One of the things that has most influenced my life are the lyrics of the hymn “Great Divine Power”, which I found some months before I got the stroke in the book “So have I heard- Iti mayâ śrutam” written by Axel Fredenholm (1881-1962). I found it again in 2012, when I begun to write this blog.

When I started to translate the lyrics I asked myself, how on earth could I find the original text of the hymn, or the English version of it. According to the story of Axel Fredenholm, an Indian guru gave the lyrics of the hymn to his follower and said that they are from an unknown author, probably first written in Sanskrit. The more I thought about that, the stronger was my feeling that the lyrics are written by Axel Fredenholm originally in Swedish or English language, because Axel Fredenholm was a Swede, who lived decades in America.

In the first article I wrote for this blog, in “Beginning of a Dream” I describe, how I first found the lyrics. Half a year before the stroke I was travelling in Germany and studying its society and culture. My discoveries brought about a formidable culture shock in me, which shattered the foundation of my life: It seemed to me that the world we are living in, is just a coulisse that concealed the real world that gave our life a sustainable foundation. My thoughts went through a thorough update, and after that I could not find any focal point.

Some weeks after my journey I found the booklet “So have I heard” in a bookstore sale. It had the lyrics of the hymn “Great Divine Power” in it, which over the decades have given me something that I would call the sustainable foundation that supports my life.

[toggle title=”Great Divine Power (Click to Open)”]Oh You mighty, divine power, who fill all space and prevail forever through changing of time. You, who are above every perishing thing, in Your greatness and strength inconceivable, all comprising and all maintaining power: You only I want to honour.
Although human mind could measure depths of oceans, could count earth’s every sandgrain or divide beams of sunlight of one another, it would not comprehend Your greatness and understand Your judgements. Human thought cannot reach the heights, where You reign.
Of yourself You created the world, of eternity You conjured time. Everything existing, life and light, harmony, beauty and vigour have they origin in You.
Every sonority and glory, every great and lasting thing is generated by Your word.
Universe with all its wonders and living creatures are maintained by Your power and love. Like sparks fling out of fire, so are all shining worlds flinging out of You. You guide them, and they write Your name and glory on the blackboard of infinity.
You light countless glowing torches illuminate the bottomless depth, and Your glory banishes evil forces of darkness. You fill space with shining pillars, and Your golden streams are flowing between countless solar regimes, in which stars are tiny drops.
As I ponder on Your might and greatness and see Your work I understand that I am only an atom among myriads greater than me. I weigh nothing on Your scale, I vanish like a wind when You approach, and I am nothing when I see myself in Your light.
And still I am part of You. I am offspring of Your mind and will. I live on Your spirit, and I cannot exist without You. Worshipping You I realise, that You are my source and destination. I see Your presence in everything, and cause You exist, I exist also.
From You I got my understanding, and the paths of my life have You marked out. My heart beats, because you want, and in Your eyes atoms are like tremendous celestial bodies. My place is between heaven and earth, as near heaven as earth, and I belong to both of them.
I am a link in the chain of existence, a link, which is matter and spirit all together. From matter I rise and onto higher level I will climb. I am slave and still king, insect and still godlike. But I am this not of myself, but of You and in You.
You are my creator, and my existence is based upon Your wisdom. Your love is my life, and Your light my lighting. I get my life from You and that is why I am immortal. I cross the stream of death throwing a robe of eternity over my shoulders, because that is Your will.
Oh, this everlasting thought, this unlimited possibility. To adapt oneself into inconceivable. Be able to love, hope and worship. Be able to reach levels of perfection – this is so wonderful, so magnificent that it makes my soul cry tears of joy.[/toggle]

Positivity in Negativity

In the beginning I saw my disability like everyone else, only as a bad thing. When I felt that my disability gave me more advantages than disadvantages, I begun to seek forms of activity that I could apply and my future looked bright. Five years as a disabled person taught me more about life than 19 years before the stroke. But it was the Secret movie that made me think that my own thoughts had brought about the developments that caused my disability. I wrote about this in September 2012 in my article “What happened to me?”.

Our thoughts are electromagnetic energy. They attract everything that happens to us, both good and bad. Over the years I got the feeling that God does not take anything away from us without giving something better in return. Nowadays when I struggle with problems and someone/something seems to put spanner in the works all the time, I ask myself, what does God has in store for me this time, as the opposition in so hard.

Law of Attraction and Negativity

Although I myself have attracted my disability and I have been able to act so that I have benefited from it, especially on spiritual level, I would not describe it as a positive thing. It is clear that my possibilities would be more diverse, if I would not have any mobility restrictions.

The fact that I myself attracted my turmoil with my thoughts, tells that we are governed by the law of attraction, even though we do not understand or know anything about it. Laws of nature or laws of God work in our life, even if we deny the existence of God. For that reason we must make clear to ourselves what we want and need, so that we do not gather up dark clouds with our acts over our heads.

Negativity in Negativity

Maybe you have made the same observation as I have that people, who are bitter to someone, who in their opinion has/have mistreated them, become in the course of time more and more like the target of their hatred. This certainly also results from the fact that our thoughts and feelings caused by them are electromagnetic energy, that attracts similar kind of energy as we are creating.

I often ponder, what kind of effect might it have on shaping of our reality that mankind has been so badly deceived. Our thoughts are not based on facts, but on our phantom images of things.

I think that the worst delusion that plagues our world today, are the notions concerning World War II and National Socialist Germany. I do not talk about the notions concerning Adolf Hitler, because I do not know his history so well. I can only say that he was a real patriot, who loved his people. He had his own agenda like all political leaders have even today.

I am troubled by the stories about the Jewish Holocaust, which are presented as facts. In some countries people sit many years in prison after questioning the official truth. It means that people are not allowed to study the facts and interpret them as they are, although everybody knows that the truth fears no investigation. Only lies and liars are afraid to become exposed.

In my mind, propagating holocaust stories as fact are a sign of ignorance or intellectual dishonesty. The fact is that neither Hitler nor some other “enemy” persecuting Jews, would have never been able to harm Jewish people as much, as they have harmed themselves.

Playing a victim has brought them billions of dollars free money, but generations after generations Jewish people are taught to hate the illusory holocaust apparatus. Their holocaust is still going on in Palestine, but this time they are not the victims. They reflect their own enemy image.

The Feeling is the Prayer

In their mass prayers Muslims conjure destruction and desolation for infidels. “Allah, make their children orphans, let their women suffer. Allah leads Islam to victory everywhere, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!”

But what is behind these words? They are not prayers as prayer is not in words which we shout aloud. Prayers are in emotions, which are caused by our words, thoughts and feelings.

Muslims conjure destruction and desolation to infidels, but actually their prayers effect like curse above them. The law of attraction affects so that they receive similar energy that they create. They think that they are righteous, but God cannot be deceived. Concepts of righteous in a sense of “right religion” and infidel are irrational from perspective of common sense.

Law of Attraction and People’s Responsibility

Nothing is as pathetic as a person, who by his/her own acts prepares his/her own doom, even if it happens unconsciously. In this regard we are on the same starting position. We must cure ourselves from our spiritual laziness and indifference, and become ethically aware citizens.

The Mirage of Enemy Images

I remember the film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” directed by Robert Aldrich. The film tells a story about the child star Baby Jane and her sister Blanche, who later overshadowed her. In her youth Blanche has a car accident and becomes handicapped. The dream of a film career of both sisters fails.

Jane thinks that she has caused the paralysis of her sister. When Blanche tells Jane about her plan to sell the house they are living in, Jane becomes afraid that she ends up in a nursing home.

Baby Jane finds her life-mission in bullying and tormenting Blanche. Blanche has no chance to escape Jane’s physical and psychological terror, because Jane closes her every connection to the outside world.

Determined to make a comeback, Jane places an ad to hire a musical accompanist, Edwin, to rehearse her top scenes. As it happens, Edwin goes to the room, where Blanche is trussed up, her mouth gagged.

After that, everything begins to come apart. When Blanche says that Jane was not responsible for the accident that crippled her, Jane’s reaction is bizarre. She says: You mean, all this time we could have been friends?!

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