At the turn of the year I divided my texts into two categories: There are writings, which tell my story (Glow in the Darkness) and writings, in which I dig deeper into myself and our society and try to see my place as a part of the whole (Wings of Thought).
On January 15th, 2013 I write in the Info-section that I will edit my previous texts in a way that they will form a coherent continuum. Now after several weeks the story has got stuck and even the thoughts I had before have faded away. Why is this?

As I think about this I understand that if I begin to edit my texts to create a kind of coherent story,
I subordinate my thoughts and the story to the logic of my ego and its perceptions of coherence.
In my text Rising above Circumstances I write that I want to eliminate the tunes of my ego from my writings. So I will continue with my previous manner and do not consciously edit my texts to create some kind of impression. I write that what naturally comes into my mind and readers can put the puzzle together by themselves. I keep only the chronological context in my mind.

As I planned this blog one year ago I thought that this will be a blog for/about rehabilitation. I had particularly disabled persons in my mind and I planned to accommodate in the blog everything we need to become familiar with ourselves, which is essential for our well-being. We all have some kind of disability. I believe that everyone who carefully studies my writings can find seeds for renewal.
I like handicrafts, especially sewing. Therefore I thought I will make a Do_It_Yourself – section in the blog, in which I collect material for our own creative projects. This section has been overshadowed by the desk work of the blog, but I will begin to set it up from now on. I believe that also during this construction process we will find new levels in ourselves.