I have been watching and listening to the Galactic Federation videos every day since January. I often feel that the message is directed at me, as the videos often talk about things I’m thinking about at the moment or have written about recently. When I watched Archangel Michael’s video message ‘Transmission for Humanity’ I thought about my own life and the physical slowdown that has limited my life for 44 years. I wrote in September 2012 that “my physical handicap was a perfect role costume for me in this play we are living”.

My physical disability has really been nothing more than a slowdown for me, helping me to stick to the basics. My speech impediment has to a large extent, prevented me from venting my ill feelings on those around me. I remember reading in the early 1980s about an American doctor’s observation that about 80% of human illness is psychosomatic. The essence of this observation is that some people have a phenomenal ability to create a physical illness that helps them to solve their mental problems and achieve balance. In other words, people create more and more sick ways to maintain their mental and physical balance and vitality.

However, if we understand that the Earth and the whole universe is one organism consciously seeking to balance its energy, man cannot be considered a separate individual, who command how everything works. We can only guess how much human balance is influenced by cosmic energies.

Be that as it may, the masks and role costumes created in 3D consciousness no longer serve us. The forces that oppress humanity have been eliminated on Earth to a minimum. All forms of coercion and pressure are doomed and people can focus on the truth as revealed by their intuitive heart. From this starting point, the creation of constructive cooperation at every level is incomparably more fruitful.

My role costume no longer serves me either. I don’t know what kind of soul contracts I have behind me, but I want to be free of them all. I want to create a future using all my talents and gifts. I need to be free of all attachments that don’t serve my highest goals. This is necessary and I wish it with all my heart.

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