Marley’s Story

“Animal cops” is a TV series that without fail lifts up my mood. In the program animal rescue team and officials take neglected animals into custody, give them necessary health care and seek a new owner for each animal.

Two months ago I saw an episode, in which the animal rescue team received a small dog found on the street, whose fur was so thoroughly tangled and matted, that it formed a shield several centimetres thick. Only muzzle, tongue and teeth were visible beneath the shield and the dog could barely see anything or feel a touch, and he could not open his jaws properly. He was very aggressive and did not want medical personnel even to touch himself.

Nurses named the dog Marley. It took one and a half hours to remove the layers of the matted fur. It had restricted the mobility of Marley’s legs and prevented blood circulation, so that his legs were severely inflamed. It is not hard to imagine, how painful just standing has been for him.

When Marley was released from his agonising coat and his wounds had healed, his character changed completely. He became the kind of playful, happy dog, which he must have been from the very beginning.

Boosting the Ego

Marley was liberated from his agonising coat, but most people live their lives under similar matted layers, even voluntarily. They are unable to feel the touch of subtle energies of the Universe and their master. In their lack of empathy they are unable to see the world from the perspective of their dearest pet.

For them pet is like a garment, which boosts their own ego. The more “personal” outlook a pet has, the better it is. They think that their pet is a part of nature that evolution has formed to what it is. So, the only thing that a pet requires is food, water and daily exercise.

This is far from truth. Different breeds of dog are a result of selective breeding of humans, and many dogs are unable to survive in nature. When many people let their dog’s fur grow ”naturally” in a way that the dog is not able to see anything under his bangs, I see it as natural as a dog born blind.

Foul Layers of the Ego

When I saw Marley’s story it reminded me about my article “Gods temple in my heart” from July 2015, in which I write that the divine part in us is like an old water well, hidden deep in a forest under moss, leaves and brushwood. No-one can see that under the surface layers there is a well, the inexhaustible fountain of life.

The surface layers are consciousness levels of the ego. We just need to make one firm decision and act with determination to clear the lid of the well from foul growth and decomposing layers which are trappings of ego. Our whole nature would change and we could draw water unlimitedly from the fountain of life.

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