Galactic Federation

At the end of March, my long-time Chinese assistant set up her own business and started working in her home office. It was a big leap forward for her, but for me it was a great loss. Apart from a few years, she worked part-time as my assistant for about 15 years. For the last 4 years we had a very intense, smooth working relationship, as we developed an almost telepathic connection over the years.

The search for a new assistant has brought me back down to earth. Once again I have felt in my bones and in my core how difficult it is to get people to see the big picture, to use common sense and act accordingly, although it is nothing more difficult than actively listening to your own heart (intuition). “At worst, people make me feel like I’m disabled,” my ego moaned. One even took a photo of me, as if to draw my attention to the fact that I was a grey-haired woman in a wheelchair.

But that’s a fact of life in this 3D world. Recognition of facts is the beginning of all progress. For decades I have avoided wasting my energy and focused on how to make everything run as smoothly as possible. I have even lost the patience with myself that I had when I moved into my own flat in the early 1980s: At that time I couldn’t talk and I walked with a crutch at one kilometre an hour to get from one place to another. But I felt free then and I was always at peace, because I had the feeling that I could manage everything by myself.

Now I have an emotional dependency on my support networks, be it rehabilitation, health care, home care or other. Even though everything usually goes smoothly, this dependency is distressing. That’s why I’ve decided to create a mindset similar to the one I had in the early 1980s. My situation is somewhat easier now, because I know about our galactic friends in 5D consciousness. I focus my energy and create a telepathic connection with our real personal assistants.