For thousands of years, the world has been dominated by masculine energy. Masculinity has nothing to do with gender. There is both masculine and feminine energy in all people, for the force of life is negatively and positively charged as naturally as the English word live reads backwards evil. Life itself constantly seeks to balance -or harmonise- the energies so as to lead to sustainable development.

For success, it is important that we are able to harmonise the influence of positive and negative, masculine and feminine energies in our lives. Masculine energy gives order and logic, common sense to things. Negative energy is the all-powerful, new-creating “I AM”. It is not evil in itself.

Manipulation is not forbidden, nor is the actions of the elite that oppress humanity, although they are very harmful to society. People have the freedom to decide whether to submit to manipulation or to live according to their inner truth, the intuitive mind of their heart. We should be humble before our true selves and before God, and not humble before external forces.

Positive and negative forces are equal. Both have a positive effect depending on how we relate to them. We have the freedom to sift the wheat from the chaff. We can turn negative events into lessons which leads to spiritual growth and raises the vibrational frequency of our energy. We have nothing to fear, because ‘All things work together for the good of those who love God and the Spirit of Truth.