permission. We can break free from the conditional thought patterns and conformity rules of the material world and begin to create the reality we want that meets our needs.

Happy New Age!

Oh You mighty, divine power, who fill all space and prevail forever through changing of time. You, who are above every perishing thing, in Your greatness and strength inconceivable, all comprising and all maintaining power: You only I want to honour.
Although human mind could measure depths of oceans, could count earth’s every sandgrain or divide beams of sunlight of one another, it would not comprehend Your greatness and understand Your judgements. Human thought cannot reach the heights, where You reign.
Of yourself You created the world, of eternity You conjured time. Everything existing, life and light, harmony, beauty and vigour have they origin in You.
Every sonority and glory, every great and lasting thing is generated by Your word.
Universe with all its wonders and living creatures are maintained by Your power and love. Like sparks fling out of fire, so are all shining worlds flinging out of You. You guide them, and they write Your name and glory on the blackboard of infinity.
You light countless glowing torches illuminate the bottomless depth, and Your glory banishes evil forces of darkness. You fill space with shining pillars, and Your golden streams are flowing between countless solar regimes, in which stars are tiny drops.
As I ponder on Your might and greatness and see Your work I understand that I am only an atom among myriads greater than me. I weigh nothing on Your scale, I vanish like a wind when You approach, and I am nothing when I see myself in Your light.
And still I am part of You. I am offspring of Your mind and will. I live on Your spirit, and I cannot exist without You. Worshipping You I realise, that You are my source and destination. I see Your presence in everything, and cause You exist, I exist also.
From You I got my understanding, and the paths of my life have You marked out. My heart beats, because you want, and in Your eyes atoms are like tremendous celestial bodies. My place is between heaven and earth, as near heaven as earth, and I belong to both of them.
I am a link in the chain of existence, a link, which is matter and spirit all together. From matter I rise and onto higher level I will climb. I am slave and still king, insect and still godlike. But I am this not of myself, but of You and in You.
You are my creator, and my existence is based upon Your wisdom. Your love is my life, and Your light my lighting. I get my life from You and that is why I am immortal. I cross the stream of death throwing a robe of eternity over my shoulders, because that is Your will.
Oh, this everlasting thought, this unlimited possibility. To adapt oneself into inconceivable. Be able to love, hope and worship. Be able to reach levels of perfection – this is so wonderful, so magnificent that it makes my soul cry tears of joy.

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