When I was in China in 2005, I heard about a strangest resonance phenomenon when I was watching a television program that told about a “ghost house”. It was a new apartment building, where people noticed when they moved in that lamps hanging from the ceiling and other hanging objects, and e.g. the water in an aquarium, swung back and forth rhythmically. The authorities and engineers were puzzled as to what caused the phenomenon and after several steps of research, they found a few blocks away a stone processing plant, where the machine operated parallel to the swinging motion of the hanging ceiling lights in the “ghost house”.

The program was in Chinese and I did not fully understand what was the cause of the phenomenon or how the problem was solved. However, the case has risen on my mind every once in awhile when I have been watching videos presenting the resonance phenomenon. After telling the story to my Chinese assistant, she found an article about a similar phenomenon that occurred in Shanghai in 2014.

Also on that occasion, the thing was discovered only after people moved in and started decorating their apartments. Hanging objects swung, measuring devices of decorators had interferences and people felt dizzy. There were cracks on the walls. Someone had nausea and thought that she was pregnant.

People thought at first that the building was not in compliance with the building regulations. However, after careful inspection it was clear that the problems were not due to neglect. The buildings that had problems were part of a group of several buildings and only two of them had problems.

It turned out that the house was vibrating and it was not vibration caused by earthquake. The vibration was caused by a stone processing plant a stone’s throw away, where the machine was operating at the same frequency as the frequency prevailing in the building. The pendulum in the building stopped when the machine was shut down and started when work began in the plant and the machine was turned on.

I do not know how the problem has been settled or if there was a solution. According to the article the options seemed to be low. One solution was to move the stone processing plant to a new location.

When Form or Chaos Grasps the Matter

In the video link “Sound Vibration Creates Form” beneath this article David Icke says that “in the beginning was the word and the word was sound”. This phrase is a variation of the beginning verse of John’s gospel in the Bible, that sounds as a whole like this: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

In the Bible, the word does not mean the verbal expression that we use to communicate with each other, but the electromagnetic vibration, which is the driving force of everything in the quantum world, divine matrix we are living in.

With our actions, we can create order and harmony or disorder, chaos and dissonance. The energy we produce can bring about internal healing to ourselves and others or collapse our own order or that of others. Joshua 6th in the Old Testament tells, how the Israelites got the walls of Jericho fall down by going round the wall for a week, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, blowing trumpets of rams’ horns. The New Testament tells of the miracles of Jesus and the omnipotence of love.

When we think about icebergs melting and collapsing, we connect the phenomenon with global warming. However, the weathering and collapse of mountains is not limited to icebergs. We can see collapse of mountains and landslides in the Alps and around the world. This may be due to a change in the vibrational frequency of the Earth (Schumann resonance), rather than due to climate change.

What is common to everything is that resonance can be our defeat or victory. Cymatics, the influence of sound waves on matter, is still a rather unexplored area of science. Most of the problems in the world are due to this: in general people do not use consciously the possibilities of electromagnetic energy and its resonance. They act in many respects against the laws of God, the rules of the quantum world.

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