Be Your Authentic Self

I have written this two-part article for over two months. It has been a very unpleasant experience, because when it comes to my rehabilitation, I want to focus on what works well. Not on, what has gone wrong. However, I think it is important to share my experience, because I believe it helps others to deal with their experience and choose what they want.

The issue is so extensive, that at some point I have felt, that it is impossible to gather my thoughts so that I can clearly write them down so that other people would understand me. At times I have felt that I act completely at ego-consciousness level and I have tried to raise my vibration. I know that when I have a real connection with myself – when I am in the vortex – the words come easily. And I know the connection comes about in a split second when it comes.

I listened for days, for hours to Abraham’s speeches to inspire myself. Without success. One day, after my assistant went home, I went to the MV (WTF) news website to read the latest news. One link took me to Youtube to watch a video of Taikaluukku about EU dictatorship. The video started by presenting new federalist plans of the President of the European Commission, Mr. Juncker, which would mean more concentration of power, reduction of sovereignty of nation states and citizens etc. I asked myself what should I think about this?

To my surprise I started laughing. I laughed at the video as if it was a comedy, not a serious political commentary. When I heard the voice of Adolf Hitler from the video, tears began to roll down my cheeks. The speech that one and a half years ago made me feel sick, when I realized how badly people have been deceived, now got my heart warm up. I did not feel any need to criticise and condemn things. Everything had happened, as had happened. All hope was in the future and my heart was full of love when I thought about it.

The video ends with the nationalist Finlandia hymn of Flashmob at the Helsinki Central Railway Station initiated by Olli Sirén (video timeline 5:20). I was astonished, because in all its simplicity it is the best Finlandia presentation I have ever heard.

The best thing is that this 7-minute video shifted my energy tenfold and it threw me in one fell swoop into the vortex. It means that finding divine connection does not require meditation and positive, happy thoughts. I do not need to be particularly “spiritual” to get in touch with my inner being. I get into the vortex even by listening to speeches of Adolf Hitler. The most important thing is that I am honest with myself, and I take things just the way they are.

After I had watched the video on the dictatorship of the European Union, I found Donald Trump’s uplifting speech that he held at the United Nations General Assembly on 19 September 2017. He talked about the same things I’ve been thinking about over the last two months and it helped me write down my thoughts.

In his speech, he emphasizes the basic pillars on which the UN, the co-operative body of nation states, was built after the Second World War. These are: peacekeeping and safeguarding the sovereignty and sustainable development of nations and citizens. He stresses that the most important task of every nation is to secure the freedom and safety of citizens so that they can succeed and realize their dreams.

Donald Trump’s speech goes completely to opposite direction than the federalist plans of the European Union. Trump wants to cut the enormous bureaucracy of the United Nations, which has become an end in itself. In his speech, Trump criticizes the supranational control that has taken the right to self-determination of citizens and peoples. This includes supranational companies, corporations and conglomerates, which absorb the financial resources of the nations to the selected few.

When the financial resources accumulate for a small number of people, it affects the society as a whole. Money in societies has a similar function as blood that circulates in human body: When the blood circulation is good, the whole body is well, cells get the energy and nutrients they need to breathe. When the circulation of money in societies is good, it will take care of people’s prosperity and well-being, which is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

The speech of Donald Trump was like an echo from the core of national socialism, and I think that Adolf Hitler would have held a similar speech, if he lived today. I say this in a positive sense. I think that Adolf Hitler was the greatest state leader in documented history, and when I think about national socialism, I attach to it all the good things that our history books have not told us. Unfortunately, the most powerful forces in our societies have been and still are focused on demonizing Adolf Hitler and twisting the truth to serve their purpose. Angels become devils and devils become angels, just according to what we want to believe.

After becoming a chancellor in aftermath of the First World War, Adolf Hitler’s first goal was to raise the vibrational frequency of Germans from victim mentality to the level that people believed, they themselves can improve their circumstances. This has been interpreted that Adolf Hitler was against freedom of speech, but I believe that he was only against decadence that led to degradation of the society. And as documented, his visions brought success: during the first two, three years, 6 million unemployed people were largely employed and people began a new life as productive citizens. Within five years, national socialist Germany enjoyed full employment.

It is very sad that adversaries of Donald Trump have allied themselves and have developed a strategy, how to discredit Trump and water down all his plans. First of all, it is very sad, because it shows so clearly that the well-being of citizens is not the main focus of attention of these people, but their own power and its consolidation. Wrong people can not say right things. This attitude becomes clear when one sees that Donald Trump’s most powerful speeches have been totally hushed up in the media.

I believe that just like during World War II, when the world’s leading, warmongering elite teamed up to defeat Germany, it is now trying to use Kim Jong-un as a useful idiot to advance own purposes. I just hope that Kim Jong-un has the wisdom to make right conclusions to promote peace for his country and the world as a whole.

Much has to be done to make societies work in spirit of mutual respect and constructive co-operation, as Donald Trump visions. Abraham speaks of the fact that whenever a person does something, it is possible that he or she is outside or inside the vortex, that means at the level of ego consciousness or following his own inner navigation.

All action at the level of ego consciousness creates only new contrasts and keeps us captured in this time-space reality, which limits us to our five senses. Working outside the vortex does not provide lasting solutions to problems, because nobody can in the long run motivate others without contact with their inner being, because of the low vibration of the ego consciousness.

The vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness of mankind is at the same level with bullies, rapists, robbers, murderers and terrorists. The worst consequences has the rape of justice, which is more like a rule than an exception. People are horrified about human trafficking and its accompanying phenomena, but that category includes also legalized trafficking of unemployed people, who are forced to work for listed companies for 8 euros per day. Or that truth-tellers are being sent to jail for their ‘hate-speech’, or because the official truth can not sustain, if its lies are revealed.

People cannot escape from this nightmare, the Archon world, created by their ego (Lucifer), before they have raised the vibration of their collective consciousness to more humane level. We create our own reality. It depends exclusively on ourselves as to how the new world order looks like. Illuminati and conspiracy theories do not have any effect on that, if we so decide.

Merely meditating for peace raises the vibrational frequency of our collective consciousness and reduces crime. The blog of David Wilcock, The Meditation Effect (Boston Marathon – Meditate for Peace) tells more about this.

We could begin to shift our energy by re-establishing the reputation of Adolf Hitler, who has been demonized for decades under powers of darkness. It would be a clear indication that we no longer serve the Rotschild – Zionist mafia and other forces of darkness. It is high time for people to be honest with themselves and each other and face the facts as they are. It is a prerequisite for mutual respect and constructive co-operation.

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