body consciousness levels

In the past months I have wondered what kind of a magic lies behind the fact that physical exercise is so pleasant with my physiotherapist: At best it is not exhausting and everything is happening by itself. But when I want to exercise with my assistant it is ordeal to the soul.

I could do so much more, if everything would happen so smoothly as with my therapist. As I thought about this a while my mind begun to play the video “Spiritual Reality”, which shows how we can load cosmic energy into our etheric body while we still our mind and meditate.

I believe that it has to do with the trinity of the physical, etheric and astral body: My therapist can help me in a way that I am in a half meditative state when I practise and energy is flowing freely. My assistant expects me to give instructions to her all the time: my thoughts prevent me from focusing on my exercise and energy flow is blocked.

On the other hand not even all physiotherapists can help me in a way that the exercise would give me the most advantage. Some therapists simply expect me to do everything they consider helpful and do not even try to get connected with me. And yet, everyone knows that the best physiotherapist cannot make anyone feel better, if he is not able to activate the creative powers of the person he is supposed to train.

When I think about this thing further I understand that this is a problem of every employer: How to make the workers see how they give the best contribution to advance common goals. Despite of detailed instructions and guiding one can at H-hour have the feeling that the worker follows a strange logic and there is always an excuse for the things that have been left unnoticed: “Sorry, I forgot.”

Forgetting is human, but after it has happened several times in a similar situation one begins to think, in what kind of an attitude the worker is doing his job. Some employers don’t even hire workers because of this problem, especially if the work is temporary. They think that the use of an assistant would be meaningless, if their own creative powers get stuck in guiding the assistant and they can’t focus on their own work.

I remember the words of Jesus: Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if one blind person guides another, both will fall into a pit. Matthew 15:14

Jesus replied this way to his disciples as they said that the Pharisees and scribes were offended as they heard that Jesus teaches against the traditions and rules of their society. What is the blindness Jesus is referring to in this context?

It is our incompetence to see and meet ourselves and each other as we are. People tend to see themselves and each other according to definitions of individual egos and they regard each other mainly as objects of different procedures.

There are not many people who are completely following their inner guidance and see themselves and other people as co-creators and as part of the creation: they focus their attention to strengthen own creative powers and those of others. They know what their own creative work requires and they intend to secure the same fertile operational environment for everyone. They can see when their support is needed and when they should not interfere the creative process of another person.

Employers expect certain kind of initiative from their workers. They are not only searching for workers, but particularly for co-creators, who can take their job in a way that they can think, what is the best way to assist in every given situation. It needs that we know own creative processes, because only a person who knows himself can help others.
In order to work determined and effective we at least have to know the tools – the body with its creative levels – we are operating with.

Everything needed for happiness is culminated in this thing. The Author of the book Harmonic Universe, Ensio Lakanen with his son Jani have described this process in their article series Mental Coaching (only in Finnish). The articles are written from top-athlete’s point of view, but the ideas are applicable in all kinds of activities: when everything falls into place we reach a flow-state, which Lakanen calls performance ecstasy (suoritushurmio). I describe this state in my text Foretaste of Forthcoming.

The professor in Psychology of University of Chigaco, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi have studied this issue and have wrote a book about it: “Flow”.


Spiritual Reality 靈性的實相(中文字幕)