I watched in May the BBC documentary Inside the Saudi Kingdom, in which the Saudi Arabian crown prince Saud bin Abdul Muhsin tells how the consciousness expansion of people and individualization is changing the Islamic society. As I was watching the documentary it reminded me of my text ‘Living a Balanced Life on Own Conditions’ which I wrote last year.

We learn at school that the family is the basic unit of the society.
I think that this standpoint distorts the reality, because the basic unit of the society is practically each individual citizen. Every one of us have all the relations of the society within oneself and we decide ourselves, also under pressure, how to deal with in any given situation. At the root of social change are individuals. It is the grass roots level, which makes the change possible.

In my texts I have emphasized, how important it is that people develop on their own conditions. Each one of us knows best the big picture of one’s own life. Our success doesn’t only depend on that we do the right things, but that we see things, which exist naturally and that we manage to keep them in balance.

As I got my disability my situation was very clear, because there was no model I could have applied for myself. I just listened to my inner being, did everything that made common sense, and with which I could advance in the long run. In principle my situation does not differ a bit from that of other people: the success of all people depends on how we actualize our real self and manage to keep everything in our operational environment in balance.

The connoisseur of human nature, Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about success in his presentation ‘How to Be a No-Limit Person’. He says that success is not something we get out of things. It is an inner process and our inner success becomes visible in the tasks we accomplish successfully
(33:40-34:45 in video).

We should advance confidently in the path we have chosen, hearing our inner signals and let other people do the same. This is the essence of the Universe: freedom, co-operation and harmony (34:10-34:28).
When people violate this basic principle of freedom and force others to follow own procedures it causes imbalance.

Prince Saud says in the end of the documentary (Inside the Saudi Kingdom, 56:46) something that brings together everything that is connected in this issue:

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