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44 years ago, while touring Germany, I woke up to the reality that the world we live in is like a huge theatre stage where people create their own lives. Since then, I have actively tried to see behind the scenes to find a sustainable basis on which to build my life. It became much easier when I learned about our galactic friends living in 5D consciousness and that the only meaningful thing in this play we call life is the evolution of the soul.

However, in this article I do not want to talk about the evolution of the soul, but about the concrete indications on earth of the influence of “higher forces” on world politics. It is said that the truth is in plain sight. Those with open eyes, open minds and listening ears are able to interpret these indications., a website which tells about the world’s defence forces and concrete events that are signs of the influence of higher forces on Earth, refers to Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS, unknown protection forces, the “Nazi” Neuschwabenland base at the South Pole, UFOs, crop circles, US wildfires and energy weapons, weather manipulation, etc. I won’t go into these, though, as there is a lot of information on the net about these things.

The hybrid war in the world

I want to draw attention to the hybrid war that has been going on since the Second World War. Despite the fact that the Allies (all-lies) have celebrated their victory over Nazi Germany for decades, they did not actually crush the force that made Hitler’s Germany flourish. Society had been bombed into the Stone Age, but the battle continued unseen. There was never a peace treaty with Germany. The Waffen SS, originally set up as Hitler’s bodyguard, never surrendered.

On, one sentence in particular caught my attention:
“Shortly before the US occupation let its IS gang of murderers off the leash against the heartland of the German Reich (now called the Federal Republic of Germany by the democrats of the world), ‘someone’ ended the game of the little clique and declared his terms for a future world, backed up with an impressive military strike.”

I believe that this “someone” is the Galactic Federation, which has been fighting the enslavers of humanity since the beginning of time. They had the same goal as Hitler, so it was only natural that Adolf Hitler joined them. The forces of light thus won the battle against the forces of darkness enslaving humanity as early as the Second World War.
“But what’s the point of winning a war if you can’t change people’s hearts?”, asks. That’s why the war continued as a hybrid war, targeting ordinary people. The aim was to get people to wake up and draw on their own inner resources. Hitler’s policies were so successful that people began to worship him directly and the Hitler cult was born. This was hardly Hitler’s intention. He wanted to activate and mobilize the inner development potential of the people.

Operation Paperclip as part of the hybrid war

After the German people had been robbed and raped, the state factories were stripped of everything useful, and patents and property rights to inventions were transferred to the “victorious” states. Thousands of professional and scientific men were ‘kidnapped’ into the opposing camp. Ever since I first heard about this Operation Paperclip in 2016 I have had the feeling that something in this scenario is not working.

While reading the article on, I realized what was wrong with the picture: did the US leaders really think that scientists, who are usually very advanced in their spiritual development, would go to serve the other side after they had destroyed their homeland? Of course not! Operation Paperclip was one of the first measures of hybrid warfare.

A paragraph on the website refers, I think, specifically to Operation Paperclip:
“The subsequent course of action was perfectly camouflaged … which is exactly what it was supposed to look like. The adversaries they had taken on were so audacious and powerful and had encouraged them, covertly at first, in the belief that they would once again make them their servants. It was a perfect game from our heroes! They were not servants, but planners of their own actions, and the high finance circles were coldly excluded!
(Die anschließende Vorgehensweise war perfekt getarnt … Genau das sollte auch so aussehen. Die Gegner, mit denen sie es aufgenommen hatten, waren derart verwegen und mächtig und hatten sie, anfangs zwar verdeckt, gefördert, in der Annahme, sie wieder mal zu ihren Dienern zu machen. Das war ein perfektes Spiel von unseren Helden! Sie waren keine Diener, sondern Gestalter der eigenen Inszenierung und die Hochfinanzkreise hatten das Nachsehen.)

The scientists who joined the US government were supposed to help the US develop advanced technology to compete, especially with the communist Soviet Union during the Cold War. In this they were certainly helpful, but the most important thing was that the US has been firmly under the control of the light forces throughout the post-war period. If anything, the scientists have put the brakes on things so that the US has not had access to extremely destructive technology. One example is the laser weapon, developed in Germany more than 70 years ago, but only introduced by the US in 2017. The secret US technological programmes are so secret that even the US President may not know about them.

The role of the UN and the WEF in the hybrid war

The universal rule is that the Galactic Federation and the 5D Star Races cannot interfere with the free will of 3D humanity. It is the right of every human being to decide for himself how to live his life. It is up to each individual to establish his or her own connection with God and thus with his or her inner resources.

Since the Galactic Federation could not directly interfere with life on Earth they started to act through humans. Immediately after World War II, the United Nations was founded, which “declared the terms of the world to come”. I myself have wondered how it can be that the energy conveyed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is completely different when compared to the energy that the UN as an organisation spreads around. Over the decades, it has sometimes seemed that the organisation cannot agree on even the simplest issues. I have wondered how on earth it is possible that people could have been able to produce a document like the Declaration of Human Rights. It is more than likely that it was handed down to mankind.

The same applies to the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset. When I first read this agenda it sounded great. I found it impossible to believe that it could have come out of meetings of petty-minded world politicians. Probably they are all playing some kind of role in this play we are living.

Whatever the case, it is worth noting that whatever happens in the world always contributes to the cause of the forces of light. When we see that (once again) a politician or a head of state who has advanced the interests of society has been assassinated or committed “suicide”, we must remember that the story does not end there. Most likely, these individuals have moved on to the forces of light. When people see such injustices happening it awakens them to see the truth and connect with their heart’s intuition.

Humans have nothing to fear as the planet and humanity is rapidly moving into 5D consciousness. I can feel it in my bones and in my core. My life has taken a new direction this year. My thoughts have become much clearer as I no longer have to constantly sift the grains from the chaff, but can trust my intuition and the truth my heart tells me.


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