eternal essence of flowing golden light

Our time in the 3D mutant matrix is over.
Our eternal essence is a great river of flowing golden light.

The (video) messages of the Galactic Federation are honey for my soul. Since I started the blog dedicated to 5D consciousness ( I look at life from a new perspective. Not everyone likes this, which is especially evident to me in the fact that only some of the readers of my former blog have continued to follow my new 5D blog.

For many, the 5D perspective is totally inconceivable. “This is so stupid!” a friend of mine exclaimed when I spoke to her about our galactic friends, signalling that I was completely out of my mind. Who remembers that the world was completely insane less than ten years ago? (In case you’ve forgotten, my blog has plenty to read to refresh your memory.) In a world gone mad, we need more people, who have β€˜gone out of their minds’, who don’t get caught up in the agendas and problems of the perverted 3D matrix.

My friend, like many others complains about society’s unfair and in many respects brutal practices. Many, like me, have surely been waiting for a civilised dictatorship that would put rapists, head-chopping Islamists, looters, vandalists etc. in jail. But many people seem to want everything to be done within the bounds of their own ego’s understanding.

It doesn’t need very sharp reasoning skills to realise that the ego’s consciousness traps us in an illusory bubble of five senses that is easy to manipulate. Albert Einstein said that man cannot solve his problems in the same state of mind in which the problems arose. The solutions to the world’s problems cannot be based on the logic of the ego, into which we have been brainwashed by the negative extraterrestrial races in the 3D matrix. It is pointless to even try to understand 5D consciousness in the light of the ego’s limited mind.

5D consciousness can only be understood with the heart in the light of love. That does not mean that there is no logic to it. Logic is the logic of the universe and nature, common sense, the Holy Spirit. It can be thought that people who have begun to view world events in the light of 5D consciousness have simply upgraded their operating system. Their lives are no longer defined by the manipulation and lies of the 3D world.

Man has only an apparent freedom of choice in this respect: he who wishes to continue his life on this planet does himself and his loved ones a great service by making spiritual growth his first priority. The Earth will return to its original state as a 5D planet, and the new energies will no longer support 3D dualism. Humanity must create its own 5D world.