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One of the reasons for me to open this blog was that at the age of 40 I noticed that I did not dare to express my opinion on some issues. I was extremely disappointed with myself, because dishonesty towards myself meant that I was not honest with other people either. I have always wanted to be fair to other people in every respect, but I had gradually backslidden from my principles. My desire to stay within own comfort-zone was more important than truth and honesty, and I did not defend my principles, which are prerequisite for my life. I wanted to challenge myself; challenge my own thoughts, attitudes and feelings. I wanted the blog to work for me as a kind of lifeline, in which I was able to bring forth my true self.

I have written this blog for almost six years so far. As I have written my articles I have deliberately sought a place, where each of us go every night in the darkest hours, when no-one is around. Then my inner being gets my undivided attention and I can be completely true to myself without the need to please anyone. I am the main character of my life and become the being that lives in my heart.

Marcel Proust says that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. The exploration of my inner self has helped me see things with new eyes. It has widened my horizon and liberated me from the feeling of inadequacy. This has been such a rewarding process for me that I recommend it warmly to others, too.

I want to give everyone the opportunity to share the insights, thoughts and emotions of their inner exploration on this blog platform. However, I do not expect anyone to share their most personal things to strangers by using their own name. We are not interested in your identity, but in your message.

Many people think that if someone wants to deliver an important message, it is credible only if you use your own name. Here I disagree. Name may also be a burden. In particular, people attach in the names of public figures so many prejudices that their message itself may remain unnoticed or become twisted somehow. For example, the former Finnish president Urho Kekkonen (1900-1986) used several pseudonyms when he wrote to newspapers about things he wanted to express his opinion to as a private person, not as a state leader. He did not want to emphasize that he was the president of the country, whom every citizen should listen, but expected that the message of his writings was received, because it made sense.

“Make sense” is not a very vague concept when we think that common sense is the principle of all principles. Common sense works for all people according to the same principles. Some have, however, departed so far from their true self that there is no common sense in their actions. If we are not honest with ourselves, we are unfair to other people and the society as a whole suffers from it.

We can correct this unhappy state of affairs by allying with our inner being. It starts a spiritual growth process that is beneficial to everyone . The more intensive we are committed to the process, the more we benefit from it.

Writing Process

When you start exploring yourself, give yourself all the time you need. There is no need to hurry, you can proceed completely with your own terms. Instead of writing straight away what you are thinking at the beginning of the writing process, prolong the process. Enjoy it. You can ask yourself again and again, if there is something I have not thought about yet. Your inner being will help you see things from new angles.

It happens to me all the time that a writing, I suppose to finish in two or three days takes a week, two weeks or a month. During the writing process, the text is formed completely differently from what I originally thought.

This does not mean that my original thoughts were somehow false or bad. But I have noticed that after watching for example videos that raise strong negative emotions, my thoughts are shackled by these feelings. I am unable to rise above time and space, and I tend to write about things that are here, now. Yet, rising above time and space is the goal that I strive for.

I want to keep my head calm and thoughts clear. Writing itself is not a goal, but the mental/spiritual growth of the writing process. It is secondary that as a by-product of this growth process I create writings that are nice to read and which help other people.

The most important thing is not that you let others know how you look at things. It is a big enough challenge to make it clear to yourself, what you think, feel and want to achieve. The most important thing is, what kind of a person you become and what you can achieve, when you activate your internal powers. Enjoy the writing process and keep up the connection with your inner being.

Join Our Worldwide Community

Our Global Community

We can make this site a new kind of social media, where people can bring forth their true self, and where common sense is in the center of everything. Common sense is the collective consciousness of humanity, which creates a sense of belonging and sustainable development. I believe everyone in their hearts knows what I mean by this. If you honestly do not know, start your internal exploration by asking it from yourself. Let your inner being make it clear to you.

Common sense also tells you, what kind of content people are searching from this site. However, when writing, I would like you to keep in mind the following:

• Be true to yourself. Cherish your inner power knowing that you yourself are creating your own reality. No one else is responsible for your thoughts and feelings.

• You are the main character of your life. Do not let anyone in any circumstances nullify this fact.
We have been brought up to become empathic and selfless people. For many people, the welfare of their loved ones has priority over everything else, even over their own well-being. The fact is, however, that sustainable development always starts from healthy selfishness. Nature finds ways to balance and maintain its functions. Man is part of nature. In some cases ‘balancing’ manifests as a disease.

Some people think that people, who imagine themselves to have something to share to others are narcissists.

Even Anthony Bourdain, whose world travel we have been able to follow in television for years had this kind of attitude. However, it is self-evident that what we think and feel is the most important thing in the world from our own perspective. Our state of mind is created by our thoughts and feelings. It is the electromagnetic field that determines what kind of things we personally attract. By sharing our experience we will strengthen our own energy and every experience will surely benefit someone in one way or another. We should not leave the public debate for anarchists, sexual minorities and activists, who have the loudest voice. The most important of all is our collective consciousness, the source of our lives.

• Write from the deepest part of your heart and use a simple language, as if you would talk to your best friend. It is not important how long your writing is. The most important thing is that it has a clear message and common sense.

• This is not a news site. Tell about world events as they relate to your own growth process and have helped you see things with new eyes.

• You can also write an article, which helps us see things with new eyes. Topic is free.

• This site is not against anyone or anything. Not even against Lucifer, for Lucifer can be seen as a negative pool of the energy flow of Yin and Yang, which complement each other. Neither can exist without the other and they are constantly striving for balance. Together they create contrasts that we need in order to perceive things and understand their cause-and-effect relations, which is a prerequisite for spiritual growth.

• The only purpose of this site is to emphasize that common sense should be at the center of all our activities.

• Create yourself a Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar). You can use a nickname or your own name. You can also start writing with a nickname and later use your own name. In that case, all the articles you write with nickname will move under your name, if you so wish.

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Gregorian: Moment of Peace

[toggle title=”Gregorian: Moment of Peace (lyrics)”]Come now, come by our side
A place where you can hide
We are the sunshine
Rest your soul here
And you’ll find
We are the energy
We give the world to thee
Hold up your heart now
We will ease pain from your brow

Chorus x 2
In a world without dangers
When destruction is near
You can come with us here
When the people are strangers
You will rest here with me,
In a moment of peace

Light up the dark below,
See through the stars,
Reach to the earth’s flow
Drift in the joy of our hearts,
Unleash the energy,
Taste of the wine
Drink as a soul
That knows now,
the power divine

Chorus x 2
In a world without dangers
When destruction is near
You can come with us here
When the people are strangers
You will rest here with me,
In a moment of peace

In a moment of peace [/toggle]

Robbie Williams: Feel

[toggle title=”Robbie Williams: Feel (lyrics)”]Come and hold my hand
I wanna contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I’ve been given
I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans
My head speaks a language
I don’t understand

I just wanna feel
Real love feel the home that I live in
‘Cause I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste
I don’t wanna die
But I ain’t keen on living either
Before I fall in love
I’m preparing to leave her

Scare myself to death
That’s why I keep on running
Before I’ve arrived
I can see myself coming

I just wanna feel
Real love, feel the home that I live in
‘Cause I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste
And I need to feel
Real love and the love ever after
I cannot get enough

I just wanna feel
Real love, feel the home that I live in
I got too much love
Running through my veins
To go to waste

I just wanna feel
Real love and the love ever after
There’s a hole in my soul
You can see it in my face
It’s a real big place

Come and hold my hand
I wanna contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I’ve been given
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand[/toggle]

ABBA – I’ve Been Waiting For You (with lyrics)