Quantum leap into your heart

Take a quantum leap into your heart

The future is not in the hands of chance, but in your hands.
You should not wait for it, but conquer it.

Last week I watched videos of Belgian-born Anneke Lucas telling how she was sold by her mother at the age of six into an international pedophile network as a sex slave, from which she was able to break free at the age of 11. In the first video I saw, Anneke focuses on her survival skills, which mainly meant being a bystander to her own experiences. It took Anneke 30 years to recover from her childhood trauma to the point where she was able to talk about her experiences in public.

When Anneke was first taken to an orgy in a nearby castle, she had no idea of the background of her abusers. She first thought of them as hippies, messing around in their drug fumes. Once she was put in a dog collar and made to eat feces in front of an audience before her master. This was the first time Anneke stood up defiantly to her abusers. “You can’t do this to me!” she shouted. “My father will take care that you all go to jail!”

Little did she know that these lunatics who humiliated her belonged to the aristocracy (even royalty) and were all partly the country’s policy makers. Anneke found this out after her release. The faces of her abusers could be found simply by googling: Paul Van Den Boeynants, Michel Nihoul, Hans Harmsen, Patrick Haemers …. In one occasion, all she had to do was write a country and a year in the search field and she found one of her abusers.

Exploitation of People

Anneke does not highlight her traumatic experiences, as they are just experiences among countless others. She stresses that all people are equally exploited when those responsible for our wellbeing take blatant advantage of people’s gullibility. The real world is presented to citizens as if it were fiction and fiction is presented as reality. All resources are used to maintain the official truth (lie).

Heads of state and people at the top of politics have no intention of improving the lives of citizens. To get to the top of the power structure, a person must have sold out his principles and values, in other words, he must be a political prostitute.

Inner Navigator

What I find most fascinating about Anneke’s story is how she as an introvert has created her own reality. She did not experience love from her parents, but she felt it all the more strongly from her caretaker. The feeling of love went with her everywhere and her strong I AM -awareness helped her at times to connect with a higher consciousness, even during traumatic experiences.

Anneke says she kept asking herself if true love existed. This attitude alone made her see the vulnerable sides of her abusers. They were living their own trauma and looking for love in the (seemingly) safest way, by raping children. The ability to see the humanity of her abusers helped Anneke to keep her antennae tuned and to be receptive when her abusers responded to Anneke’s intellectual needs. At home, she never received a response to her intellectual needs.

“I AM ME” was Anneke’s personal mantra when she was being brainwashed in Hans Harmsen’s ‘laboratory’ with advanced technology to become an elite sex slave – one proof that our hearts cannot be hacked. A loving heart helped her to choose the course of action that would enable her to perform the fastest way the tasks she was given, causing the least pain and damage. Even if it was to kill another child or to eat the flesh of a child that had been roasted in the oven. When being tortured, Anneke was able to partially suppress her senses like a fakir, which prevented her from feeling physical pain. When she was locked naked in a coal cellar with scary-looking bugs, she did not let fear take over.

Guilt vs Innocence and Healing

Christianity teaches us that we must first “come to a sense of guilt” before we can be cleansed. God only cleanses us when we want to be cleansed. Anneke carried the guilt of her experiences for decades. The real healing from the trauma began when she re-experienced her own innocence, that is, when she realized that she did not really want to kill those children and animals she killed.

She says that as long as a person sees him-/herself as a victim, they can maintain their sense of innocence and purity of heart. The goal of the abusers was to completely destroy the victims’ connection to their own hearts. Therefore, the children were incited to torture and kill each other, thus creating a sense of guilt and a perception that they were the perpetrators. The children were praised by their ‘teachers’ the ‘better’ they performed their killing tasks.

We want to preserve our pure and innocent nature, and the fear of feeling impure and evil makes us deny reality. We don’t even want to believe pure facts, because that could completely upset our worldview. It is easier to label messengers as liars than to question our own views.

In one thread I read how a sceptic put forward his own view of Anneke’s ‘dishonesty’. He thought that Anneke’s story was like a script of Hollywood storytellers, where things just miraculously happened and in the end a rescuing prince came to save her from the agony. Maybe an extroverted person who looks for meaning in his life outside himself and reacts only to events in the outside world cannot understand that people themselves are drawn to things by their inner energies.

I personally believe that this is what happened in Anneke’s case: the Universe answered her silent cry. It was no coincidence that one of the abusers helped her to free herself from the grip of the pedophile network. But the most important thing for Anneke’s rescue was still her own responsible attitude. In the decades that passed, Anneke strictly followed the life instructions given to her by her rescuer: never become a prostitute, never sleep with anyone to get anything, avoid drug and alcohol addiction, never buy drugs; you can use drugs occasionally if someone gives them to you, but never do anything to get them. Leave your oppressive life behind, never talk about your dark past to anyone …

Anneke has been completely on her own in creating her life. She has chosen her own friends and supporters. It took 10 years before she even found a therapist who was willing to listen and deal with her trauma. Many successful people hear others say that it’s easy for you to talk when you have solid financial support and lots of friends. However, external support is of no help unless the person has grown a spine and lives under the guidance of their inner navigator. Our Father, who has written his law in the hearts of men, will see to it that everyone is guided to the place where he belongs.