[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”231″ align=”right” effect=”none” size=”small” fitMobile=”true” autoHeight=”true”] In this article I do not try to describe how bad positive thinking is, because that is not true. My own life force is positive thinking, which is a cornerstone of common sense. My article concentrates on the negative side of positive thinking, because positive thinking, like everything else, has also a negative side.

I have been pondering over this issue since I saw the Secret-movie about the law of attraction in 2012. The movie resonated with me on multiple levels and I liked the thoughts described in the film a lot. At the same time they seemed to have complete contradiction with my own world view.

During the last few years I have been irritated by my inability to express myself clearly, what is it that disturbs me so much in this issue. Now I feel that I am starting to understand the reason behind it.

It is a question of the negative effects in the entirety caused by positivity when positive thinking becomes an absolute value. Positive thinking has become an absolute value, when a person closes his or her ears from any critique and denies negative effects of own actions.

Such a person wants to cherish only positive emotions and wants to see the world through rose-colored glasses, and is unable to tolerate any negative hues. This kind of a person tries to please everyone.

Result of this kind of positive thinking is over tolerance, which limits the use of common sense. Its worst result is inability to feel empathy. Its effects are clearly visible today especially in leaders incapability to find sustainable solutions to handle uncontrolled immigration and terrorism.

It is strange that at the same time when the post-World War II generations has taken crusade to root out fascism from our societies, they have created own kind of fascism. The worst model of fascism to people today is Hitler and Nazi-Germany.

In the light of the latest research however, Hitler and national socialistic Germany were not at all what has been taught to us. The history of the Second World War has been intentionally twisted.

The question arises, what is this conception of fascism that is completely based on deception and lies. Who is the person today, who accuses others racists and fascists, while knowing that if people would have been awakened citizens after the World War II, and would have questioned the established truths, the deception concerning the Second World War would not have worked. And Hitler would have had justice.

During the last decades I have constantly been asking myself, what should people be saved from, as the Bible teaches. What is the salvation that mankind absolutely needs? Is it not enough that each of us listens to the heart and acts accordingly? Last week when I watched the Secret-movie once again, the answer dawned on me.

In the film it is said: “Feelings are a feedback mechanism, whether we are on course or off course”. In other words we should surrender ourselves to feelings. Our feelings are directed by ego (animal spirit), if we forget common sense, the Spirit of Truth. This is problematic when a person thinks that he/she is following his/her heart but is actually directed by his/her ego.

People should become free from their ego and emotions to be able to see wider reality. The salvation that Jesus offers in the New Testament, is freedom from the illusory bubble, which people build when they are directed by emotions and ego. When a person accepts Jesus into his/her heart, he/she starts to act according to the Spirit of Truth in his heart.

But it is not that simple, as people can be dishonest in their faith, too. I have met people who call themselves atheists, but are nearer to Jesus than people who call themselves Christians. If people listen to religious doctrines more than the Spirit of Truth residing in their hearts, they will be lost. They might end up in a vicious circle of positivity like anybody else.

This is connected to another thing that irritates me in the Secret film. In the film it is said: “When the voice and vision on the inside become more profound, and more clear and loud than the opinions on the outside, you have mastered your life.”

It is not that simple. Basically because a person who can be said to be ‘a master of his/her life’ does not live in an illusion. When a person wants to be a master of his/her life, he/she must first find out, whether he/she is living in an illusory bubble created by ego, or is he/she living in truth.

The negative aspects are essential part of life. Positive and negative elements, Yin and Yang are complementary forces that are equal qualities, and they are driven towards a balanced state. I would say that only when a person learns to balance these polarities, he/she has mastered his/her life.

We will see that in everything God works for the good of those who love him and the Spirit of Truth. (Romans 8:28)

When I started elementary school over 50 years ago, my school days started with a morning prayer. We often sung a psalm, which in itself was a prayer:

[framed_box width=”” minheight=”” bgColor=”rgba(252,246,183,1)” rounded=”true”]You, Spirit of Truth lead us,
while we seek ways to enlightenment,
guide our work, do not abandon us,
bless our knowledge.

Make us capable of distinguishing the works of our Creator,
the wisdom of God Almighty, promoter of our wealth.
Guide us to Christ,
the bringer of love.

Christ is our way, enlightenment in our hearts,
Our only hope, our holy truth.
Jesus, strengthen us in your grace,
renew us.

Christ let your enlightenment shine to us,
let it guide us to our Father’s house,
If we face sorrow on our way,
help us overcome it.[/framed_box]

This psalm is very topical today, when people seem to have lost common sense and the Spirit of Truth.

But God has not abandoned us. He respects our free will, and the Spirit of Truth guides us, when we allow it happen.


Totuuden Henki (Spirit of Truth)