Many say that common (social) issues are so important that they should in no way be left to the politicians to decide. It is like a child trusting in his/her parents, who can not even manage their own lives. If they were somewhat able to control their lives, they are probably detail-oriented and can’t see the forest for the trees. They focus on their own small circles and do more or less conscientiously everything that they think they have to do, and they have no clue, how their actions impact the big picture.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker told Italians that they should not blame the European Union and Euro on their own problems. He urged them to work harder and to be less corrupt. I do not know Italian legislation, but according to some sources, the share of EU-based legislation in Finland is about 20%. Some say it is much more, because according to EU rules, EU legislation is above national law, also in Italy.

Censorship in the European Union

10-15 years ago, I was talking for hours on daily newspaper discussion boards and exchanging ideas with people. But now, no daily newspaper will publish my comments any more. My thoughts were still published by one economic publication a year ago, but not even by that any more. How is this possible in a country that, according to some studies, is among the least corrupt countries in the world? My thoughts obviously do not conform to official truth, even though they are based on common sense.

It is wrong to talk about social exclusion in passive tense (like in Finnish) and refer to people, who are left out of the opportunities and resources that are normally available to members of the society. In such case, the blame of the exclusion is put on marginalized people, and the reason for the exclusion is considered to be the inability of marginalized people to use their opportunities. It would be better to talk about displaced people, because decisions of politicians directly affect people’s opportunities to act. It is not really my inability that someone has the need to censor wrong opinions in the chat room. I have literally been excluded from the public debate. Should I be grateful that I have not been imprisoned for a thought crime like Tommy Robinson or Ilja Janitskin?

The German alternative news site “Die Unbestechlichen” has conducted an interview about the systematic censorship of the European Union. The interviewee is Melanie, former employee of the Facebook Censorship Center in Berlin. Initially, the Censorship Center begun with hate-speech moderation, which Melanie regarded as harmless cleaning of discussion boards, in which most offensive messages were removed. Then came algorithms that enabled the messages to be filtered and banned. At the same time, black lists of unwanted websites that criticized the country’s government, the European Union or immigration policy were drawn up. The crimes committed by immigrants and their criticism were hushed up. Particularly before the German Federal Election, the Censorship Center did its utmost to ensure that the AfD party (Alternative to Germany) did not gain support and the “Nazis” did not gain power.

This shows that the rulers have given power to fear. They are so afraid of the rise of fascism and nationalism that they use non-democratic, totalitarian means to prevent it. It is tragicomic that they associate with this bogeyman, fascism and nationalism, the limitation of civic activity and freedom of expression. Yet, Facebook censorship and the prevention of the public criticism and disclosure of facts show that decision-makers are themselves fascists, who do not tolerate dissenting opinions.

Corporatism – Fascism in the Modern World

David Icke talks in his video Fascism Is not Coming, It’s Here about Mussolini’s definition of fascism. According to Mussolini’s view, fascism should rather be called corporatism, as fascism combines the political and economic power of the state and corporations. It is remarkable that the richest entities in the world are not states, but corporations, multinational companies.

However, in the time of Mussolini, corporatism did not have such a significant impact as today, and some sources say that the quote David Icke is giving, is not from Mussolini. In his essay The Doctrine of Fascism, Mussolini emphasizes that the state plays an important role in educating citizens in virtue and communality so that everyone can grow to become the best version of themselves. Fascism emerged as a counterforce to liberal individualism and its purpose was to stop the moral degradation caused by liberalism and strengthen people’s backbone. It clearly served its purpose, which can be seen, in particular, in the rise of national socialist Germany.

David Icke regards psychopathic character as a prerequisite for a fascist dictatorship. If this is the starting point, the National Socialist Germany was not really a fascist dictatorship, because Hitler was not an unempathetic psychopath, who oppressed his people. He was elected by democratic elections and he wanted to do everything to make Germany a better place for his people. Because his policy was able to lift people from its degradation after the First World War, he certainly had the support of the people behind him also after the elections.

On the other hand, for authoritarian decision-makers and boards of directors of corporations, who sit in their ivory towers and have no connection to common people, and whose main goal is to maximize their profits, lack of empathy and the ability to close their eyes and ears to the negative impact of their actions, is one of the most important features. However, I would not call them pathological liars and psychopaths, as David Icke does in his video. Certainly, most of them believe in their cause and think they are doing the right thing. The problem is their inflated egos, who simply can not see the big picture, but only promotes the interests of their own reference group. Because they have no connection with their Higher Self, most of the real world is beyond their perception.


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