Jesus and the Bible began to affect my life more than 30 years ago, but I have never really believed that Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for my sins. I think the idea is as confusing as the medieval indulgence trading practice of the Catholic Church, which meant that the pope gave a remission due for sins of people, when they paid the Church a certain amount of money.

The Christian belief that all sins are wiped out in the name of Jesus has led to ‘hobby’ Christianity and hypocrisy. Even Italian-American mafiosos (Godfather), at least in the past, were very religious and were regarded as ‘men of honor’. They were stopped at nothing, no crime too horrifying to live with. Human life had no value to them.

High Vibrational Frequency

As far as I know, only Christianity has the doctrine of original sin, our tendency to fall into ego traps. Psychology developed in the West separates the levels of human consciousness. However, psychology does not see the divine aspect of man. Therefore all the theories of consciousness in psychology relate to levels of ego consciousness.

Human ego and inner being work under different powers. The former is animal spirit under the control of Lucifer. The latter, our inner being, our navigator, our intuition is our direct connection to the universal Christ consciousness. It is energy with the highest possible vibrational frequency.

The doctrine of original sin has to do with the struggle of the ego and our inner being. When we fall into a trap of our ego, it lowers our vibration. The vibrational frequency of the ego consciousness is very low, because it is dominated by fear. Our inner being living in our heart is guided by love. Human value is in our ability to raise our vibrational frequency and inspire also others to do so. Christ consciousness is the source of our well-being.

In the Shadow of Market Forces

Usually people give value to their close relatives and friends regardless of their life situation. However, recent discussions of social benefits for unemployed people have once again raised another reality, when some unemployed persons have told that they have not been trying to find a job for years because of personal preferences. They consider their freedom and self-realization more important than submitting themselves to maintain a system that they regard as sick. They are content with the basic income that the society offers them and try to make their lives the best possible experience with the supplies they have available.

However, many people think that even the basic security offered by the society is too much for those ‘losers’, who do not “add value” to the society. In other words, successful people see that those 500 to 1000 Euros are more valuable than people who, in their opinion, do not participate in building the society. They demand that people living on social benefits should at least do something to earn their basic income. Even to go to work at a daily wage of 8 Euros, when the lowest wages consist of 8 Euros per hour.

Who has the guts to determine, who is paid for work at an hourly rate and who has to settle for social support? I do not understand how decision-makers have made it possible in the first place, that some people do not get a decent salary or wage for their work. Decision-makers would certainly not accept that someone of their loved ones should be content with a daily wage of 8 Euros. However, this practice has been in use for more than 20 years in my country. Compared to the early days the only change in the legislation is that the ‘wage’ was recently raised to 9 Euros, which I think is ridiculous when one think that the whole system is nothing but exploitation. I would expect that policy makers do something much more concrete for their big salaries.

Many people say that we do not have a shortage of jobs and labor force, but rather a shortage of employers, who pay a decent compensation to the labor force for the work they are doing. And it is clear: there is plenty of jobs for unemployed people at a daily rate of 9 Euros, because the work does not end by working. I find it strange that not even the international community intervenes in this exploitation as it distorts competition, while in addition to subventions, some companies employ their workers practically free of charge.

It is strange that decision-makers are trying to do everything to achieve economic growth, but on the other hand they deprave the system so that there cannot be any real economic growth. They invent all kinds of courses, rehabilitative work and short-time employment in order to make the statistics look nicer. At the same time, they make sure that consumers do not have money to buy services and supplies they need. Some people can not even afford medicines prescribed by their doctors. Sometimes it seems that our decision-makers act like a foolish man, who thinks that he has made his blanket longer by cutting it on the top and adding that piece on the bottom.

The Added Value of Imagery

In view of our financial system only work for money and sales profits give added value to society. With current thinking models, man acts as irrationally as a person, who has placed his refrigerator in his home in the most inaccessible place and locked it with ten locks.

We think that we add value to society, when we get food on the table and roof over our heads in order to survive. Most of the things that we earn in addition to these basic needs will only raise our own social status and boost our ego. This means that our actions are mostly based on human imagery and illusions. In a market economy, man has value only as a consumer. The more people spend, the more they pay Value Added Tax. I do not think it brings any real ‘added value’ to society.

Infinity of Money

When talking about income, it is said that people do not earn what they deserve, but what they can negotiate for themselves. When you look at the huge salaries, extra bonuses and golden handshakes of CEOs’ , this is very apparent. It actually means that people get what they can attract to themselves, so it is totally in accordance with the Law of Attraction. When it comes to compensation for workers, the attitude of those executives, who themselves have negotiated huge salaries and other income for themselves, have a strange change in their attitude: they talk about money as if it were a dwindling natural resource.

Nevertheless, the value and quantity of money can be negotiated to fit every situation. We could stop selling scarcity and start taking care of all people, because all men are created equal. It is only a decision. Financial resources can not dwindle like water or quantity of other material resources that are under the laws of nature. People themselves create the laws of money. Money is energy that is as infinite as human creative power and our ability to attract things.

The Value of an Individual

It is questionable whether adaptation to a sick system is a sign of success, or something else. People’s success stories are very different. History shows that notable persons, who have left their mark on culture and produced great added value to society have questioned the prevailing norms and changed people’s attitudes. ‘Going with the flow’ does not mean that one should swim along with the stream and accept everything without questioning anything. Flow is the natural flow of the source energy and we should tap into that.

At the beginning of this year, Finland started to pay basic income to some of its long-term unemployed to see, how it affects lives of individuals and what kind of benefits it brings to society. It means that about 500 Euros is paid every month to a person’s account and in addition to that they are allowed to take any job and are not bound to one employer.

When people talk about basic income, they usually begin to make calculations about tax revenue and expenses needed to pay the basic income. But what limits people’s potential to tax revenue? Collected taxes are just some kind of indicator of the opportunities that companies and citizens have had to carry out themselves in the past. In a debt-based monetary system opportunities are very limited.

Critics of basic income claim that the society can not afford to distribute ‘free’ money to people. However, society can afford to give private banks the right to create money out of thin air, although it could reserve the right for the state, which would also mean that the state would not have to pay interest for the money it needs. The right to create money should definitely be state privilege, to enable the state to invest in to its citizens. The most valuable resource a state has, are its citizens and the value of money should be backed by the potential of living people. Every individual is at least worth 1000 Euros for society, even if he or she does not work for money.

When citizens are well and do not have to worry about their basic livelihood, they have better opportunities to activate their inner powers. The value of an individual is that we keep our minds positively alert and brisk, in other words maintain a high vibrational frequency in our energy field. It affects the vibrational frequency of our collective consciousness. High vibrational frequency helps people see how rich our Father and Creator is. The Law of Attraction provides us our inheritance when we ask for it.


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