In the Thrive-movie David Icke talks about the greatest prison of people: the fear what other people think (1:18:10 on video timeline).

People have been brought up to become guards for each other. Those, who step too far from the norm and conventional rules are forced through wordless agreement back into the old rut again. David Icke talks about the same thing in his video ‘Just Do It’.

In theory, our society is more free than ever: everyone can form their political opinion freely, no-one is persecuted because of world view, ethnic background, personal characteristics or liking. In theory.

One of the most popular genres in entertainment industry is to poke fun at other people: make fun of peoples attitudes, actions, clothing and personal likings. This is justified by the noble purpose that in this way people learn to see themselves as part of the whole, learn to laugh at themselves and free themselves from prejudices. In theory.

What about those, who don’t see this noble purpose of entertainment and to whom entertaining programs are actual model, what is trendy what is past, what’s In and what’s Out, what are signs of winners and what are those of losers.

Everyone wants to be on the winning side, so people want to absorb from the programs everything that refers to the winning side. Most hesitant persons want to stay neutral. The fear to disgrace oneself forces people to stay invisible, because nobody wants to be bullied at school or at work and everyone wants to please their friends.

I wrote in my text Living a balanced life on own conditions about my attitude change after I got my handicap: with a severe disability my situation was completely different from the people I knew. So I could not search role models from outside world any more.

I thought that despite of the gloomy outlooks of my handicap my experiences should be building material in my life, so that I could live a rewarding, happy life.

I knew that I could count only on myself. So I had to listen to myself.
The fact that I could not search any role models from outside world meant also, that I could only compete with myself. On one side there was earlier me, who had own world view, who maintained certain kind of conceptions and taste and wanted to keep control (ego).

On the other side was my inner voice, who took me just as I was and who spoke to me through a mirror: he questioned everything he saw, spread out new viewpoints and suggested new ways of action. He knew that the key factor for my success was my ability to find the ways of action that worked best in my situation. He never searched parallels from outside. That is why there was nothing embarrassing. There was nothing to be ashamed of. There was only situations that urged action.

I couldn’t distinguish these two sides of myself and did not know, which one at each time had the upper hand. However, I felt their influence. They didn’t compete with each other in a traditional sense. They played some kind of fixed game: the creature speaking through a mirror was always content with what he had accomplished. I had a feeling that the most important thing for him was to keep a balance, so he never tried to force me to his conclusions, although the ego was hesitant. He knew he will win when the time is ripe.

Most of the time the coexistence of these creatures was so cosy that I could have thought, they are one and the same person. As I perked up my ears I noticed that my inner being talking through a mirror spoke with a completely different voice: He never reasoned or speculated. He simply knew, because he saw everything in the light of love.

Wayne Dyer talks in his presentation ‘How to be a no-limit Person’ that our circumstances have very little to do with our fulfillment in life .
Our thoughts and attitudes towards the circumstances make all the difference. No matter how our circumstances are we have the freedom to choose our thoughts: we can see our glass either half empty or half full.

Also when we have nothing, we can trust that we have everything we need. This does not mean that we deny the realities. It means that we see the realities as they appear to us. Who knows better than you yourself how the “real world” in your situation should look like?

My handicap showed me very clearly that I could compete only with myself, but in fact my situation do not differ at all from that of others. The success of every single one of us depends on, how our ego and our inner being co-operate. In other words: Is our ego guided by love.

When you see yourself in a mirror next time remember, that your best friend is looking at you through the mirror. After you learn to know your inner creature the sky is your limit.

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