Jesus finds a lost lamb

I wrote in my article God’s Temple in my Heart about my experience, when I became a believer in 1983. That is to say, when Jesus and the Bible started influencing my life. It has been a complete mystery to me, what happened during the weekend when my attitude to myself and everything else totally changed. I could not understand that my self-confidence strengthened in a couple of days, so that I could take control of my life and saw my own position and responsibility for the whole. I was grateful for what happened, although I did not understand it, but it made me think that there is something in life that I can not control.

It is certainly a mystery to others also, what happens, when someone becomes a believer and his/her life has a complete transformation. Our old thought patterns hardly shed light on this thing. I began to understand what had happened, when I heard Abraham talk about the trap of humanitarianism, that empathic people often live the problems of the people they assist so closely, that the vibrational frequency of their energy field becomes so low as that of the people they are helping (Video Letting Go IS Getting Into The Vortex). As a consequence, they lose contact with their own inner being and begin to act on the level of ego consciousness. They become “blind guides of the blind”.

This made me think about the meaning of Jesus in Christianity: Jesus is a mirror that, regardless of situation, uplifts the mind and energy when people think about Him. Jesus maintains the high vibrational frequency of our energy field and because of that, believing Christians do not easily fall into the trap of humanitarianism and empathy. Here I am referring specifically to believers, who have a living connection with their inner being. The fact is that there are also church fathers, who consider democracy, with its moral degradation, to be more important than our eternal moral values that form our backbone.

Expansion of consciousness

Many people talk about expansion of consciousness, but I have never come across descriptions of what it is, or how it feels like. In practice, consciousness expands, when the vibrational frequency of our energy field rises. People generally think that expansion of consciousness is a time-consuming process, but just as the vibrational frequency rises in an instant, when you get into the vortex that means get connected with your inner being, your consciousness expands in the same proportion.

Instead of talking about vibrational frequency, some people like to name it ‘density of energy’. Studies show that love and compassion vibrate at a higher frequency than fear. It means that the energy of love has higher density than fear. This has a direct link to human DNA, because love is able to activate the ‘sleeping’ codes of our DNA. (Maybe that is why we talk about ‘awakening’.)

The human DNA comprises of 64 nucleic acids consisting of four different elements. Currently only 20 of the existing 64 possibilities are active. Research has shown that emotions are a switch that activates or does not activate the codes. Because love has a higher density than fear, it can more probably activate DNA’s latent capability. It means that the antennas of people living in love are better tuned.

When I came to faith in Jesus, my vibration raised and consciousness expanded. I was no longer limited to this time – space reality, where the focus of attention is, what our five sense organs can detect. I rose above time and space and from that vantage point I could see also my own life in a broader perspective.

Becoming a believer is practically a result of a similar psychological process as when we fall in love. When we meet an uplifting person we love, he or she raises the vibrational frequency of our energy field. We feel our own energy is ten times more powerful than before.

We may not understand this process and how everything is happening, but that does not mean that we do not affect the process. We attract ourselves everything that is happening to us. It is important that we keep our eyes open and antennas tuned so that the universe delivers us things, that have positive impact in our lives.

People unite against forces of darkness

I believe that religions have originally formed as a result of the need of people to unite against forces of darkness, just as people today form trade unions to prevent the exploitation of labour force. It is a fact that individuals gain more power in unions.

When someone has to fight for his or her life, people’s powers often multiply, when they think of their loved ones. The vibrational frequency of their energy simply rises. For some others, thinking of Jesus and praying in the name of Jesus has the same effect. But the influence of Jesus is much more powerful, for he is the collective consciousness of men. In the name of Jesus, people are united.

The video below of the life cycle of a butterfly depicts well our spiritual growth. Mankind has lived the low vibration of the larval stage and renewed its skin several times. Now is a kind of transition period. It is good that there are so many people looking for a new direction for their lives, because they have complete freedom to turn their attention to the hidden powers of their inner being and increase the vibrational frequency of their energy field. Many find their inner being and they make a magical experience of their own life and that of others.

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