divine 5D consciousness

Yesterday I went shopping by myself without an assistant for the first time in a long time. The milk I wanted was in the fridge on the top shelf. I saw a woman walking in my direction and asked her kindly to hand me the carton of milk I wanted. When she saw that I was talking to her she gestured to me without saying a word that she couldn’t hear me. To my surprise, however, she reached over to the top shelf, grabbed the milk carton I wanted and handed it to me.

For me, this was a sign that I had made some level of connection with our galactic friends, our real personal assistants living in the same quantum field as us. It was also an indication of how little language and words matter in making a connection. Usually when cooperation between us breaks down we blame it on each other, lack of instructions or unclear communication due to structural flaws in the message, unclear pronunciation or something similar.

In languages using the Latin alphabet, some words have different meanings, but in general the words are unambiguous and messages leave no room for interpretation if they are clearly worded. We are used to being oriented by external messages. But in Chinese, for example, it is more the rule that individual words (Chinese characters) only take on meaning in context. There are characters like love (爱),fish (鱼),table (桌子) or other common expressions that have an unambiguous meaning, but usually characters can have dozens of different meanings. So it depends entirely on the interpreter’s ability to see the big picture and interpret the ‘energies’ around the characters to see how well each message gets across.

Although in the West we orient ourselves according to words and external messages, we actually interpret language in exactly the same way as the Chinese. People give different meanings to words and interpret situations according to their own state of mind, not necessarily seeing things as a whole or being able to interpret the energies around them. On the other hand, there are people who do not need any linguistic instructions, but grab the information they need from our collective consciousness. These people have a telepathic connection with individuals/beings of the same frequency. Our real helper may be a random deaf passer-by we meet in the local market or a galactic friend living in 5D consciousness.