It is said that we must understand history in order to understand or even predict the future. I believe that the distorted historical interpretation distorts man’s image of reality just as much as the false assumptions of science. However, finding durable solutions to various problems would definitely require us to have the most truthful image of the real world. It seems, however, that in today’s world truth has turned upside down; Everything is on its head. Many people have discovered that healthcare is promoting diseases, the judiciary shares injustice, universities undermine impartial research, mass media distorts information and communication, states destroy freedom, religion destroys spirituality and so on.

People, who are challenging the official truth are being sent to jail, and hate speech police urges people to question their own intuition. The official truth does not endure objective research, and people who are sawn as “enemies of the society” can not be presented in a positive light. It is an indisputable fact that in the 1930s Germany was risen under the leadership of Adolf Hitler from extreme poverty to an advanced society in less than ten years. In the core of Hitler’s reforms was the resistance to the moral degradation of society and promotion of the mental and economic well-being of workers. Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany should get a Nobel Prize for their economic system.

Freedom, which in the past meant freedom of an individual to act under the guidance of his internal navigator, has transformed to conception, that the more a society tolerates the unnatural, the more free it is. Anti-fascists, anarchists and green-left liberals, who according to their own words, promote freedom of thought and expression and tolerance are the first to suppress all people, who think differently. At Christmas time, the home windows of a nationalist presidential candidate were broken.

There is much talk about the common values of the European Union in the European central administration, but it does nothing to defend the Christian values on which the member states of the European Union are built. The EU uses all means to engage in domestic affairs of member states, but when the Spanish police force attacked Catalans, who wanted independence, the decision-makers did not want to interfere with the “internal affairs of Spain”.

At the same time, Russia is accused of human rights violations, and sanctions are imposed on it, because the country wants to defend its citizens. When nationalist Hungary and Poland want to defend their sovereignty, coherence and their Christian values, they are sawn as “undemocratic”. Many people disagree, but there is one thing we can agree with decision-makers: No power shall be given to fear. And we should not be afraid that we can not change things.

Abraham reminds us that we should not waste our energy and attention to the circumstances we live in, and which we want to change, but focus our attention on what we want. We change things by focusing our energy and directing our undivided attention to what we want to achieve. Our thoughts and feelings are the language the universe understands. We have to take care that our message is clear. According to the Law of Attraction, the universe begins to work for us. We just have to keep our eyes open and antennas tuned, so that we can take advantage of our opportunities when they appear to us.

[framed_box width=”” bgColor=”rgba(232,243,196,0.90)” rounded=”true”]”Dear God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”[/framed_box]


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