As I posted my text Happy New Age! last week in which I have linked the song ‘Smells Like Victory’ of a deaf rap artist (Signmark) something strange begun to happen: the song, which had brought me so much joy since I first heard it in June 2010 begun to lose its power.

‘What is happening?’ I asked myself.
When I looked inside myself I realized that I had begun to rate the lyrics of the song:
“What will people think about this: …you might be pissed off … cry baby cry … you backstabbers and losers … you haters ain’t shit to me.”

I don’t know the background of Signmark and I can only imagine, what kind of obstacles he must have overcome and why has he chosen exactly these words to express himself. One thing I understand: he is reflecting his own reality and the way he has chosen to express himself is just the right way for him.

A deaf man stole the show. There is a smell of victory in the air. In order to feel it we have to free ourselves of our prejudices and the tendency of our ego to rate and condemn things.
Freedom creates a feeling that attracts things. The feeling is a prayer. It is the language of the Universe, Power of Intention.

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