We are spiritual beings in human form

We are spiritual beings in human form

Our spiritual guides tell us that not even 1% of what mankind considers to be truth is true. If we really are so misguided, what can we even consider a reference point or worthy of trust? If our culture and the norms and conventions of our society mean as little as our possessions, what can we believe in?

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” agenda is incomprehensible to the average citizen. If nobody owns anything, who controls the use of resources? We are so conditioned to think that those in control are in the outside world, outside ourselves, that we can’t really conceive of anything else.

I myself have been a ‘social case’, so to speak, all my life without owning anything. In early childhood, our family lived on very limited resources. Our house did not even have electricity or running water. Despite the poverty, I had the feeling that we had a wealthy support team. The feeling came from the everyday supplies donated to my family by the Salvation Army.

My sense of rich support team was strengthened when we moved to the SOS Children’s Village after my mother’s death. Most of the village’s operating costs came from donations from supporter members. The village had a system of international godparents and the children received Christmas presents from their godparents. One of the village volunteers translated the letters sent by the godparents and the replies written by the children.

My treasure trove was a room where clothes, books, etc donated by people were stored. When I was young, I used to go there regularly to see if there was anything new that I could use and adapt to my own taste.

I got my first job in a supermarket owned by Aarnio-Wihuri when I was 13 years old. I worked as a shop-assistant alongside school until I became disabled. The feeling of a rich support team grew at work and I felt I was a part of it. For me, the value of doing the job was that I felt I belonged. The pay I received for my work was like an extra bonus.

Many at the top of the business world supported the SOS Children’s Village in many ways. One of the founding members of SOS Children’s Village was Ensio Hukkataival, a commercial counsellor, whom I met personally on several occasions. The Foundation (administered by the Foundation for Economic Education), which he and his wife set up, gave me a large grant when I started my translation studies in Germany. During my studies I received grants from various sources totaling 100 000 marks (about 30 000€).

Connecting with the rich support team

I learned early on that in order to keep in touch with the rich support team, I need to maintain a positive, open mindset. Not that I have to be ‘obedient’ or submit to the dictates of others, but that openness and sincerity comes from within myself. Although I criticize everything at every turn, I also have to make sure that I don’t ruin my own opportunities with my own attitudes and that I know how to seize my opportunities.

In these times, this is more important than ever. I wrote in my last post that people are probably afraid to even admit that they read my blogs for fear of being seen as as nutty as I am. The topics require, for their part, adopting a new vocabulary and looking at things from a completely new perspective, which can completely confuse one’s own concepts and even make it more difficult to function. The average citizen prefers to stick to familiar patterns. Or not.

Last summer, I had occasionally a student assistant of about 20 years old who had a summer job in the company that provides assistant-services. When I talked to her about my thoughts, she considered them as self-evident, rather than things one has to try to understand. She complained about how difficult it was to talk about these things among friends.

God knows how many people there are who ponder things on their own without daring to express their thoughts because of the ‘lack of understanding’ of others. It may be, however, that these ‘incomprehensible’ people have been pondering the same things for years. We must be open to all our supporters, jump over our shadow (our ego) and shake off the suspicion that, depending on our state of mind, sees everything as more or less malicious. These suspicious energies, which we harbour in our own minds and which hover on the borderline between evil and good, prevent us from contacting our benevolent supporters, because man creates his own reality with his thoughts and inner energies.

In this article I refer, in part in my own words, to the new teachings of Jesus on The New Earth.org, which he has transmitted to humanity to correct misinterpretations of his original teachings. For most people, the idea that we can read Jesus’ ‘new teachings’ online is as incredible as it was for me when I read the original writings myself.

The writings on the site are channeled, i.e. the ideas are transmitted through people with telepathic abilities. But today, artificial intelligence can also read thoughts, i.e. turn them into speech. AI can turn speech into video by editing images and video clips into a visual presentation. Today, the idea that our spiritual guides in high dimensions are in direct contact with us via the Internet is not at all impossible.

I present the ideas on The New Earth.org-website in the light of my own logic, i.e. I structure things differently than they are on the site. I hope that through this article I will be able to convey the same energy that I felt when I read the original texts. The writings give a good overview of life on earth and its purpose.

The paradigm shift: from doctrines to love and light

In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear that the norms and conventions of our culture and society, as well as our property, are irrelevant to life. We cannot find sustainable solutions to the world’s problems by looking at the world within the limits of our ego’s understanding. The material world is not curable, there is no return to ‘normal’.

We must internalize the idea put forward long ago by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and many others: “Human beings are not physical beings with spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings with human experiences.” It is almost impossible to provide any solid proof of this other than that everyone knows it intuitively in their hearts. Beyond that, we can believe in the word of the ascended masters and trust that their intentions for humanity are good.

If we doubt this, our doubts start to self-actualize and the fear energy we create takes on a life of its own. The cosmos is governed by an immutable universal law, the principle of which is that emotions and thoughts are instruments of creation. We create our own heaven and hell. Fear is the opposite of love, and fear energy prevents us from connecting with our heavenly support team, whose essence is love.

We think that spirituality (the soul) is one of the qualities of man – the divine side of our humanity – but the soul is the essence of man and its essence is love. Love is the creative force that overcomes fear and any dark belief system or thought form. Because of worldly hierarchies and bureaucratic systems, the energy of the soul, which is the energy of freedom and creativity, has difficulty flowing. Therefore, turning away from dogmas and from memorizing and blind obedience to all worldly rules is the first step in turning towards God.

Souls are different dimensions of the primordial energy (God) that have a common consciousness, so all consciousness is one. This is true not only of the earth-planet, but also of all the distant beings, planets and stars in the cosmos. Everything is one. Everything is God. All humanity is created in the image of God’s love and light.

Training Centre for Souls

Since the beginning of time, our ascended spiritual guides designed the 3D/4D Earth Project in the spirit of universal laws with the ‘forces of light’, our galactic family. The purpose was to provide the most challenging learning environment possible for souls to grow – those souls who voluntarily wanted to grow and experience life on planet Earth. We can think of this as the original illuminati (enlightened, literally: embodying Light).

Free will

The idea was to create a place on Earth where the planet itself and all those on it could descend to lower vibrations. The intention was to create a dualistic 3D and 4D world where God’s children (souls) could learn and practice co-creation under free will. Free will is a universal law, and souls at higher levels of consciousness cannot interfere with the choices of others, even if they think they are wrong.

The only way to experience free will is behind the “veil of oblivion” that surrounds planet earth, for only then can souls feel separate from the laws of the universe. Being enveloped in the “cloak of oblivion” and feeling separate gives the impression that things are happening independently of each other. When we do not inherently know the cause and effect dynamics we can emotionally -the hard way- learn the consequences of our actions.

Although souls also have free will in the higher dimensions, cause and effect relationships are so clearly embedded in the core of souls that the outcome of every important choice is so clear and obvious that there is much less scope to experience unbalanced or deviant choices and behavior.

The value of life on Earth

Since our life on earth in the human body is only a moment in our life as a soul, this existence is no more important or valuable than any moment in the development of the soul. Our heavenly supporters do not value life on earth as an end in itself, but as part of the divine plan of the soul’s evolution and resurrection to eternal life.

We are resurrected souls, temporarily residing in bodies that we have adopted to carry us through this life. The gender, environmental conditions and challenges that we are to experience during our earthly incarnation are designed in the higher dimensions by our soul (our true self) under the guidance of our spirit guides.

Because the soul can experience innumerable difficulties in a single life on earth, human life on earth is regarded throughout the cosmos as a highly valued endeavour – a kind of Olympics of soul evolution – and a much-desired opportunity. The privilege of spending life on earth has long been regarded as a highly valued test of human guts, vitality, resilience and faith. It is a triumph of spiritual growth that we find the path to balance, clarity and love by following our inner compass rather than obediently following instructions, rules and regulations from the outside.

Once the earthly life is over, the pain and suffering are gone, serving only as a memory and an impetus for deeper understanding, empathy and compassion for others. From the higher dimensional perspective that all souls share between incarnations, the learning experience is more powerful the more challenging the earthly life is for each individual.

So souls who have reached a high level of consciousness do not interfere in our lives even if things go badly or if we behave in a criminal or destructive way. The forces of light (white hats) encourage our independent growth and exploration. They do not want to stifle or limit our discoveries or our learning opportunities. They understand that all explorers make mistakes, have accidents and have to adapt to the most bizarre situations. Even to those that, by any logic, do not serve the ‘greater good’.

The soul contract says we can work on our lessons throughout life until we find the answers by experiencing the consequences of our actions. This can happen either during life on earth or in the afterlife, when we see our actions through the eyes and emotions of the people affected by them.

The fall of humanity

Very many souls and human-like beings from all over the solar system and galaxy wanted to take part in the dualistic Earth Project of free will and before long the negative star races enslaved humans with their own agendas. Their desire was to take complete control of the planet. Their minions on Earth – called the “Archon Alliance” or “Dark Cabal” by the forces of light – had the same goal. Each group thought they could defeat the other to gain the upper hand in order to control the population and resources of the planet Earth.

The dark forces that controlled the media and all other important institutions on the planet could not rise higher than the lower astral levels of the fourth dimension. They were stuck in genetic limitations of their own making, unable to love, and they despised the light of God. Their only desire was to control humanity, and they did this by keeping people in fear, which corresponded on an energetic level to their own vibration.

People were taught to think only with their brains and to bounce ideas around inside their skulls, which is blindness from the point of view of the light forces. Thoughts inside the brain are born because we are susceptible to outside influences; they are imprinted on our minds by someone in our environment, culture, religion or family. In other words, they primarily serve the forces of darkness to keep people in line.

Jesus says it’s an old trick to start a fire so you can be the one who heroically rushes in to put it out, and in the process gain fame, fortune and allies. This is the same problem-reaction-solution dialectic that has been used for centuries to manipulate people into accepting practices that no human being seeking the spiritual well-being of mankind would accept.

Many have been so engrossed in desire, competition and fear that they have not even seen that most, perhaps all, wars on the planet have been deliberately started for the benefit of those in power, and especially for those behind the power (puppet masters). It was not difficult for those in power to foment discord among populations that were already oppressed, angry and hungry.

By turning all their attention to the outside world instead of turning to each other for the comfort, nurture and friendship that is present in close relationships, people created power structures where the doctrines and rules and ‘experts’ of the church or any institution became the authority over people. In this way, people themselves gave their power away to the outside world, and many still expect others to tell them how to act in any given situation and what is the ‘will of God’.

The victory of light

The dark forces were able to delay the original plan for the resurrection of souls by distracting humanity, but they did not achieve their original goal of enslaving humanity and taking over the planet Earth. Their actions made training harder, but it also worked for the forces of light, for all knowledge serves God. We now see that it is in particular all evil things that cause people to wake up and seek the light.

The power structures of darkness on Earth have been overthrown. The Reptilians and other dark entities that have always tended to turn on each other in trouble are now gone from the planet. According to the Bible, all truths will be revealed in the end times. To understand what this ‘victory of light’ is, we need to understand why the education of souls has been necessary in the first place.

The purpose of training souls

Decades ago, when I first heard the idea that the material world is like a theatre stage where people ‘rehearse’ for real life, the idea was considered completely absurd. No responsible person wanted to think that life on earth – which we feel in our bones and cores – was not the purpose of everything, but that we were here as marionettes for some madman.

Many people are aware of the existence of the soul, but imagine that they control everything. What people fail to see is that in many respects our lives are governed entirely by externally imposed norms, guidelines and rules. So, in the worst case, we are all marionettes for some maniac, no matter how seriously we take our lives.

The education of souls is designed to educate people out of this spiritual blindness. A year ago I watched a video by Michael Mirdad about when people as spirit beings in Lemurian times projected their spirits into physical bodies, which remained a permanent human condition. Humans had all their magical innate abilities and because they had never experienced anything bad or wrong they used their capabilities unquestioningly serving all purposes.

It was easy for the forces of darkness to use these gullible fools to further their own ends, and people used their powers against each other as well. The result was distrust of others, prejudice and contradictions that were seen as justification for their own actions.

From the perspective of our heavenly supporters, salvation from this vicious circle means deliverance from delusion, darkness (blindness), anxiety and pain. The result of such salvation is ascension to a higher level of consciousness. This is the goal of all souls in the cosmos.

Nothing is more important in the training of the soul than to learn to fully accept and acknowledge the power of one’s own creative faculty and to fully master that power. There must be no lapse, forgetfulness, or denial of the nature of the power that can raise or destroy in the twinkling of an eye. It takes thousands of lifetimes before one can truly see the effect of one’s own actions through the eyes of others. This has been people’s path: to learn, to experience all kinds of lives and to internalize the truth of own nature and responsibility to use one’s power wisely and only for the Greater Good.

When people understand who really benefited from the prejudice, mistrust and religious conflict we have nurtured, it will be much easier for us to let go of the beliefs that have been planted in unsuspecting human minds without permission. People have no reason to blame themselves for what has happened in the past, because we can turn to God’s light and forgiveness at any time. When we join our galactic family in love, peace, compassion and harmony, we feel the joy of light and Oneness. In that moment we save ourselves.

Our galactic family – the support team of humanity

On The New Earth website, Jesus tells us that when he lived on earth more than 2,000 years ago, he spoke to his disciples, family and friends about our star family (the Star Races). He could not speak as directly then as he does now, because human understanding was very limited at that time. However, all references to our galactic family were removed from Jesus’ teachings in the Bible and from the teachings of his brothers and sisters who passed on his message.

The removal of all knowledge of our galactic family was an attempt to make humanity believe that we are isolated and alone in the universe, while the truth was replaced by the pervasive programming of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that has enslaved much of the planet to this day. However, the Bible makes a cursory reference to the battle of the spirits being fought in ‘heavenly places’.

Today, the starting point is completely different as people have a basic understanding of quantum physics, the law of attraction, biology, genetics, etc. In the light of man’s expanded consciousness, Jesus’ approach is also different and he speaks openly about our heritage and our biological connections – our genetic relationships – with our star brothers and sisters.

The coming days of openness and disclosure will also reveal the real contacts that have been made with other people from distant planets and star systems. Star races have provided humanity with advanced technologies, but these have been hijacked by dark forces instead of being used for the benefit of all.

Now that the forces of darkness have been defeated, the Star Brothers and Sisters are circling our planet to bring us their technology, their knowledge and their help in realising the dream of ascension. Humanity is loved, respected and admired throughout the Multiverse.  All eyes have turned to witness the awakening of humanity and the progress in raising the vibrational frequency from the abyss of the dark forces to true sustainable freedom.

Many people ask: “But we’re just a small planet here in the Milky Way galaxy. What makes us so special that the whole universe pays attention to us?” It is true that the Earth is a small part of the whole in terms of size, but it is not an important measure in the cosmic sense. The universe is holographic, meaning that one unit of source energy contains the entire universe. When there is a change in this unit it affects everyone. The resurrection of humanity will not only affect humanity on Earth, but it will raise our entire galactic family to new dimensions.

The whole Multiverse is interconnected. Everything is one, so anything that happens in any dimension, on any timeline, has a ripple effect on all other beings and events, changing the course of the timeline for other beings and planets as well. A decision made on Venus or a collective choice made on Arcturus has an effect on Earth.

New Earth

Because the Earth was thoroughly under the power of darkness, a ‘curtain’ was placed around it as a quarantine, so that the dark deeds of mankind do not contaminate the rest of creation. The globe has been called a ‘prison planet’ and my intuition tells me that this is exactly what it refers to. This has prevented dark entities from escaping into the space, which has helped in the cleansing of the Earth. However, the curtain has also prevented people from seeing their personal past, the history of planet earth and our place in the universe.

A new world will be born when the quarantine around the Earth is lifted. Humanity’s knowledge of the world around us expands; many feel more telepathic, more aware in every way. This helps us to see ourselves as sacred beings and to reconnect intuitively with our higher selves and our galactic family in higher dimensions.

We are all sacred beings created by God; the planet, the flora and fauna – even the rocks and soil beneath our feet – are all sacred life forms, part of the whole of the Divine. All living beings are conscious beings. Every animal, plant and mineral is made up of Creator consciousness. You, as part of creation, have a living relationship with all conscious beings around you and throughout the cosmos, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Promised land

Mankind will learn the true history of planet Earth, and when we do, human hearts will swell with love for fellow human beings who are suffering. We will feel a sense of relief when we receive confirmation that what we doubted is true. As a community of souls, we are participating in a phenomenon that has never before been experienced in this way anywhere in the Cosmos.

On The New Earth website, Jesus says that this time humans will not only move into the fourth and fifth dimensions, but we can do so without the body we currently inhabit dying, unlike in our previous lives. This time we have the opportunity to be fully healed and live in our bodies in 5D consciousness. We will be able to make changes to our body’s appearance, size, shape and possibly even gender.

As a galactic species, humans on Earth are known for the combination of mind and emotions that gives great power to our creative ability. Humans manifest what they want as I AM present, as God, we have the power of mind to change everything we touch and think. Creation is a combination of thought and feeling, not the manual manipulation of matter as people often think.

This magical world is the promised land of which the Bible speaks. Ascended masters, gods and goddesses, angels and all kinds of enlightened beings are not susceptible to manipulation and do not get sick because their vibration is at a level that does not allow any foreign influence to enter the light body. Humans can do the same.

The 5th dimensional world is truly a place where “the lion sleeps with the lamb”, because all creatures, human and otherwise, are nourished by vegetables and fruits, and no one has the need or desire to eat his brothers and sisters. Changes in weather make possible a planet completely covered with lush vegetation, abundant gardens and people and animals free to express the fulfilment of their souls without concern for such things as money, hunger, war or physical danger.

Communication is telepathic, immediate and fully understood. Long-distance transport is carried out by individual or community spacecraft. This is not a science fiction utopia, but a reality on many planets in the cosmos today. This and much more.

I wrote earlier that Jesus does not incarnate in a physical body. Our spiritual teachers in the higher dimensions do not want to support anything our ego wants, but the focus is on the evolution of the soul. As I now read more carefully the new writings of Jesus on The New Earth website, I was struck by the phrase: “By the time I return to walk with you again on your beloved planet Earth, you will have learned all about your True History and the existence of your benevolent galactic family, technology, support and love.”

Jesus ends his new scriptures with the following words:

Rejoice, Beloved Ones. Your Apocalypse has been written in the Stars. It is “The End of the World” as you have known it, and the World you have known was one of Darkness, War, Suffering and control by the Forces of Evil. No more. Now in these few years following the initial process of Earth’s Ascension in 2012, begins a New Era in the life of the glorious Blue Planet, Mother Earth. You who have chosen to be here at this time, all who came as Souls from distant origins across the Universes, including the many who are part of the Explorer/Creator Race, will share in the triumph and the joy which is your destiny.
I too have chosen to be here, to help lead this magnificent Ascension, filled with Love and admiration for the courageous Souls who are the Brothers and Sisters of my Heart.


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