View from the living room window

At the end of May, I noticed that pigeons had made a nest on my balcony. They had two chicks in the nest. The whole extended family, about 20 individuals, had gathered on my balcony to look after them and the result looked like it: the balcony was covered in pigeon droppings.

It depressed me enormously until I realised that now I have the perfect opportunity to make telepathic contact with these intuitive beings. Our spiritual teachers in 5D consciousness say they can appear in any guise. My prayer to God now is: allow the pigeons to transform into 5D beings on an accelerated schedule, so that they do not have to poop, but simply spread their good mind and intuitive energy to the environment. The other option, of course, is for me to learn how to dematerialize the droppings by snapping my fingers.

These ideas have raised my energy. Pigeons are no longer a problem for me. I first thought of giving each pigeon a name, like Archangel Michael, Lord Jesus-Sananda, Saint Germain, Master Kuthumi, Mother Mary, etc., but I now see pigeons as a collective, like the Galactic Federation, which represents our collective, higher consciousness.

My neighbours and the landlord certainly don’t look too kindly on my pigeon friends. For years we have been reminded that it is forbidden to feed birds and animals on balconies and in the yard. I understand that leaving food on the ground attracts rats and other unwanted guests. However, caring for the welfare of birds and other living creatures is as much a human responsibility as it is our responsibility to share our abundance with those who are destitute, starving and without a roof over their heads.

I don’t think the pigeons have settled on my balcony primarily in the hope of food. They seek good energies, just like humans. On my balcony they are sheltered from the rain. The pigeons have often brought their whole brood to my balcony when they go out to find food in the wild. They know that on my balcony the chicks are safe. Sometimes it seems to me that the pigeons have brought all the chicks born this year on my balcony, as they look like young birds.

It is said that animals get everything they need from nature. So, for example, you should not feed birds. But in nature, animals have very strict territories, perhaps stricter than humans. Straying into someone else’s territory can be fatal. I have personally seen a sea gull beat a pigeon to death with its beak.

We believe that our negative attitudes towards wildlife (which do not follow our rules of conciliation) do not harm anyone. But the fact is that even at the level of thought, our attitudes spread and reverberate in our environment and create the reality in which we live. I myself am part of nature, and I will not go against my nature and chase birds away from my neighbourhood.

In early July, when the first pigeon chicks left the nest, a friend of mine came to clean my balcony. We cleared the balcony of everything and spread a tarpaulin sheet on the floor, making it easy to clean later. I also bought an anti-mildew shower curtain with forest-theme to protect the walls. A gutter could be attached to the edge of the balcony to prevent the bird droppings from falling downstairs.

A couple of days after the clean-up, there were two more eggs on the tarp. The pigeons built a new nest around them. The eggs hatched a week or two ago. All the birds have a nesting peace, so the balcony is in a natural state until the chicks leave the nest.

Humans could do much more to maintain the balance of nature. For years I have wondered why the best spot in our plot of land, where the sun shines all day long, has a rubbish dump and rubbish bins. It would be better for the well-being of the residents and the birds if a greenhouse were built there, together with a neighbourhood station for the birds. The bird droppings would also be put to good use, as they make good fertiliser.