Collective Consciousness

As Christians, we have learned that the love of neighbour taught in the Bible is nothing else than infinite patience and tolerant empathy. Critics are silenced by saying that no one has the right to blast their own ill feelings on others. But real influence often requires tough words and radical action. In history there are myriad examples of pioneering activists who have worked to correct unjust practices in society.

The Bible tells the story of Jesus going into the temple and driving out all the sellers and buyers. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the stools of the pigeon sellers and said to them, “It is written ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’ ” (Matthew 21:12-13)

Jesus was physically in a temple where people were performing their religious rituals. His words, however, are applicable to the human heart, which is the true temple of God. People have turned their hearts into a ‘den of thieves’, which is evident at every level of society. Everything is run on the terms of money.
Attention is paid to secondary matters such as style, words, language, written rules, regulations and norms instead of getting to the heart of the matter. Costs are cut where there should be no saving and people waste carelessly common resources elsewhere. Critics are labeled as hate-mongers, conspiracy theorists, hooey-men or spreaders of ‘social porn’.

The Curse of Mankind

A month ago, while browsing the web, I was struck by a thought: “Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.”

I agree with some of this: We should create opportunities for ourselves where our energy vibrates at the highest possible frequency. However, I think that this attitude is more of a curse for humanity than a sign of maturity. Our higher self never feels threatened by anything or anyone when it comes to ordinary everyday conflicts. People who get offended and feel threatened by others and therefore run away from confrontations usually only want to preserve their own perceptions and the image of themselves that their ego has developed.

Many people don’t even see the contradiction between their own actions and their ideals. Particularly in financial circles and in the economic sphere, the Chinese author Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is a common guide. In its content, it is like a Chinese version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It all revolves around its main message: ‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’ I wrote about this in August 2021 in the article Life is a Matter of Life and Death.

“The Art of War” and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” seem to give common directives, especially in the West. Except that Western man does not defend his values and morals. When situations become challenging, he outsources his thinking and his defense and flees with tail between his legs into more conventional surroundings.

When it comes to lessons learned and the fact that life situations and events guide us forward in life, Western man seems to have adopted the attitude: ‘This is how it is, nothing can be done. We just have to live with this!’ Not many people take the bull by the horns, challenge themselves and try to make a difference, especially if their own position is jeopardized as a result.

For most people, a high vibrational frequency of their own ‘energy’ means that they can carelessly enjoy life. Our spiritual teachers tell us that we should not let other people’s misery poison our own energies. Of course, this is not wise if you consider yourself so mentally weak that you are overwhelmed by the low energies of others. I wrote about this in my June 2020 article Compassion Is Not Empathy.

But it can also be the opposite: your actions can bring clarity to situations and raise everyone’s energies, making everyone happy.

Give Your Support (even secretly) to What You Think Is Right

In 2016, I published on my article “It Is Time to Rehabilitate Mankind I”, in which I wrote for the first time about World War II, National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler. When I started translating the article into German with my then Austrian assistant, we could not get any further than the beginning when she quit her job. She said that the article I had written made her so sick that she could not work as my assistant any longer.

As soon as I had published the English version of the article, my website was attacked from all over the world. Within a few hours, I received over 500 reports of shady activity on the site. I thought that someone was trying to censor my opinions that go against the official truth. I was afraid that the whole website would go down. WPEngine promised to move the site to a more secure server.

Things calmed down, although I continued to receive reports of irregular activity. After a few days, I noticed that the article “It Is Time to Rehabilitate Mankind I” had jumped to the top of the TOP10 list of the most read articles in the English language. There it still is, after years. So these ‘attacks’ increased the article’s visibility. Perhaps that was the original aim of the ‘attackers’.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This approach is certainly also in the mind of the World Economic Forum (WEF), whose website I read a couple of years ago that for the sustainable development of humanity, it is imperative that we create a global, new social contract (The Great Reset). The content of the new social contract must be such that it includes intergenerational responsibility. We must ensure that new digital, biological and physical technologies are always human-centred and that they serve society as a whole and enhance equal opportunities for all.

According to the WEF, not only the economy and social relations need to be reformed, but also people’s (moral) attitudes. People need to move from short-term thinking to long-term thinking and from a shareholder model to stakeholder responsibility. Good environmental and social governance must be an essential part of corporate and governmental accountability.

This sounds great. However, I fail to see how the WEF’s objectives are furthered by the fact that the foundation has taken as its spokesman Yuval Noah Harari, a promoter of the transhumanism agenda, for whom human essence is man’s arbitrary ego. Yuval Harari seems to have no deeper understanding of the essence of human beings when he imagines that human brain function can be replaced by microcircuits. When the World Economic Forum spreads this kind of ideas it is like a notorious terrorist organization.

I wrote in my article How to detect 5D consciousness in a 3D world? that The Great Reset is a form of hybrid warfare to control humanity. Our highly conscious spiritual teachers cannot directly interfere with human free will, but people themselves must find the means to ‘create an earthly paradise’. Our spiritual teachers can only provide guidelines. The fact that someone uses these well-meaning guidelines to further his own selfish ambitions with any means is in accordance with human free will.

Mankind as a collective can actively work to prevent perverse (unnatural) wannabe world rulers from carrying out their inhumane agendas. We should immediately ask ourselves if we really want to let dudes like Yuval Harari determine the future of society. For more than 20 years, the alternative media have focused on portraying the mindscape of the perverse world elite. It is time to focus on finding and presenting sustainable solutions.

Personal Responsibility

Unfortunately, even churchmen teach that people have no responsibility towards society. “Jesus saves!” “Allahu Akbar!” God is the greatest, take care of yourself. Care for your own family, friends and the chosen ones. Even our spiritual teachers don’t always think about what makes our God the greatest.

No one’s God is the greatest because a person happens to believe so. Our strength lies in allowing God’s power to work in us and taking full responsibility for our actions and especially for the things we have ignored.

We are under the law, even if we do not know the letter of the law, because God has written his law in the hearts of men. He expects people to use their divine creative power. “For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.” (Matthew 25:29)

We have only ourselves to blame if we have not examined our hearts and how we are doing in fulfilling God’s law. For what we have done to our neighbour we have done to God. Jesus, Allah, Buddha or other divine beings introduced by our religions or advanced star races are not going to save an opportunistic person living in autopilot mode, staring at his own navel. Each individual themselves can save his/her heart and soul.

‘Joy in the Lord’ in essence means making other people happy and joyful. The feeling is infectious, because we live in the same energy field. This is not only true for humans, but also for animals. The easiest way to experience joy is to help animals. It can be the small bird sitting occasionally on a balcony railing, a stray cat or dog … or a flock of pigeons that have nested on your balcony.

Who Is the World’s Police?

When the World Economic Forum (WEF) talks about ‘The Great Reset’ and its vision for the future that ‘people own nothing but are happy’ it is seen as communism. However, we must bear in mind that communism was never intended to create social justice in the first place. It was born after the first industrial revolution in Jewish upper-class circles at a time when Jews had lost their positions to non-Jewish industrial bourgeoisie. Communism is one of the tools of the divide-and-rule politics of the ‘people of God’, which pitted the ‘exploitative capitalists’ against the working people. The political division along the right-left axis is a man-made illusion. Wall Street’s wealthy Zionist Jews supported the actions of their atheist communist tribe in the Soviet Union, whose government, according to some sources, was 80% Jewish.

When the communist Soviet Union collapsed, the Jewish oligarchs had to look for new fishing waters in the big world. They ended up in the European Union and gained a dominant position in its politics. Likewise in the politics of the World Economic Forum and other countries and forums. They are the Deep State pushing the unnatural agendas of globalism, LGBTQP, transhumanism and climate change. That is, the same divide-and-conquer policy, as before. The only opponents of these unnatural agendas today seem to be the constitutional nation-states that defend their own values and the basic rights of their citizens, such as Russia, China, Hungary and Poland.

Jewish billionaire George Soros has fought nation-states by supporting color revolutions and other divide-and-conquer operations (cancel culture) around the world under the guise of democracy. According to him and many other leaders who defend the idea of democracy, nation-states are ‘racist’ and ‘intolerant’ when they try to combat the elements that erode their society.

“The collapse of the Soviet empire has created a collective security problem of the utmost gravity”, Soros writes. ”Without a new world order, there will be disorder; that much is clear. But who will act as the world’s policeman?“

Human Intuitive Heart / the Holy Spirit

“Who acts as the world’s policeman?” asks Soros. He apparently has Sigmund Freud’s concept of man, according to which the (super)ego is the highest essence of man. Perhaps he does not even know that man can connect with the intuitive mind of his heart, our collective consciousness, which does not need a policeman to act in a common-sense way for the good of society, in a spirit of compassion.

The very essence of human beings -the intuitive heart- and civic capacity is a renewable resource in all societies, whose value increases in proportion to the healthier, happier and more motivated people are. Even artificial intelligence understands this when it is programmed to obey universal laws.

It is only appropriate that we create a social order (NWO) in which no one’s external status and material possessions determine human dignity. The focus of the new social contract should be on maintaining and improving people’s ability to function and harnessing the creative power of all people (not only Jews). It should be made a hard currency. Thus, everyone would have a natural need to promote human well-being, which is a prerequisite for world peace.

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