Two weeks ago, I followed a YouTube live stream about blue tits’ first flight to the outside world after three weeks of nest box breeding. The walls of the box were reflecting light, which distracted the baby birds, and they jumped arbitrarily onto the walls of the box in search of a way out. In the discussions on the livestream, people posted their comments about what they thought was going on in heads of the baby birds: They are confused … are jumping in the wrong direction … Their look says we’ll never get out of this … that mama’s boy would rather stay in the nest box for mama to pamper … that one doesn’t have the guts … yet, etc.

As I read the discussions, I thought that our spiritual guides in higher dimensions would surely speak in the same way as they watch people prepare for the new world if they would live in 3D consciousness.

Leaving the nest box is for baby birds certainly a similar paradigm (attentiveness) shift as when humans prepare for 5D consciousness and the new world. For humans, the process is more complex, but the basic idea is the same: when the bird first pokes its head out of the nest box, it sees God’s creation in all its lushness and abundance.

Man’s ingrained habits, beliefs and conventional practices prevent him from seeing the vitality and abundance of the environment. This is not to say that all people in the material world live abundant lives. But we should look outside the material world and be aware of our own vitality and abundance, even if the outside world proves otherwise. The material world reflects humanity’s past and present collective prejudices, scarcity mentality and negative perceptions.

The worst thing is that people are taught from childhood on that they are sinful, dirty and evil. Most people spend their lives focusing on proving that they are pure in soul and heart, yet they even consider their own bodily secretions to be unclean. I myself felt mild disgust when I saw for the first time as a newly hatched baby bird bend forward in front of its mom, pushing excrement out of its anus, the mother grabbing it with her beak and taking it out of the nest. And yet it was the most natural event.

The baby birds were able to focus their energy and attention and one by one found their way out of the nest box. They are probably doing their own explorations in the big world right now. Watching the chicks from hatching to fledgling brought me back to basics, which unexpectedly raised my energy.

My body reacted to the change in energies in a surprising way: next day in the evening, I sat on the toilet for several hours as my body seemed to push out everything inside me from both ends. I thew up the entire contents of my stomach onto the floor. After that the floor was so slippery that I couldn’t get up by myself. I had to wait for a caretaker to help me out of the mess. Waiting was good, because after the first few drains everything was still dripping out.

The official explanation, of course, is that norovirus or something like that is making your stomach sick and causes nausea. However, this explanation is lame in the sense that I did not feel sick. In fact, despite feelings of weakness, I felt fine after my stomach was emptied. Water has never tasted so sweet in my mouth and I didn’t feel dirty, even though I sometimes felt that I sit up to my ears in shit. But it felt as natural as cars draining their oil on the ground in some situations.

The next day, when I talked to a home care worker about my experience, she said that the day before she cared for five clients who had diarrhea. Another told me that a couple of weeks ago he himself felt stomach ‘twist into knots’ and when he went to the toilet, everything came out. A one-time emptying, no nausea. As far as I know, if diarrhea is caused by a virus or bacteria, it takes several days to treat.

After all that has happened, I have more faith in our galactic friends who say that the Earth is being affected by very powerful cosmic energies, causing imbalances in our bodies and all sorts of physical sensations. For me, my eyes were watering for a while after the drainage and the next day it felt as if I had lost the hearing in one ear. However, this does not cause me any feelings of unease. On the contrary; I am grateful that I am part of the cleansing operation on the planet.

New world

Be energized

The baby birds shook off the dust of the nest box, left their comfort zone and found their way to the new world. On the discussion forum of a video about the Earth’s concealed history I read a story that gives a hint of the new world and what awaits us: The story is set in the backwoods of the Tennessee Valley in the United States. In the winter of 1992, a family bought a three-acre plot of land in an area known as Old Union. The land was apparently once a plantation of some kind, as it was full of fruit trees. They had not been tended for a long time and did not produce fruit.

There was a hollow, withered peach tree on the plot that never produced any fruit. During a spring storm, a strong bolt of lightning struck the peach tree and smashed it to smithereens, except for one part of the trunk and a branch. During the summer, one juicy, volleyball-sized peach grew on that branch.

At harvest time, the family witnessing the peach tree’s new vitality took the giant peach and cut it into numerous pieces, each with more flesh than a regular peach. None of the people enjoying it had ever eaten such a deliciously fragrant and succulently sweet peach.

I have heard of people who have ‘supernatural’ abilities after being struck by lightning. However, I have not heard of plants being energised by lightning to produce giant fruits. Rather, I think that the lightning has energized the plant so that it has started to grow according to its original programme. It went through a kind of reset. Also, the ‘supernatural’ abilities of humans after a flash of lightning are not supernatural, but activated latent human abilities.

The story of the giant peach made me think of stories of Agartha, the inner world of the globe. It is said that the name of the Earth in Lemurian and Atlantean times was Agartha. Others called the Earth the ‘Garden of Eden’.

Willis George Emerson published a book called Smoky God in 1908 that told about the experiences of Norwegian sailor Olaf Jansen and his father in the “inner world” among people deep under Earth’s crust. According to Jansen, people at least twelve feet tall live inside the Earth, in an abundant world of gold, fruit and vegetation. Everything there is huge; not only are humans great big, but grapes are “as big as oranges” and apples are “bigger than a man’s head”. Both men and women often live to be between 600 and 800 years old, and in some cases much older.

We are used to reading tales like this in storybooks and the Bible. We think that they have no basis in reality, because the reality of the material world is something quite different. If and when we are honest with ourselves we have to consider whether we believe written history going back centuries, or spiritual teachings that go back thousands of years and tell us that 5D consciousness is the natural human condition.

In (some ?) Jewish tradition, the inner world of the Earth is the paradise spoken of in the Bible. Thus, the saying that man was banished from paradise becomes literally understandable. We do not know (yet) what is behind these stories. In any case, they provide a completely new perspective on human history. We think that the biggest secrets that have been kept from us relate to UFOs, free energy and technology related to that. However, it seems to me that the most closely guarded secret in the world throughout the ages has been the existence of beings living inside the Earth, guiding life on Earth at higher level of consciousness.

The members of our galactic family do not live light years away outside the Earth in space, they are here. The Great Reset means in effect that the Earth will return to its original state of 5D consciousness and humanity will be free to interact with its galactic family living in 5D-consciousness. We should all openly expose ourselves to the purifying effects of the violet flame.

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