Marines Nazi Symbol

A couple of days ago, while browsing the web, I came across a website, (terraner = earthling), which helped me to get a fuller picture of what has happened since the Second World War. It started with the idea of whether Adolf Hitler committed suicide after the war. For me, this has always been completely unbelievable. Adolf Hitler’s speeches evoke in me the same sense of determination that I felt as a child standing in the yard of my foster home after my mother’s death. I swore to myself that no power in the world could make me surrender as my parents had surrendered or had simply been forced to give up (I wrote about this in my text Mother in Memoriam.) In my own experience, this determined commitment to advance things does not even consider defeat as an option.

For Adolf Hitler, defeat was not an option. I believe he felt in his bones and in his core the threat of the satanic force that had taken hold of the whole world. 19.4.1945 Hitler expressed his position on the surrender demands: “Since 1943, I have been trying without interruption to bring about peace, but the Allies do not want it and have demanded unconditional surrender from the start. My personal fate is of course irrelevant, but it is clear to any sensible person that I cannot accept the unconditional surrender of the German people. Even now, the negotiations are still ongoing, but I no longer believe they will succeed. That is why we must overcome this crisis at all costs, so that the decisive weapons can still bring us victory.”

Hitler’s words echo in my ears: “They can subjugate and oppress us and even kill us, but we will not surrender.” It has been a mystery to me how the struggle has continued after total destruction. That is exactly what answered. The Second World War continued as a hybrid war. As we know, there has never been a peace treaty after the Second World War. After the war, the 4th Army of the German Reich, the Waffen-SS (Schutzstaffel), never surrendered. It is still fighting for the Earth and people are seeing more and more clearly, the battle of spirits in the world, as a result of which the structures that sustain society are collapsing.

Antarktika Neuschwabenland

The submarine fleet of National Socialist Germany was second to none. The German Defence Forces had made a plan-B for defeat and built a base, an invincible fortress in Antarctica (Neuschwabenland). The last resort was to move the defence there. After the defeat, war was waged invisibly; not with traditional weapons and negotiations, but purely by thwarting the belligerent aspirations of the other side. Some people refer to these Earth Defence Forces as Q (Anon). Others talk about a Galactic Federation or World Alliance. All the same, the invisible army is a continuation of Hitler’s armed forces and is waging a hybrid war to defend the planet.

The irreligious spirituality of the “Nazis”


Adolf Hitler was decades ahead of his time. He was a devout Christian, but he saw Christianity and its dogmas as a Jewish religion that produced easily manipulated sheep, goyim-cattle, who believed in worldly systems and authority. Never before has this been more evident than in the West today. The West seems to be a sheepfold, where citizens cannot think with their own brains and do not trust their own judgement; in other words, they do not grasp what common sense, intuition, tells them.

Laws, rules and declarations of human rights define our lives more than common sense. But human rights are only our secondary rights. They are rules drawn up by enlightened people as a basis for constructive cooperation for those who are not in touch with their intuitive minds. Our primary right and freedom is to establish a relationship with our true self, the Spirit of our heart, which is our intuitive mind. In practice, it doesn’t matter who we listen to in the outside world (society). If we do not listen to the intuitive Spirit of our heart, whose essence is common sense, we are worldly authority believers.

Universal human rights have mainly focused on protecting our secular laws, traditions, religions and customs, no matter how damaging they are to our coexistence on a global scale. Many people fail to see what is essential about being human; that despite our earthly differences, we all have the same source and destination. The most important thing for our interaction and cooperation is how each of us manages to activate own inner power. Not laws, declarations, speeches, ‘positive discrimination’, eradication of racism and phobias, etc.

It’s been rather amusing to watch people comparing the forced covid-vaccination agenda to ‘Nazi’ Germany during the era of the Corona-virus. At the same time, it has stirred up feelings of embarrassment. In reality, Adolf Hitler would certainly have been the first to oppose the poison injections of the pharmaceutical giants. People’s utter confusion only reflects the fact that they have not done their homework.

Nationalists and ‘neo-Nazis’ believe that Hitler’s main message is that all peoples have the right to cherish their wordly religion, customs and traditions. Nothing else is even possible when people cherish their true selves and give others the freedom to cherish their true selves. However, the secular aspect was not Hitler’s main message, but the spiritual, which transcends time and place.

The swastika at the top of this paragraph gives an indication of the world view of the National Socialists, on which their idea of the purity of the Aryan race was based and on which their quest to find the Holy Grail was based. The Aryan race was not only Germans, but all people with pure heart.

The National Socialist world view, the cycle of life and creation, is divided into two planes; the immaterial and material world, represented in the diagram above by the ‘plane of consciousness’ (the sun) and the ‘plane of substance’ (the moon). The first is consciousness, whose elements are air and fire. The second is the visible, material world on earth, whose elements are earth and water. At the heart of this cycle of life is the all-seeing eye, backed by the human senses and emotions, and common sense, discernment.

The cycle of life follows the principle of ‘as above, so below’, i.e. the invisible world, the (ego) consciousness becomes visible in our actions. That is Law of Attraction. The law, our thoughts and world events are realised in the way we interpret them. Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity, unless we consciously turn our negative experiences into lessons that serve as constructive elements in our lives. The lessons we learn expand the ego’s awareness, leading to enlightenment, that is connection to the universal consciousness. This is my interpretation of the graph.

“Nazi” Connection to Other Worlds

In 1918, the Thule Society was founded in Munich, with the main themes of German history research and the promotion of German art. The logo of the society was the swastika. It is said that Hitler was never a member of the society. The society disbanded in 1925 before Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933. In National Socialist Germany, however, the spirit of the Thule Society continued to exist. The greeting between its members ‘Heil und Sieg’ was changed to ‘Sieg Heil’, which we know as the Hitler greeting.

The tradition of the Thule Society was continued in National Socialist Germany by the Vril Society (Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik) founded in the early 1900s in Munich. One of its main figures was a well-known psychic, Maria Orschitsch (Orsich). Vril comes from the Latin word virilis, masculine, powerful. The Vril Society was an esoteric society that investigated obscure, ‘supernatural’ matters. The purpose of the society was to study the origins of the Aryan race, to seek contact with other Aryans and to practice meditation and other techniques aimed at strengthening individual control of the divine Vril life force.

Among others, Helena Blavatsky (one of the founding members of the Theosophical Society established in New York in 1875) and other occult writers used the term “Vril” as a synonym for secret natural forces. In 1888, Helena Blavatsky described in her book The Secret Doctrine that the inhabitants of Atlantis had once used Vril energy (source energy) to build colossal structures.

Maria Orschitsch had moved from Croatia to Munich in 1919 and soon followed the German national movement, which was active after the First World War. That’s how she came into contact with the Thule Society. She had telepathic abilities and was in contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation and received instructions to build advanced technology. According to Vril documents these messages, were obtained telepathically from Aldebaran, 65,1 light years away in the constellation Taurus. She was also in contact with Nikola Tesla.

Notes written by psychics Maria Orsic and Sigrun, which include Sumerian and Templar writings.

Secret Weapons of the “Nazis”

Using telepathically transmitted information, the first flying saucer, called the Jenseitsflugmaschine (JFM), was built in Munich in 1922, before Hitler. The website mentions also other technologies from extraterrestrial civilisations, such as the laser weapon (Kraftstrahlkanone), which was developed in Germany more than 70 years ago. The US only introduced the weapon in 2017.

Adolf Hitler must have been very convinced that this foreign technology would work. The Vril Society was probably part of the SS elite force (Schutzstaffel), originally created as Adolf Hitler’s bodyguard. After the Second World War, what the Vril Society achieved in psychic research served as part of the US Stargate Project.


Adolf Hitler – The Man Who Fought the Parasite

“The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people!
And for this people and for the sake of this people we will struggle and fight!
And never slacken
And never tire
And never lose courage
And never despair!”
(Adolf Hitler 1933)