When I begun to write this blog I thought that I won’t write anything concerning political issues. World politics, agony of people and questionable policies of decision-makers have made me so frustrated and distressed in past decades that I would like to exclude that all from my life. I cannot help things a bit by feeling bad.

But now I have a feeling that I cannot get rid of these frustrating things simply by deciding to leave them to other people’s concern.
Maybe the reason is because politics is everyone’s concern:
politics is every goal-directed action in order to achieve certain purposes. Every action and no-action is a statement.

The Finnish national television broadcasted last week a document called “Where Did the Money for Haiti Go?”. After the earthquake in January 2010 only private persons donated for the reconstruction of Haiti over 2 billion dollars. In addition to that aid organisations have got from about 70 governments annually a total of 130 billion dollars.

Despite of this enormous financial support a big part of Haiti’s population is still living without fresh water, food and proper toilet in temporary shelters that were built quickly after the catastrophe. Collapsed buildings stand in ruins.

As I watched the deceived people shown in the film I thought that this is the power of money. One of the most fatal misconceptions of human beings is that money makes the world go round, although money itself has no power. People give it their own power by thinking that money makes the world go round.I remember a phenomenon in 1980s when computers occupied companies and public authority bureaus: sometimes people had to correct bizarre mistakes, which were entered into a computer.
People who were responsible for the mistakes told often that the computer finds the data by itself and they can do nothing to correct it.

It took a while before people understood that a computer does nothing by itself. Every piece of data that is placed into the computer is programmed by a human being and every mistake can be corrected.