Shift of Socio-Economic Power

Last week I watched in Youtube a video, in which an economist talks about the shift of the socio-economic power in the world.

Until the year 2000 we have lived in a world where 1/6 of the world’s population, one billion people have had 80% of the world’s income.
Five billion people have had to get along with 20%.

Until the year 2050 the world’s population is estimated to have an increase of three billion people. 100 million of the increase will be in current rich countries and 2,9 billion in developing countries.
The relation will be 1,1 billion people in rich countries and 8 billion in developing countries.

The economic power will shift so that contemporary rich countries, 1,1 billion people will have 35% of the worlds income and developing countries, 8 billion people will have 65%.
Sounds somewhat fair to me.

As I watched the presentation a thought popped up in my mind: Everything is perfect!

I felt a bit confused, because I have never really digested this vision of some gurus about the perfection of everything. I think that I am as perfect as I am in every moment, and no-one should expect from me something else, but that is another thing. Or is it?

One thing I understood as I was listening to the lecture:
the trend goes towards some kind of a balance. But it speaks totally different language than the news telling us, that the gap between rich and poor is becoming bigger and bigger.

The lecturer says that China is having more and more middle-class citizens. How can this be possible in a country who’s government according to news is oppressing its own people? Or have we been mislead?

I remember my article From Love of Power to Power of Love in which I write that the rulers have through centuries concealed the knowledge of the most powerful law of the Universe – the Law of Attraction – in order to keep the power over people.

I came to talk about this thing as the free versions of the Secret-movie which people had uploaded to Youtube were deleted. I thought that this movie, which has opened the eyes of so many people to see the power of thoughts, should be free for everyone to watch, so I linked it to a Chinese video service.

It didn’t take long and the links showed a message: Sorry, due to copyright reasons the playback of this video is limited to mainland China. What is this saying?

The country, which has for decades been accused for its undemocratic practices is the only country in the world where this life changing movie is free for everyone to watch.

In the video where the economist talks about the socio-economic shift of the world he is concerned about the competitive position and future of the rich countries. It seems to me that the western countries shoot themselves in the foot in this issue as they have done before by handing off the production of goods with its operations to developing countries. But this is not a bad thing at all.

Shift of Socio-Economic Power in Mao’s China

David Rockefeller wrote in the 70s:

[framed_box rounded=”true”]”Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded … in fostering high morale and community purpose….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.” New York Times, 8-10-1973[/framed_box]

This statement is a conclusion of a superficial historical research. We also have to take into account that in the 70s Rockefeller didn’t have the knowledge we have today:
That this same ideology did not manage to create same kind of development in former Soviet Union, and it will not do it anywhere else.

The most significant thing when we think about the development of China is not in the singleness of ideology the country is protecting.

Many researchers say that the most remarkable accomplishment of Mao Zedong was that he managed to kick the western imperialists out of the country, who had been exploiting China for their own benefit in the previous century. When China was on its own it had the freedom to choose its own path, and was able to start developing on its own conditions.

It has had its price, but that price has to be compared with the price that China paid as the imperialistic powers were ruling the country.
The price that China has paid for its independence and freedom appears in a totally different light from this perspective.

Chairman Mao’s vision that people needed a common goal and ideology tells about his knowledge of human nature and that he saw people as spiritual beings, who are motivated by higher goals.

Spiritual Growth in Shift of Socio-Economic Power

Last time when I visited China I saw a current affairs – programme in television according to which China needs a complete reform in the education system. For centuries people are taught to listen instructions from outside: children listen to their parents, then their teachers, then employers and public authority. When are people supposed to learn to think themselves?

The situation now does not guarantee a sustainable development. The program was suggesting that China needs people who are steered from inside.

It showed me that the leaders in China are fully aware of what the citizens need, and those needs have nothing to do with man-made ideologies. The problems in China are the same as they are in the so called democratic western countries.

In a documentary (Where did the Money of Haiti go?), which deals with the situation in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 a woman, who has studied the functioning of aid organisation over 20 years, was interviewed.

She told that as people started to collect money for the reconstruction of Haiti, the international community had meetings in New York. Everyone had a clear memory of the fruitless efforts in Ruanda and the inability of the international community to stop the holocaust. Everyone took a solemn oath that this time the common goals would be achieved.
Haiti should have become the turning point in the aid efforts.

“But it didn’t happen”, the woman said.

To my mind this did happen. It didn’t happen as people supposed it to happen, but this does not diminish the result: The Situation in Haiti brings out more clearly than ever before that money can do nothing, unless the assisting persons are able to free people from their victim mentality, to raise them above time and space.

We Create Our Own Reality

In the beginning of the 1980s I read a book written by an American doctor. He wrote about the phenomenal talent of some people to create a physical illness when they want to solve their mental and spiritual problems and find balance.

When we think that the globe is a single organism these thoughts can be applied to the whole world: everything happening in the world is the globes intention to balance.

This is perfection: we change always between 0 and 100%. Everyone has the chance to act with heart and soul and reach the best possible result. How we succeed in our efforts depends always how we succeed to free ourselves from the illusions of our ego, and how we manage to overcome our fears and demons.

Nothing is wrong with Haiti. Nothing is wrong with China, Russia and USA either. People all over the world are just creating their own reality.

With these thoughts about perfection the smiling face of Mother Teresa begins flashing in my mind, and a memory arises:
in 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

After I read a book about her life I was so impressed of her work in India, that I immediately grasped a pen and wrote her a letter:

I begun it by expressing my admiration for her work. I continued with my concerns for the homeless people in the big cities in the western world, who feel themselves abandoned.
I finished the letter by expressing her my wish to join her team and do my bit for helping people.

I remember clearly the feeling as I was writing the letter and now the memory makes me laugh:
It was me, a person who had one year earlier had a stroke, was unable to speak and had a severe physical disability. I was straight away ready to travel to the ends of the world to make people feel better!

Mother Teresa with her assistants answered my letter.
Her message was short and clear: “Stay there where you are.”

[blockquote align=”right”]Stay there
where you are.

Mother Teresa[/blockquote]

Now after 33 years I am still here where I am. And I am sending my message in four languages to the ends of the world. And I am having a feeling that I am part of the Team.

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