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Political youth organizations have make it their business to suppress the alternative media net publication MV News (Mitä Vittua??!! – What the Fuck??!!). The chairpersons of the organizations have the opinion that the publication provokes hatred towards minorities, refugees and disadvantaged people in the society. They think that the articles of the publication try to justify hate speech and at the same time the publication collects money for its activities by publishing exaggerated, fake news.

I myself would expect the smartest persons in our country to focus on improving own media literacy, instead of trying to limit dissemination of information. I do not believe that people want to outsource thinking. Not even to the smartest group of people in our country, who pretend to know, which are true and which are false news. It is more a question, what is considered right or wrong kind of reportage. In a pluralistic democracy no single party has the right to decide that.

The image above this text depicts the result, when dissidents are suppressed. In the West people are not beheaded (any more), but people often insist for whatever reason that offensive persons must be eliminated.

It seems that nowadays there are people in power, who think that it is their duty to feel offended merely by hearing harsh expressions and extreme opinions. I ask myself, how do these people, who feel continuously offended and want to take other peoples’ freedoms away, differ from the people, who are ready to kill to defend their own honour.

It is clear that people express themselves with regard to their own background using words and expressions that fit best in their own style. The accents vary from ‘civilized’ standard language to vulgar spoken language. If someone feels offended by vulgar expressions it can be compared with a situation, where someone feels offended that there are people, who use colours without paying regard to etiquette rules.

I myself do not even see vulgar expressions when I read articles. But they are as annoying as embellished words or meaningless, worn out phrases. They scatter the thought and it is more difficult to grasp the core idea of a message.

The mission of youth organizations to restrict freedom of speech is doomed to fail. A good reference here is Jussi Halla-aho. Mainstream media that is declaring the official truth, tried to do everything to label him as a racist and fascist or anti-immigration right-wing extremist, who incites people to ethnic or racial hatred. This all was because he had the courage to criticize in his blog (Scripta – Writings from the sinking West) the official truth that was built to defend uncontrolled immigration. He exposed the intellectual dishonesty of decision makers and their brain farts that decisions are based upon.

After several years of harassment and legal battle Jussi Halla-aho was elected to the European Parliament in 2014, where he continues his work on a larger scale.

Something is happening, because people are not denying the problems any more, but they begin to recognize the facts. The special adviser of our government, Antti Pentikäinen thinks that uncontrolled immigration is intentionally used as political means to damage Europe’s stability and its social cohesion.

Crimes committed by refugees are no more regarded as single cases like before, but people see more and more organized crime in them, which is aiming to nullify common democratic values of Europeans. One reason is the systematic sexual harassment, taharrush gamai that has been taken place all over Europe in last months and rapes and thefts, which are connected with this phenomenon.

The Finnish former president, Tarja Halonen suggested already a decade ago when she was thinking about solutions for ethnic conflicts in Africa that rape should be classified as a form of warfare. Because that’s what it is: it is psychological warfare towards people, who are regarded as an enemy. Its purpose is to dehumanize people by destroying their self-esteem and feelings of human dignity. The psychological warfare should be taken as seriously as terrorism.

Carefully chosen words are the most effective weapons in the information war that is taking place all over the world. Freedom of speech, education and improvement of media literacy are the best ways to spiritual growth. It supplies us with the knowledge and skills that are required to solve our problems.

During my lifetime I have regretted one thing: that I have not always had the courage to defend what I think is right. I have avoided conflicts and tried to make my way in still waters. It is a way to act, but in the same time I have left the field free for those I don’t support. I have left aside the places, where important decisions concerning me are made.

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