In the last decades I have often wondered why are mathematics and physics considered as natural sciences, although it seems that they have as little to do with nature as economics, which describes the relationships of money. Is based on human thoughts so to speak.

Chemistry has obviously direct connection to nature, while it studies the basic chemical elements of nature, but what about mathematics with its geometric patterns, which with the naked eye seem to be only nice patterns. What about physics in which I could see neither rhyme nor reason at school.

The more I ponder over this issue and read articles, which deal with it the clearer the natural trinity of chemistry, physics and mathematics begins to shape in my mind: Where chemistry studies the composition and features of substances and how e.g. temperature, pressure or alteration of vibrational frequencies change the matter, physics tries to discover universal laws between these transformers. Mathematics is a language used to describe the abstract dependencies between everything. According to Wikipedia mathematics is not a natural science, but a tool of natural sciences.

Chemical industry brings in mind primarily the disadvantages it causes to the nature and it is a clear indication how little we know about life. I would call as natural science only the sectors of chemistry and physics, which study the life contained in a substance and its ability to convey and sustain life. These are biochemistry and biophysics. They study the organic part of matter. What is considered life is described in physics as energy. People cannot destroy energy, only change its quality. This means that the matter changes its form.

When the form of a substance changes what happens to its energy?
Does it remain life sustaining energy? When we think about synthetically produced vitamins for example we know, that eg. carrot has about ten thousand chemical compounds, but researchers know only one third of them, not to mention how they function. How natural can a vitamin product with this information become?
If a carrot has grown with artificial fertilizers is it a natural carrot with all its natural compounds any more? I believe it is as natural as water, which has been running several times through the pipeline and which have been purified every once in a while.

The purpose of foodstuffs is to convey life. The transportation of vital force is most evident in the German word for foodstuffs, Lebensmittel. Direct translation of it is life conveyor or life medium. From communication we know that only structures have information and information can move only in structures. If the structure has a technical problem the information transfer breaks off. If the molecular structure of a plant decays it is unfit to use as food, as a life conveyor. The life containing information of matter is in the molecular structure.

Energy materialises in crystallization. The water molecule H2O for example consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It forms a perfect tetrahedron, in which each of the four sides are equal. Matter organises according to the principle of effectiveness, in other words, what kind of a structure needs the least energy to stick the matter together. This is geometry. The more complex the crystal structure of water is, the more information it contains.

The electromagnetic energy waves of water are part of our body too. Water makes up 55% to 78% of the human body. When water moves in its basic form in the depths of the earth it transports geomagnetic vibrational models, that is to say all the information that water needs to become “ripe”.


Water has its highest density in 4 °C (39 °F). It has an unique characteristic to expand upon freezing. The clearest example of this are snowflakes. As water is dropping from the open sky to the ground it is exposed to temperature changes, sound frequencies caused by the wind, particles floating in the air and humidity.

Its journey from the sky to the ground can be compared with the journey that human beings go through in their lifetime:
The character of each individual forms according to the influences we get from the surrounding culture and society. We reflect our inner world to the outside world.

Like each snowflake is unique every human being is individual. Under an electron microscope the perfect geometric pattern of a snowflake becomes visible. If it is melted its information content remains the same.

This is the memory of water, which is hidden in its geometry. Only geometry can store up information. The geometrical structure of water reflects its information content. This also applies to the structures and composition of other substances.

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