The image above depicts the ascension of Jesus. This is the challenge facing all humanity today. We can call it the great reset, the spiritual awakening, the search for inner light, the connection with the inner navigator, the rise of 5D consciousness, the resurrection, the awakening/initiation into Christ consciousness, etc. All in all, it is a return of humanity to its origins, to its most natural state, unconstrained by material conditions.

We are used to thinking that love is the highest value in our lives, but we have found on many occasions that love alone is not enough to achieve constructive cooperation. Constructive cooperation requires a sense of responsibility and honour, and a commitment to serving others. In the material 3D world, love, affection or loyalty are as much tools for manipulation as anything else. In the 3D world, where people see life through coloured lenses, they give others the freedom to move only within their own boundaries. But unconditional love requires unconditional freedom.

‘Absolute freedom’ does not mean that we should let ourselves or others do as they please and live like chickens in a field. The great stumbling block of lost advanced civilisations was extreme tolerance and promiscuity. In the big picture, things were left to chance. I heard somewhere that Adolf Hitler was a warlord in Atlantis. Perhaps extreme tolerance had left a deep trauma in his soul, which he tried to overcome while he was in charge of Germany. His methods were questionable, but Hitler succeeded in raising Germany in the 1930s from extreme poverty to world leadership.

We have seen that the better people serve each other, the more obstacles are put in their way. The fact that Germany was destroyed does not mean that German society at the ‘nazi’ -time was unproductive compared to today’s ‘democratic’ countries. This is illustrated by two ideas put forward by Winston Churchill. In 1938 he wrote to Hitler in a private letter: ‘If Britain should ever face a depression like that which befell Germany in 1918, I would pray to God that he would send to our country a leader with your strength and character.’ Following his own logic, he said in a speech in 1940: ‘You must understand that this war is not a war against Hitler and National Socialism, but against an over-strength German people which must be defeated once and for all.

Healthy Borders as a Basis for Constructive Cooperation

After Germany was destroyed, General Patton, commander of the US ground forces, found himself acting as a ‘useful idiot’ for the negative forces. Waking up to reality after the Second World War, he openly admitted that the Allies had been fighting the wrong people.

This was General Patton’s tragedy, but it is also the tragedy of us all: as long as we think of Adolf Hitler as an evil man, we stand in the way of our own progress and prevent the expansion of our own consciousness. It prevents us from seeing, for example, that Vladimir Putin and many other nationalist politicians are simply calling for the setting of healthy boundaries, which is a prerequisite for constructive cooperation in every respect.

Constructive cooperation requires setting healthy boundaries to safeguard your own and others’ independent, creative capacity. The biblical message that we have joy in the Lord means, in practice, that we have joy in the Christ consciousness that Jesus as a person represented. 5D positive people focus on creating constructive cooperation and serving others. It doesn’t feel like a duty, but is in our backbone. We intuitively know that shared joy is the best joy, always returning to its source.

The Negative and Positive Path of the Soul

One of the most profound descriptions of cosmic laws is the Law of One, which embodies the existence of good and evil in a 3D world. According to this law, people choose (in their soul contract?) whether to serve themselves or others. David Wilcock is (in my view) the person with the deepest insight into the Law of One. David has many perspectives to present that you would not otherwise hear.

I don’t usually watch videos that are more than an hour long, that go on and on about these things or that, and don’t even try to sum up what they’re saying in a concise, solid package. I want to use my time efficiently and I want content producers to make their points as succinctly and concisely as possible. However, I watch David Wilcock’s three to four hour videos for his unique insights, even if I sometimes have no idea what he is talking about. Because of the language barrier, his humour largely escapes me and because his presentation is aimed at an American/English speaking audience, much of the context is unclear, to say the least. I hope he will make a concise version of his live broadcasts with the unnecessary fluff trimmed out.

I have linked below this text a couple of videos of David Wilcock talking about duty and honour from the perspective of the One Law. In the video ‘Teachings of Honor and Duty’ David talks about how even negative 5D-conscious people can be very responsible and hard-working people who feel a sense of duty, especially towards themselves and those closest to them. However, they may lack a sense of honour. David takes the example of psychopaths, whose pleasure centre of the brain is activated when they see the pain and suffering of others. I have asked myself why some people like to watch ‘epic fail’ type videos where someone falls, crash to the ground, slump, is thrown or fails miserably at their task, causing chaos, damage and destruction. For me, there is nothing funny about these videos and I can almost feel the physical pain of the unlucky ones.

I have thought that this is an indication that my feelings are too much connected to other people/animals and that I am letting other people’s feelings affect me too much. I have sometimes forced myself to watch these types of videos and tried some kind of ‘tolerance therapy’ so that I don’t feel anything when I watch other people’s painful flights. This has been an ‘epic fail’ for me, and I now think that maybe it’s not me that’s wrong, but others have hardened their emotions and are not feeling what comes naturally to us.

In the video, David Wilcock talks about how positive 5D evolution of consciousness requires wisdom, or common sense (Logos), and that a person has made a decision in their heart at the level of ego consciousness to contribute to the common good for the good of all. In the 3D world, we call this a belief. In practice, it means that a person has, at some level, become aware of the cosmic laws that operate in the world.

Signs of a return to the source at this time

When I say ‘back to basics’, I am referring to the clear signs in the politics of the day that indicate a change in the attitudes of those in power.

In my last text, I wrote about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which Russia and China set up more than 20 years ago to bring the Eurasian countries together to promote prosperity on the continent. After the text was published, former Finnish President Tarja Halonen made a statement to the effect that there might be non-European peacekeepers in Europe in the future. This immediately reminded me of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

News reports that Saudi Arabia did not extend the petrodollar agreement with the US, which has guaranteed the dollar’s status as a reserve currency. Some sources dispute this and say that there was no petrodollar agreement in the first place. Be that as it may, what is certain is that the Moscow Stock Exchange has stopped trading in dollars and euros in response to the economic sanctions. It seems that James Wolfensohn’s prediction of a shift in the world’s socio-economic centre of gravity is coming true sooner than expected. The combined GDP of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the BRICS countries is already more than 50% of world GDP.

The hegemony of ‘God’s chosen people’ is also beginning to erode. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman calls for criminal charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes in Palestine. One clear example of the liberalization of the global climate is the release of Julian Assange from a 12-year prison sentence for dissent.

I wrote 7 years ago about the massacres of white farmers and the expropriation of their farms in South Africa. My assistant at the time told me that Zimbabwe had expropriated white land in the past and distributed it to the black population. The result was famine, because the new owners of the farms simply did not have the know-how needed to maintain and cultivate the farms, i.e. to produce food. One day I read a news item that Zimbabwe was inviting white farmers back to work on their farms. This is simply a triumph of common sense.


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