Since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis I have been wondering how can people give so clear opinions of the situation. I am sure that on average people know as little as I do what is really happening in Ukraine.

It has bothered me why didn’t the European Union and the international community do nothing to investigate the murders that happened in Ukraine in the beginning of the year 2014 although everything is made to investigate genocide in Africa.

Only the fact that everyone says that Russia is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine makes me think that the truth is surely not that simple. The Finnish veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen writes in his blog that in 2000 he wrote a report for the European Parliament on Ukraine – EU relations. He met in Kiev a State Secretary of Ukraine who said that Ukraine should assume the same kind of role in regard to Russia that Finland has already implemented successfully for decades. He said: “Ukraine should pay regard to the security aspects of Russia, stay out of military unions and strive for co-operation both with Russia and with EU and other western countries.”

This cooperative attitude became a negative tone in Finland and elsewhere in the 1970s and 1980s and it became a special term: Finlandisation. However the attitude is purely based on common sense.

When one forgets the political, cultural and geological aspects, the segregation between East and West in terms of existence is completely irrelevant. I am sure that everyone has experienced in own life how valuable good neighbouring relationships are, despite of dissents.

When the US and EU imposed new sanctions on Russia on 12 September regardless of ceasefire in Ukraine, Russian state leaders put the whole crisis in Ukraine in question as reason for the sanctions. Something else is behind the sanctions. Whatever excuse would do to weaken Russia and to sabotage its connections to the West. I asked myself what could this “something else” be.

A year ago I read in an article that China is about to rent five per cent of Ukraine’s area for agricultural purposes. In 2013, Ukraine’s former President, Viktor Yanukovich, and President Xi Jinping had negotiated about $2,6 billion investments related to agriculture, aviation, energy, finance industries and infrastructure across Ukraine.

Sustainable (economic) development needs social stability. I think that Russia – also an important trading partner of China – would never jeopardize Chinese interests in Ukraine. Who wants desperately spread the impression that Russia is the root of all evil? Is this the age-old policy of divide-and-rule that we have seen in many other occasions before?

Some people say that a buffer zone should be built on the eastern border of Ukraine. This sounds like school and work place bullying mentality:
if you don’t agree with our official truth you are segregated. Border fences and barriers have never been sustainable solutions for problems. Moreover it is apparent that the real growth potential is in the East and Asia and Arab countries. Why is it that our decision makers can not accept this fact?

Instead of border-fences I myself would rather like to see an efficient maglev-train network, which stretches from the west cost of European Union to the east cost of Russia and China and further to the Arabian Peninsula. It would be a big move in the process that brings the Universe in balance. We have the greatest continent – Eurasia – in which the European Union is a small peninsula. We can all interact to make it flourish.

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