On the 37th anniversary of my handicap, December 30, 2015 I received as a present a Mangar Elk Lifting Cushion. The fear that I would fall and would not be able to stand up from the floor vanished with this new everyday tool.

The ELK is commonly used in a range of settings, such as the emergency services, care homes, hospitals etc., but one of the equipment’s important qualities is that it increases independence of persons with physical disabilities.

Persons, who can not stand up from the floor by themselves can do e.g. gym or relaxation exercises on the floor, and they are able to stand up with help of the battery operated lifting cushion, if they have reasonable upper body stability. This is also possible in case their hands and arms have limited range of motion. The device can also be handled by one hand.

During the lifting process when the cushion is inflating there must be a support to secure safe lifting.

Mangar International has also easy to use leg and pillow lifters that provide help to those that experience problems with getting in and out of bed or being able to rise to a sitting position.

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