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The decision of president Donald Trump to pull out from the Paris Climate Agreement has astonished people around the world. It feels, as if Trump would abandon environmental protection and world will not be saved, when there is one player less.

I have no profound knowledge about Paris Climate Agreement and the emissions trading system. However I have read that companies have a possibility to “compensate” the increase of their emissions by buying carbon allowance units from other sectors. So when your sins (emissions) become too heavy, you pay certain amount of money and you can continue your tricks and damaging life with the lightest mind.

“As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.” This kind of absolution was practiced during the Middle Ages. The indulgence trading of Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar, took even care of dead people’s sins.

Martin Luther rose against the indulgence trading practiced by the Catholic Church that undermined the church’s spiritual authority. In his 95 theses he emphasized that pope had no authority over purgatory, which was the key aspect of the Reformation of the Catholic Church. Thanks to Reformation people were able to see that man can not buy the blessing and favor of God with his secular tricks. This awakening was followed by unprecedented development of human kind. Sustainable development requires genuineness and sincere mind, which does not twist the truth according to own interests.

The scientific foundation of global warming is very questionable also among scientists. Some consider carbon credit system as pyramid scheme and see it as just another mean to create money out of thin air in purpose to grow economy. Donald Trump certainly wants to build up economy, but I also have the impression that he wants to find the most efficient means to reach his goals. And certainly there are more efficient means to reach the goals of Paris Climate Agreement.


Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement has made people very upset. Despite of the stress that it causes I think it is good thing, because Trump was mainly chosen to challenge the status quo and to seek new constructive models of action. Unfortunately the mainstream media has concentrated to report Trumps every move in a negative light. About Donald Trump’s historical speech in Riad, Saudi-Arabia on the 22, May 2017 to over 50 leaders of Muslim countries the mainstream media has not said a word. I would have also missed that speech, but fortunately a reporter in alternative media made a short video about the speech.

Mainstream media wrote about the arms deal between USA and Saudi-Arabia, which probably was meant to strengthen the image that Trump supports terrorism. In Trumps speech it becomes clear that he not only offered Saudis a channel of co-operation, but also challenged Muslim countries to root out terrorism from their societies. He said that if this does not happen, we are not only judged by people and history but also by God, which means that we are doomed to plight and misery and our lives will be short.

The only thing I did not like in Trump’s speech was how he talked about Iran and Syria.

The leaders in the West have never challenged Islamic countries in a way Trump does. Similar political challenge in history of the US was presented by Ronald Reagan in London in June 1982, when he urged Western powers to common fight against the threat of communism. And it took less than ten years, when the Berlin Wall came down, the Eastern bloc and Warsaw Pact broke up and Soviet Union fell apart. (But like we have seen, communism did not vanish with Soviet Union. It has tried revival in the European Union, which has its own politburo, troikas and oligarchy. For that reason EU has gained the nickname Euriot Union.)

Terrorism in the Western World


Nothing in this world happens randomly without cause. Often we do not recognize the cause-effect relations, but nonetheless we are under their influence. We attract similar energy as we create. The Law of Attraction indicates that Western countries themselves have attracted terror, which is targeted to them.

It is clear that Western countries do not oppose terrorism in one front. If it would be so, the speech of Donald Trump in Riad would have been received in media in a completely different way.

In last weeks the Western World has been shocked by the image of Kathy Griffin, where she holds the decapitated head of Donald Trump. How does the image she has created differ from the images spread by terrorists, where they hold the decapitated heads of infidels? The energy created by this kind of pictures is equally negative despite the fact that the other is created as a joke. Merely our thoughts might attract negative energy.

Although Kathy Griffin has (this time) bitterly faced the consequences of her actions, she does not blame herself. In her opinion she is systematically being bullied by Trump family.

Unfortunately this is a common attitude in the Western World and among people in general. Our own criticism towards other people is seen righteous and justified, but when other people direct their criticism towards our own personality, we cannot or do not want to handle the issue, but play victims and deny the facts. When we ridicule and mock someone it is funny joking, but if we are criticized it is bullying.

It is bizarre that distorting the truth is people’s second nature, although people in principle demand honesty and reliability in their personal relationships. But when it comes to society, even blatant lies are accepted as official truths, although they would have no logical foundation whatsoever, in other words are completely absurd.

When influential people or own reference group repeat the same lies year after year, decade after decade, people fall into some kind of collective trance. The official truths are accepted without questioning in the name of “peaceful coexistence”. However, the way our life develops, if we actually develop peaceful mind and peaceful coexistence in our societies, depends directly on the quality of our thoughts and beliefs.

Bloody terror attacks and personal tragedies caused by them are extremely sad. But in my opinion, the collective terror that lives upon the distortion of truth, should also be taken into account when fighting against terrorism. Because when our life is based on lies, it has as dramatic and far-reaching consequences as bloody terrorist attacks.

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